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Anno 1800 – 15.1 Patch Notes | Get Ready for Game-Changing Updates!

  • Added session transfer modifiers to ship infotips in shipyards and hangars
  • Added loading speed modifiers to ship infotips in shipyards and hangars

  • Drastically increased loading and unloading speed for mail. It now has its separate loading speed times compared to regular goods
  • Nerfed both new defensive towers
    • Flame Tower:
      • Decreased health from 2070 to 1701
      • Increased Influence costs from 9 to 15
    • Anti-Armour Gun:
      • Decreased health from 3900 to 3750
      • Decreased damage from 595 to 500
      • Decreased attack range from 70 to 65
      • Increased reload time from 90 to 93
    • Reduced armour-pierce efficiency overall for all ship types
  • Increased the satisfaction street range of the Arctic post office from 28 to 32 and the maximum range from 50 to 52 to make up for the restrictions caused by the additional mail system radius
  • Reduced frigate loading speed to 80%
  • Reduced loading speed of Rapid Airships
  • Reduced money and influence cost as well as maintenance of Hermes class to make it more competitive to Rapid Airships


  • Fixed an issue with the Refined Industrial Toxin Filter in Eden Burning affecting Animal Farms instead of Heavy Industry
  • Fixed wrong upkeep cost differences between Arctic Gas and Helium variants of the Pegasus and Zephyr class
  • Fixed an issue with the construction costs of the Arctic Gas variant of the Boreas airship being inconsistently low
  • Fixed an issue with some configured Lifestyle Needs leading to higher consumption of regular Needs
  • Fixed an issue with the AI running into a progression issue
  • Fixed an issue with missing Season 4 Pass ornaments
  • Fixed an issue with the trade route menu not showing a map preview of the respective route when hovering over it
  • Fixed an issue with the Shampoo Lifestyle Need for Engineers not providing the correct number of bonus residents
  • Fixed an issue with Lifestyle Needs being reported in the Newspaper when not fulfilled
  • Fixed an issue with the speed bonus earned via investing influence not applying to cargo airships
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to apply multiple Local Department effects
  • Fixed an issue with the “Clash of Couriers” reward skin not being available for the Arctic Gas variant of the Pegasus class
  • Fixed an issue with the Temperate and Tropical Pedologist not being available at Archibald’s harbor when the player only had DLC 8 OR DLC 9 active, but not both
  • Fixed an issue that could result in performance drops when activating the New World Commuter Module


  • Removed unnecessary point-of-origin info from mail needs infotip in the Arctic
  • Fixed an issue with the building skin menu still being active after closing
  • Fixed an issue with missing tooltips for items in the “Fields of Research” menu

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