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Anno 1800 – 14.1 Patch Notes | Fertiliser Works Boost!

  • Reduced the production timer of the Fertiliser Works from 5min to 30sec and increased the building’s output storage from 1 to 5

The Loot Inside


  • Fixed a game crash that happened when all ships were selected when selecting a ship for an expedition
  • Added a fix to prevent all Achievements to be unlocked in-game after starting Seeds of Change
    Note: This only prevents the issue from appearing for players who have not started the game since GU 14. We are working on a fix to retroactively address it for already affected users. This, however, does take a little bit more time and will be fixed with a future update.
  • Fixed an issue with fertile ground having no impact on animal farm productivity in the scenario (Season of Silver)
  • Fixed an issue with the Bombin Weaver consuming Cotton Fabric instead of Linen (Season of Silver)
  • Fixed an issue with Oil Springs on a secondary island vanishing when trying to build an Oil Well(Season of Silver)


  • Fixed an issue causing desyncs during achievement unlocks in multiplayer


  • Fixed an issue with island pickup quests not being functional (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the gold reward not unlocking for some players (Season of Silver)
    Note: To unlock Gold, a new scenario needs to be started. It’s not possible to unlock Gold on a savegame on which Bronze or Silver was already reached previously. This is working as intended and works the same way for Silver: It’s also not possible to retroactively get Silver on a save with which Bronze was already achieved.

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