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Warframe – Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.3 Patch Notes

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.3



  • Optimized initial install size slightly (~half a GB).

    • This was Hotdropped yesterday!



  • Added a game setting to use the legacy deadzone remapping when controlling look/aim input using the controller analog sticks.

  • Changed the deadzone settings to go up and down by 1 instead of 5 when pressing the arrows.



  • Fixed inability to matchmake together when loading from a Town/Relay to a Free Roam mission.

  • Fixed a crash if a Host migration occurred during a Cambion Drift Excavation Bounty.

  • Fixed the Subsumed Rest & Rage ability description stating its effect is dependent on Energy color rather than Emissive Color.

  • Fixes towards some lighting issues on Operator hair textures.

    • Work in progress!

  • Fixed the Telos Syandana being misaligned on Octavia.

  • Fixed the VOIP UI indicator appearing as a white square.

  • Fixed numerous script errors during Cambion Drift Excavation Bounties.

  • Fixed script errors when Corrupted Vor spawns in the Void.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Null Star ability.

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