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Black Desert Online – 28 October 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events] Halloween in Florin Event 1. Halloween Quests in Florin Period: October 28 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance) During the event period, different types of Halloween-theme...

Black Desert Online – 21 October 2020 Patch Notes

  [New Events] Spooky Witchy Halloween! Event 1. Spook is Back Period: October 21 (after maintenance)–November 4 (before maintenance) Spook will swarm the entire world of Black Desert Online and ...

Black Desert Online – 14 October 2020 Patch Notes

  [New Events] October Events Event 1. Hexe Marie and the Dark Rift Period: October 14 (after maintenance)–October 28 (before maintenance) Defeat Hexe Marie who will make a special appearance fro...

Black Desert Online – 7 October 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events] O’dyllita Launch Events Event 1: Event 1. Trade with the trio Period: October 7 (after maintenance)–October 14 (before maintenance) Choose a supply delivery NPC to trade off your [E...

Black Desert Online – 23 September 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events] Conquer Red Battlefield! Event 1: A Win-Win Situation Period: September 23 (after maintenance)–October 21 (before maintenance) Whether you win or lose, the number of ‘Red Seals̵...

Black Desert Online – 16 September 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events] Make your choice! Awakening or Succession? Event 1: Find the Relic Period: September 16 (after maintenance)–September 29 (before maintenance) Defeat monsters, gather, and fish during the ...

Black Desert Online – 9 September 2020 Patch Notes

  [New Events] Laytenn Strikes Period: September 9 (after maintenance)–September 23 (before maintenance) The fearsome Laytenn has been spotted to strike adventurers of different levels. Defeat La...

Black Desert Online – 2 September 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events] Hashashin Launch Events Event 1. Attend for Hashashin Period: September 3 (00:00 UTC)–September 16 (23:59 UTC) Log in daily to claim your special attendance rewards including [Event] Prem...

Black Desert Online – 26 August 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events] Period: August 26 (after maintenance)–September 2 (before maintenance) Event 1: Who are you waiting for, Delex? During the event period, progress through event quests to get Sparkling San...

Black Desert Online – 19th August 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events] Summer Gets Twice as Sweet! Period: August 20 (00:00 UTC)–August 26 (before maintenance) For completing [Repeat] Helping Fughar, you will get 1 more of the given reward during this event ...

Latest News

Black Desert Online – Pearl Shop Update: 180 Days Benefits

[BEST]   [Event] 180 Days Pack I 39,000 > 23,400 Pearls (40% Off) Available until July 22 (before maintenance).   – Contains: Value Pack (180 Days) x1 Blessing of Kamasylve (180 Days) x1 ...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – Black Spirit’s Adventure: UPGRADED

Period: July 8 (after maintenance)–July 22 (before maintenance) Limited time upgrade on Black Spirit’s Adventure is back for July. Roll your way through the upgraded mini board game and enjoy al...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – 24 June 2020 Pearl Shop Update | +300 Weight Limit

[BEST] [Event] Summer Season Pack 8,250 > 4,950 Pearls (40% Off) Available until July 8 (before maintenance). – Contains: Weight Limit +300LT x1 Value Pack (15 Days) x1 Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Da...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – All Information You Need to Know for NEW SEASON SERVERS!

What are Season Servers? Season Servers are focused on character growth. Season Servers are not limited to specific adventurers. That is, the Season Servers can be accessed by all adventurers. Everyon...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – 2020 Roadmap | Heidel AT HOME | HASHASHIN

New Class – Hashashin Hashashin is Aal’s warrior, who can manipulate sandstorms with the power of the native Valencian god. He engages in melee combat with the Shamshir as his main weapon, and a...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – Guardian Event | A Hundred Memories

[Event] Guardian Pack 10,300 > 7,210 Pearls (30% Off) Available until February 12 (before maintenance). – Contains: [Guardian] Mueburus Classic Set x1 [Event] Premium Outfit Box x1 [Event] Classic ...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – The Arsha Leaderboard Information !

Event Details: The event solely runs on the Arsha (PvP) server of each region. PKs on other servers will not count. The points for each PK are calculated depending on the level and gear difference bet...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – The Great Expedition

Greetings Adventurers, In today’s Dev note, we would like to introduce you to the next big update, The Great Expedition. This new addition to the world of Black Desert Online provides new advent...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – NEW CLASS SHAI

Please welcome the small but bold 18th class, Shai!   “A baby in the woods?”   A warm and gentle breeze blew softly through the woods, rustling the sleeping baby’s hair. Th...[Read More]

Black Desert Online – MOBILE WEB UPDATED !

Accessing the Central Market 1. From your mobile device, login to your account from our mobile webpage. ( Please keep in mind you must have logged into your account bef...[Read More]

Black Desert Online
Genre:MMO, RPG
Developed By:Pearl Abyss
Publisher:Kakao Games

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