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Warframe – 24.2 ALL HOTFIXES

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14 Hotdropped live earlier today: Fixed certain cases of not receiving Ghoul Purge rewards. Fixes: Fixed some enemies spawning in ceilings and walls in Fissure missions which can ...

Warframe – 24.2 Patch Notes | The Profit-Taker

Fortuna: The Profit-Taker – Update 24.2.0 We’re back with the last Mainline of 2018 – what a year! Mesa Prime and her shiny goodies are still to come, but we’re excited to present Fortuna: The Profit-...

Warframe – 24.1.5 Patch Notes

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.5 Changes: Updated Life Strike, Focused Defense, and Corrupt Charge Mod descriptions to read better. Fixes: Fixed Staff and Polearm Zaws not hitting properly with attacks that use...

Warframe – 24.1.4 Patch Notes | HOTFIX

Changes: Updated Arcane Rage description to read “Primary Weapons” instead of “Rifles”. Exploit Fixes: We have fixed an exploit that could only be performed knowingly. Now that the issue is fixed, we ...

Warframe – 24.1.3 Patch Notes | Chat Moderation Update

Fortuna: Hotfix Fixes: Added a potential fix for crashes on Windows 7 systems without Service Pack 1 or updated BIOS (CPU features are being mis-advertised as available that need SP1 to actua...

Warframe – 24.1.2 Patch Notes | Closed Beta Achievement

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 Additions: A “CLOSED BETA” Accolade has been added to Closed Beta Players profiles – if you made your account before March 18, 2013, you have a new Accolade! Garuda Changes:Drea...

Warframe – Fortuna 24.1 – 24.1.1 Patch Notes

Fortuna: Update 24.1.0 TENNOGEN ROUND 14! Round 14 introduces a brand-new category: Operator cosmetics! Deck out your Void walker with these custom-made masks and accessories. We’ve also added eight n...

Warframe – Fortuna 24.0.5 – 24.0.6 Patch Notes

24.0.6 Patch Notes PRIME VAULT HAS OPENED! Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, and Vasto Prime Relics have been added to Plains of Eidolon Bounties, Orb Vallis Bounties, and in...

Warframe – Fortuna 24.0.1 – 24.0.4 Patch Notes

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4 It’s our First Hotfix after Launch Weekend! We have lots for you today, and we are already working tomorrow’s Hotfix which not only includes Prime Vault Launch, but adjustments ...

Warframe – Fortuna 24.0 Patch Notes

Update 24: Fortuna is here.  It’s been one year since we added our first open world: The Plains of Eidolon. Our second world is ready: The Orb Vallis. Entering The Orb Vallis requires you to first vis...

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Warframe – PRIME VAULT OPENING 24.07.2018

Become the master of manipulation! The Prime Vault opens July 24 on all platforms. For the first time ever, the hypnotic Nyx Prime is leaving the Vault! Charging out beside her is Rhino Prime along wi...[Read More]

Release Date:25.03.2013
Genre:FPS, Free to Play, MMO
Developed By:Digital Extremes
Publisher:Digital Extremes

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