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Dawn of Man – 1.6 Patch Notes | New Techs & New Resource

The new Armor Update is now in the experimental branch, we will leave it there for a while in order to gather feedback and fix any possible issues. In this update we are focusing on some of the main r...

Dawn of Man – 1.5 & 1.5.1 Patch Notes | Game Element Improvements

1.5.1 Patch Notes Balance Changes – Donkeys and Horses will usually now spend 3 game years as adults and 1 as old (before it was 2/2). This will bring up their reproduction rate to the same leve...

Dawn of Man – 1.4 Patch Notes | Solstice update on Experimental Branch

The main new feature in this update are burials. We are also adding Metal Age versions of the Granary and Stables (which have increased capacity) and a ton of other improvements. To get this version: ...

Dawn of Man – 1.3 Patch Notes & ALL HOTFIXES

1.3.3 Patch Notes This is a quick patch to fix a crash that sometimes occurred when clicking on a crafting human, that was introduced on the previous update. 1.3.2 Patch Notes In this update we’...

Dawn of Man – 1.2 Patch Notes

This is a large content update focusing on combat, aiming to make it more balanced, realistic and fun to play. New elements like Shields and Platforms fundamentally change how combat plays out. Raider...

Dawn of Man – 1.1.2 Patch Notes

CHANGES AI Improvements – AI will now feed Grain to animals if there is a large surplus of it (when compared to Straw). – Animals and people now distribute themselves better among building...

Dawn of Man – 1.1.1 Patch Notes

Changelog – When humans die, their resources are placed randomly around them instead of all piling in the exact same location (this also includes raiders). – Fixed issue in automatic trans...

Dawn of Man – 1.1 Patch Notes | Spiritual Update

his is the first free content update for Dawn of Man (we expect to release a few of these every two months or so). It focuses on spiritual and prestige structures for the Bronze and Iron Ages. FULL LI...

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Dawn of Man
Release Date:01.03.2019
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Developed By:Madruga Works
Publisher:Madruga Works

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