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Warframe – Kullervo’s Survival Boost: Unleash the Power! | All Hotfixes July 2023

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: Hotfix 33.5.6

Small hotfix to address the following priority issues.


  • Fixed being unable to trade Arcanes due to them appearing as Mods in the trading UI.

  • Fixed The Duviri Experience node not registering as complete after finishing The Duviri Paradox Quest, which was preventing the other Duviri nodes (Circuit and Lone Story) from being marked correctly. This led to the Steel Path not unlocking or completing for most players (since the intended flow of needing the normal nodes completed first was not being fulfilled).

    • Since the other nodes were not registering as complete due to the above issue, mission completion before hotfix 33.5.6 has never been tracked correctly.  In order to unlock Duviri on The Steel Path now, you may need to replay and complete The Circuit (complete at least one stage) and Lone Story (complete all stages, including defeating the Orowyrm) on their normal difficulty.  A UI pop-up will occur to generally indicate if any of the normal nodes needs to be completed before The Steel Path can be unlocked for Duviri. An additional change that specifies exactly which node will be coming in the next update.

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: Hotfix 33.5.5

New End User License Agreement (EULA) 

Kullervo Changes & Fixes: 

The following changes have been made to address top player feedback regarding Kullervo’s survivability. We are still collecting feedback for potential future changes.

  • Increased Kullervo’s base Overguard cap from 5,000 to 10,000.

  • Added Ability Strength scaling to Kullervo’s Overguard cap.

  • Increased Kullervo’s Recompense base self-heal from 125 to 250 at rank 0 and 200 to 350 at max rank.

  • Increased Kullervo’s base Health from 225 to 325.

  • Added a brief invulnerability window to Recompense’s cast.

  • Fixed Kullervo’s Storm of Ukko ability triggering SFX from Nova’s Molecular Prime ability.

  • Fixed Archwing not having any Shields if using Kullervo.

  • Adding a 0.5 second Invulnerability window to Kullervo once Overguard is depleted.

Rauta Changes:

The following changes have been made to address player feedback regarding Rauta’s damage concentration. We are still collecting feedback for potential future changes.

  • Increased Damage Falloff ranges from 6m-16m to 10m-20m.

  • Reduced its overall pellet spread.


General Changes: 

  • Made the following changes to the Power Lines objective in the The Covetous Courtier stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest:

    • Reduced the number of Power Lines needing to be reconnected from 3 to 1.

    • Added waypoints to each nodule needing to be targeted to reconnect the line.

    • Added hint text to help players understand the objective.

  • Updated the description of the Chatty Ordis Community Glyph to credit the correct artist.

  • Updated the speed of the VFX on the Zhivira Shoulder Armor to match the artist’s intent.

  • Added cloth physics to the Vikasa Aegis Chest Armor to match the artist’s intent.

  • Updated the Hidden Chest objective text when they are located in caves.



  • Fixed black screen on Steam Deck after using alt-F4 and reopening Warframe.

  • Fixed Resource Boosters not affecting resources earned from SPROUT in Teshin’s Cave.

  • Fixed players getting stuck in the Undercroft lobby during the Kullervo fight after Host was teleported in by Client.

  • Fixed losing control of Paragrimm in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective when another player triggers the Kullervo fight.

  • Fixed permanently losing Kaithe after not selecting your own (from the Kaithes that spawn) and being downed while riding it during The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.

  • Fixed Archon Boreal at times being fully invincible during his screeching ability (even if you are within the sphere) in Archon Hunts.

  • Fixed being unable to remove an Incarnon Genesis from a weapon if it is the only weapon that has one installed.

  • Fixed being able to choose and play the Duviri Steel Path nodes even if you haven’t completed the regular ones.

    • If you have cleared all of the Duviri Steel Path nodes without the regular ones prior to this hotfix, you will have to do so again in the intended way (complete normal Duviri nodes and then the Steel Path nodes) to receive the Duviri Steel Path rewards. 

  • Fixed being unable to spawn Kaithe after being forcefully dismounted by running past a Table for Two side objective and then teleporting away using fast travel.

  • Fixed revive UI using the wrong button input callout while using a controller.

  • Fixed Eximus units appearing in the Undercroft Defense stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.

  • Fixed Teshin’s Rablit not spawning in stage 6 of The Duviri Paradox Quest – causing a progress halt.

  • Fixed getting stuck in the Duviri/Railjack region screen after selecting the active Call of the Tempestarii/The Duviri Paradox quest button at the top of the Navigation UI.

  • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Reckoning Augment Mod not scaling with Duration or Ability Strength Mods.

    • The UI indicated that they were, but it was not applied in-mission.

  • Fixed the number of Tomes required in the Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective not adjusting to squad size after Host migration (always requiring 3 instead of scaling).

  • Fixed Cryotic earned from one Excavation side objective Undercroft Portal carrying over to the next.

  • Fixed the waypoint marker from the Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability lingering on Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objectives after completion.

  • Fixed rare issue of getting a non-existent Primary weapon as an option in Teshin’s Cave offerings.

