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Anno 1800 – 17.1 Patch Notes | Get Ready to Party!


  • Adding support for the “Fiesta” Pack Cosmetic DLC

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the move tool not working for oil springs and clay pits anymore
  • Fixed an issue with military ship items not dealing damage when used from a Flak Monitor ship
  • Fixed an issue with high memory consumption upon loading a game with mods
  • Fixed an issue with electrified mines not using advanced transporters in the New World
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow for the proper creation of Stamps for Orchard and other Multifactories
  • Disabled the unlock conditions for Beer, Coffee and Cocoa in the Hacienda Almanac in Creative Mode
  • Fixed an issue with the Workforce prioritisation bell functionality being inverted
  • Fixed an issue with the campaign intro movie being played when starting the benchmark.
  • Fixes a crash that occurred after the benchmarking ends
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial questline getting enabled in Creative Mode
  • Fixed an issue that led to multiple items not being usable in any item building during the ‘A Clash of Couriers’ scenario


  • Fixed the infotip on picking up goods that didn’t show any text when the island storage was full
    • Please note that excess goods (e.g. when picking up a crate from a ruin in the campaign) are spawned as flotsam next to the main Trading Post
  • Fixed an issue with the skin painter button overlapping with part of the Town Hall object menu in the German localization
  • Fixed an issue with some texts overlapping elements in the Steam Shipyard object menu
  • Fixed a minor clipping issue for the Cosmetic DLC cards in the “additional content” screen
  • Fixes an issue that led to the Shares Menu being in a broken state when starting a new game after playing a scenario
  • Fixed an issue with the Docklands main building blueprint object menu showing the same upgrade button twice instead of “upgrade main and modules”
  • Fixed the Special Edition Newspaper that was missing the photo after completing the ‘Inquiries’ quest
  • Fixed an issue that led to the game version being displayed in the bottom right corner during gameplay


  • Fixed an issue that could result in LR40 desyncs
  • Fixed MP clients not being able to confirm ‘Ready’ after previously starting a Scenario
  • Fixed issue with players unable to join a lobby when mods were active
  • Fixed mods not switching off when requested by the host when starting a MP lobby


  • Fixed an issue with a grinding sound being played when accessing the Old World region from the New World at night


  • Fixed an issue for the “Bush” ornament from “Quaint Park” category in the New World that was lacking the grass color change option for one skin variant
  • Fixed a problem with zoo animals and feedback units not spawning upon loading a save
  • Fixed broken shape quay ornaments in New World
  • Fixed broken shape quay ornaments in Creative Mode Enbesa session


  • Fixed the “Missing DLC” warning that was wrongly displayed in the construction infotip for multifactory blueprints in the ‘Pride and Peddlers’ Scenario

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