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Anno 1800 – Game Update 8 Patch Notes

The download will roughly be 1.8GB. Game Update 8 adds support for our second Season 2 DLC, “Bright Harvest”, for all Season 2 Pass owners. “Bright Harvest” will also be available as a stand-alone pur...

Anno 1800 – 5.3 Patch Notes | Halloween Billboard !

Game Update 5.3 will be released on October 17, at 2pm CEST/ 12pm UTC. The download will be around 1.7GB. Highlights Bring the spirit of October to your cities with the new Halloween billboard ornamen...

Anno 1800 – 5.2 & 5.1 & 5.0 Patch Notes | BOTANICA UPDATE !

5.2 Patch Notes Fixed an issue where ships got duplicated after save game reload. As part of this fix, all duplicate “ghost ships” will turn into actual ships under the control of the player, which wi...

Anno 1800 – 4.0 & 4.1 Patch Notes | Twitch Drop Event

4.1 Patch Notes Fixed a situation where a blueprint of a building that costs influence would break the influence count of player’s save file upon reload. Fixed an unintended behaviour where an Enemy A...

Anno 1800 – 3.2 Patch Notes

The upcoming Game Update 3.2, which will hit Anno 1800 next Monday July 8th, will be the last minor update before we will fully focus on Game Update 4 “Sunken Treasures”. We are currently testing the ...

Anno 1800 – 3.1 Patch Notes

Release Notes for Game update 3.1 After we received reports that some of the issue in Game Update 3 are not resolved and an instance leading older savegames to crash, we plan to apply an hotfix to Ann...

Anno 1800 – Game Update 3 !

Download size: roughly 3GB Highlights Game Update 3 adds support for The Anarchist character and associated content for all owners of the Digital Deluxe and Pioneers Editions. Owners of the Standard E...

Anno 1800 – Game Update 2 !

Union Update: Looking at our next game update In today’s Union Update, we will be looking at the release notes of our second Game Update for Anno 1800, scheduled for next week; this essentially means ...


First patch today! We just had our first patch today, including some bugfixes for known issues. You can check the full patch notes below: ANNO 1800 – UPDATE 01 Fixed several crashes. Fixed several Mul...

Anno 1800 – 25.04.2019 Patch Notes, Season Pass & MORE

Anno 1800 Season Pass Trailer Union Talk Luckily, Basti was far from alone with our small release celebration on Twitch. Thank you to everyone who joined our rather spontaneous stream, we had a “jolly...

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Anno 1800 – The Battle of the Ages !

Eight YouTubers will join the battle to compete against each other and to build the most impressive city Anno has ever seen. But they won’t do this on their own – you might be the partner in crime! An...[Read More]

Anno 1800 – New Milestones from Developers

We are back with a short update from the development front, the winners of our #annophony contest and a new episode of our AnnoAfternoon community show. Many of you have heard it already: thanks to yo...[Read More]

Anno 1800 – Inside The Soundtracks

Let them raise the curtain for veteran composer Tilman Sillescu (who has been working on the music for Anno games since 1701) and his team at Dynamedion, as they carry you away into the world of the i...[Read More]

Anno 1800 – Everything about Season Pass & Free Content

Developers of Anno 1800 explained and detailed everyhing about season pass and free concent plans. Here are the details; One of the most frequently asked questions over the past weeks and months has b...[Read More]

Anno 1800 – How to Play Open Beta FREE !

Developers explained some contest and how to play the open beta for free. Here are the details; Show us your love for Anno and win a vinyl soundtrack As announced during yesterday’s AnnoCast twitch st...[Read More]

Anno 1800 – The Launch Day, Release Date & Events

Developers of Anno 1800 said “After rubbing our eyes in disbelief when looking at the calendar, we have to face the facts- Anno 1800 is only six days away from launching the franchise into the a...[Read More]

Anno 1800 – Welcome to The 2nd Half of The 19th Century

Anno 1800 new Developer Blog released today. To learn all the details, read on; Fading aristocracy tries to tighten its iron grip on the population while the power of progress sparks a flame that will...[Read More]

Anno 1800 – How to Join to Open Beta & Min. Required System

Today, Anno 1800 Developers detailed everything we need to know about the upcoming Open Beta and reveal the much-requested final system requirements for Anno 1800! Let’s talk Open Beta The Open Beta i...[Read More]

Anno 1800
Release Date:16.04.2019
Developed By:Blue Byte Software

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