  • Fixed the co-op Paragrimm’s Hutch Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold spawning in Solo Duviri missions.

  • Fixed negative Mod capacity displaying negative number in Arsenal after selling/trading an equipped Aura Mod.

    • A pop-up will now appear when attempting to sell/trade an equipped Aura Mod, informing players where the Mod is equipped so that it may be unequipped to sell/trade.  

  • Fixed being unable to select an answer on the Zariman Tablets found in Duviri until after transmissions have completed.

  • Fixed the MK1-Braton missing from the Advanced Movement tutorial sequence.

  • Fixed the UI on the Zariman Tablets being squished together if you interact with it while a transmission is playing.

  • Fixed Decree selection UI overlapping with pause menu when using a controller.

  • Fixed UI overlap in The Circuit reward path selection.

  • Fixed UI overlap occurring when selecting categories in the Arsenal and opening loadout screen.

  • Fixed players hearing the wrong SFX for the Drifter’s Restorative ability if cast by someone other than themselves.

  • Fixed Baruuk’s Lull ability SFX not playing in their entirety if cast quickly in succession.

  • Fixed strange orange line appearing when casting Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.

  • Fixed far away players hearing the Kullervo’s Hold bulletin SFX when triggered by another player.

  • Fixed VFX missing when cleansing Conservation animals in Duviri.

  • Fixed Gauss’ Nitrolyst Helmet Redline VFX color always defaulting to blue regardless of the custom color selected in the Arsenal.

  • Fixed Sun Silph floating seeds not moving towards the player if they are close enough to collect them.

  • Fixed Sun Silph floating seeds not despawning when the plant does as you leave its spawn radius.

  • Fixed hitching related to the plants from SPROUT loading into Teshin’s Cave upon arrival.

  • Fixed erroneous eye light VFX on Tamms and Kexats in Duviri.

  • More fixes towards Syandana offset issues when equipped on the Drifter/Operator Orizu Suit.

  • More fixes towards armor offset issues with the Drifter Harrier and Saita Suits.

  • Fixed offset issues with the Krtrima Leg Armor.

  • Fixed several offset issues with the Protovyre Apex Syandana (Warframes and Drifter).

  • Fixed collision missing on some of the decorative walls on the Archarbor island in Duviri.

Launcher Crashes:
We are aware of an issue for some players where the Warframe Launcher is immediately crashing when you try to start it. If you are affected by this issue, please visit our official PSA on how to circumvent this issue:


  • Increased the Larkspur Prime Riven disposition from 0.5 to 0.6.
    • As mentioned in our Riven Disposition changes post  — it simply missed the update!
  • Updated the “Duviri Steel Path is locked” message to indicate which nodes need to be completed in order to gain access.


  • Fixed Clients attempting to do Finisher the Jackal in the Circuit sometimes not properly registering, allowing players to deal damage without progressing the fight stage, leading to players becoming progstopped.
  • Fixed Host Migrating in the middle of a Pazaron Finisher to the Jackal in the Undercroft resulting in the remaining players being progstopped.
  • Fixed Enhanced Damage Numbers missing their outline.
  • Fixed players receiving self-damage from the Glaive that spawns from the Argo & Vel Heavy Attack.
  • Fixed the ability to sell/dissolve Mods in the Vor’s Prize Quest, resulting in a progstop.
  • Fixed various offset issues with the Clearvoy Drifter Suit.
  • Fixed a crash related to Specters being unable to pick up certain types of ammo.
  • Fixed missing “How to Obtain” description for the new Duviri Captura Scenes that appears when they are unowned.
  • Fixed missing pieces of floor in the Void Tileset.
  • Fixed Argo & Vel’s shield appearing to float on certain Warframes.
  • Fixed incorrect Sugatra attachment point on the Argo & Vel.
  • Fixed the Accessibility color palette using the Easter Palette icon.
  • Fixed Brimon’s dialogue options appearing in all caps. The Drifter no longer yells “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”, but you are still welcome to in your free time.
  • Fixed Wisp skins without custom Motes not using Mote Prime when equipped on Wisp Prime.
    • Note: This does not affect Wisp Skins that have custom Mote textures (like certain TennoGen items, etc.)
  • Fixed Iron Skin in Conclave giving Rhino 60s of invulnerability instead of the intended 0.5s once depleted.
  • Fixed High Shader Quality toggle appearing on even if disabled in dx12.
  • Fixed issue where Anku Incarnon didn’t properly benefit from Range and Slash Damage bonus on Slide Attacks, and didn’t inflict any status effects.
  • Fixed Grendel’s Feast not functioning correctly for Clients, resulting in the inability to use Nourish or Regurgitate, amongst other issues.

Missed Notes:

  • With the new Ability Damage qualifier with the Enhanced Damage Numbers system, some players may think that certain Warframe abilities have had their Critical Chance nerfed. In truth, some Warframe abilities had a Critical Chance multiplier simply to add “oomph” to their damage numbers, without having an actual impact on Damage output. With this new Enhanced Damage System, that extra oomph is no longer needed, so those non-functional Critical Change values were removed, but the overall damage of these abilities are unchanged. 


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