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Dawn of Man – Combat Update 1.1.2

The Dawn of Man combat update is now live in the experimental branch.

– This is a large content update focusing on combat, aiming to make it more balanced, realistic and fun to play. It introduces new elements like Shields and Platforms that fundamentally change how combat will play out.
– Raider AI has also been overhauled, and the existing defense structures have been rebalanced.
– Due to popular demand, we also added a new Deep Iron Mine to allow players to extract more Iron in the late game.


– Right click on Dawn of Man in your library and select “Properties”.
– Go to the “BETAS” tab.
– In the drop down select “experimental”

This will update your game to the latest experimental version (version number should be 1.2.0 in the title screen).

NOTE: We’ve changed the name of the branch from “test” to “experimental”, remember to change this if you were using the “test” branch before


New Resources

Round Shield

A basic shield that can be used with one handed weapons to block incoming attacks.
1 Leather + 1 Log = 2 Round Shields.
Has 200 HP and a 50% chance of blocking incoming attacks.
Available from the Bronze Age onward.

Oval Shield

A large shield that can be used with one handed weapons to block incoming attacks.
1 Iron + 1 Log = 2 Oval Shields.
Has 400 HP and a 66% chance of blocking incoming attacks.
Available at the Iron Age.

New Structures

Wooden Platform

A structure, built inside the settlement’s walls, so your people can shoot at raiders from it.

Reinforced Platform
A sturdier version of the Wooden Platform, can hold more people in it.

Deep Iron Mine

An upgraded Iron Mine, that increases the amount of ore that can be extracted from it.
A few people from the community asked for this, as they were running out of Iron in late game.

New Techs


Allows the crafting of Shields in the Workshop.

Deep Mining
Allows the construction of Deep Iron Mines.

New Music

3 new music tracks.

Balance Changes

– Increased the amount of Raiders that attack your settlement from the Copper Age onward, since it is easier to defend your town now.
– Watchtowers and Guard Towers are more expensive now, but also more resistent.
– Increased amount of skins produced by domestic animals, as Leather is now in higher demand in late game.
– Slightly reduced the cost of techs in the Ancient Warriors scenario (but they are still more expensive than normal).
– Changed express evolution achievement to 6 hours instead of 5.
– Reduced Reinforced Gate cost to 1 unit of Iron.
– Slightly increased hit points of Gate, Reinforced Gate, Palisade and Wall.
– Moving netting tech to Bronze Age.
– Reduced trader prices of all animals.


– Tweaked main menu UI.
– Towers and Platforms can now be toggled off, which will cause AI to ignore them.
– Raiders now gather near the town and attack in a more coordinated manner.
– Improved Wall and Palisade selection boxes.
– Optimized rendering of small objects.
– Properly snapping materials to terrain when building a structure.
– Improvements to milestone cameras to make sure they show more relevant scenes.
– Preventing people from changing outfit when the alert is on.

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