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Dawn of Man – 1.6.1 & 1.6.2 & 1.6.3 Patch Notes

Version 1.6.3 released
This is a quick fix for an issue introduced in 1.6.2 that wouldn’t allow you to right click on a young tameable animal (like an Ibex or Mouflon), in order to give a hunt order (before the relevant taming tech was unlocked).
Version 1.6.2 released
This version includes various quality of life improvements and other fixes.

– You can now double click a work area to select all areas of the same type in town.
– You can now double click on ore deposits, flint and rocks to select similar nearby entities.
– You can now Alt+Right Click to give alternative commands to people like collecting tannin from trees, collecting mud from banks, shearing or milking animals.
– Improved milestone unlock screen, that highlights which milestone is being unlocked.
– You can now specify an FPS limit in the settings screen (when VSync is off).

– Tin and Iron deposits are now properly highlighted when placing mining work areas.
– Fixed issue that could cause people to be stuck in a loop performing commands when their stats were low.
– People are now be able to swap tools from resource slots to tool slots when required for the action they have to perform.
– Fixed game unpausing while on primal vision in normal mode if a trader was selected.

Version 1.6.1 released
This is a quick fix for two issues:
– Game can now tolerate broken translation workshop items better, instead of crashing (Russian workshop translation is causing the game to crash for anyone that has subscribed to it at the moment).
– Better error message for when the game can not load the Posix libraries.

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