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Dawn of Man – 1.5 & 1.5.1 Patch Notes | Game Element Improvements

1.5.1 Patch Notes

Balance Changes

– Donkeys and Horses will usually now spend 3 game years as adults and 1 as old (before it was 2/2). This will bring up their reproduction rate to the same level as cattle.

AI Changes
– Domestic animals escape from raiders when not sheltered, even before being attacked.
– People will now build structures even if very hungry when there is no food available, this can easily happen in Nomad mode.
– Fixed issue with animals sometimes stuck in a loop in or near rivers/lakes

Quality of Life
– “No space in stables” warning is now only shown in Autumn or Winter.

Modding fixes
– When two scenarios use the same string ID, the game will now display a very obvious warning at startup.
– Fixed crash when spawning items for humans in scenarios and there is no space to put them.

General Fixes
– Iron Sword now uppercase like the rest of the tool names.
– Improved appearance of “Requires Tech” tooltip for context actions.
– Fixed issue of animals/humans using the wrong idle animation when switching model (this is triggered by switching Age or outfit).
– Fixed issue that could cause 2 trees to grow in the same place sometimes.

Let us know about any further feedback you might have in our forums!

1.5 Patch Notes

The Plow

This is a new implement that can be used to plant crops a lot faster and without penalty to morale.
Has to be pulled by either Cattle or Horses.

Transport Post

This new structure allows you to park Sledges/Carts/Plows in it, improving the organization of your settlement and opening new ways of optimizing work.

New appearances for people

We are adding an extra human appearance per Gender/Age/Era, 12 in total.

Modding updates

– It is now possible to precisely alter the distribution of trees, deposits, details and objects in custom Environments.
– New Workshop Uploader integrated in the game, that makes the process of uploading scenarios and translations a lot simpler.
– ConditionEntityNearMarker action in scenarios now works with any type of entity.
– Fixed issue causing traders not to bring techs costing over 20 knowledge points if changed tech cost multiplier.
– Added new CurrentGameMode, CurrentStartMode and CurrentEnvironment values for ConditionValueEquals

Other features


– New Plowing technology.
– Plant and harvest tasks are now generated in rows, with the closest plants to town going first.

– UI SFX volume reduced slightly.
– Added panic sounds for humans.

Gameplay changes
– Only adult domestic animals can now be used to pull Carts or Plows.
– Only adult Goats or Cattle now produce Milk.
– Milk production time reduced from 0.2 years to 0.18 years.

– Better usage of transports overall.

– Improved the way transports and animals follow humans, this also reduces clipping against structures.
– New larger and more visible mouse pointer.
– Improved Leather and Tanning icons.
– Raiders now ignore megaliths and mines.
– Performance optimizations in combat code, which should make mods with a ton of raiders run more smoothly.
– Removed most artifacts in tinted models.
– Fixed issue with river sound not updating it’s volume properly when game paused.
– Load is now centered when just one object is being carried on sledge or cart.
– Added some more syllables for random names.
– Fixed typo in burials text.
– Fixed selection box on bridges under construction.

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