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World of Tanks – 1.22 Patch Notes | Get Ready for Rebalanced Maps!

Update 1.22 (September 2023)

  • British Wheeled Medium Tanks: Six new wheeled vehicles that can turn in place, are easy to handle without extra movement modes, and have precise guns have been added.
  • Rebalanced Maps: Several maps in the game have been adjusted to improve balance and create more tactical approaches.
  • Rebalanced Vehicles: Several vehicles across multiple categories have undergone stat adjustments to make gameplay more balanced, tactically diverse, and fair.
  • Onslaught: Season of the Azure Pegasus: The first Onslaught Season in a year-long cycle of three is here with an updated new ranking system, Qualification battles, and more.
  • Battle Pass Season XII: Enjoy a new Mirny-13-themed Season with progressive styles for three Core Vehicles: the Object 140, the M-V-Y, and the Jagdpanzer E 100.
  • WoT Plus: A daily bonus for logging in and extra rewards for every fifth login is up for grabs for WoT Plus subscribers.
  • Auto-Flipping Vehicles: Flipped vehicles that cannot move will automatically return right side up after 15 seconds.

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