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Anno 1800 – 16.1 Patch Notes | Gameplay Fixes Galore!


  • Added a fix for the game not starting under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to the duplication of item effects when using multi-move on Trade Unions or Town Halls
  • Salpeter Works now require Aluminium Profiles instead of Steel Beams for construction in the “Pride & Peddlers” Scenario
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a large negative number being displayed in the balance
  • Removed the “Black Tea” entry from Docklands’ Global Importers
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to loading a wrong save game when clicking the continue button for a scenario
  • Motors and Film Reels are now listed as intermediate products in the Statistics Screen
  • Fixed an issue for the Oil Refinery’s object menu in the Eden Burning Scenario that did not allow to build Oil Wells
  • Adjusted the “Science Whizz” item for the workforce replacement
  • Fixed a rare performance issue that could appear for very large save games with a lot of Scholar residences and unfulfilled “Briefcase” need in the “The High Life” Department Store
  • Fixed an issue that led to the “Old Town Pack” skins being available in the Passage and Enbesa region
  • The balance infotip now also lists the income generated by Artistas


  • The Hacienda Artista Quarters are no longer present in the Hacienda menu without activating the New World Rising DLC
  • Fixed an issue with the item tab in the Hacienda object menu that was no longer functional
  • Fixed the wrongly configured icon for the Graveyard Fence in the Grand Gallery


  • Fixed an issue that could result in desyncs following Game Update 16


  • The ground plate for the Police Station skin from the “Old Town Pack” no longer overlaps with the streets in the New World


  • Fixed several text issues for the Stadium
  • The Docklands entry is now available again in the Static Help Menu
  • Added a missing headline for the Dam Monument
  • Added partly missing translation for the infotip of the “Park Ranger” item
  • Made some small adjustments to the names of Cosmetic DLCs for the German Localization
  • Added missing translation for the items “Bait Specialist” and “Salvador, the Stalwart”
  • The “Laboratory” has its name back and is no longer called “Arsenal”
  • German Localization: The term “Rindergehege” no longer appears in the infotip for powered pastures of nandu and alpaca farms
  • Changed the German Localization for “Rindergehege”
  • Renamed the “Pre-Order” category to “Bonus” category in the construction menu
  • Added partly missing translation for the infotip of the “Angelic Anthrax Vaccine” item
  • Fixed some localization issues in the Scenario description for “Pride & Peddlers” and “A Clash of Couriers”

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