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Warframe – Fortuna 24.0.5 – 24.0.6 Patch Notes

24.0.6 Patch Notes


Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, and Vasto Prime Relics have been added to Plains of Eidolon Bounties, Orb Vallis Bounties, and in the Void drop table.

Contained within some of these newly released Prime Vault Relics, is a brand new Prime weapon – Akvasto Prime; Orokin craftsmanship married with superior firepower. Dual Vastos, primed and ready to strike!

Sound Additions & Changes:

  • Added an activation ‘hack success’ sound to the Orb Vallis Coildrive Ambush encounter missions.
  • Sound polish towards Raknoid ability sounds.
  • Sound tweaks to the Venus Terra Drone rocket ability.
  • Tweaks and polish to Bounty transmission timing for Eudico.


  • Broad Spectrum Bait description updated to reflect its use to attract Sapcaddies, Tinks, Eye-Eyes and Brickies.


  • Fixed a potential crash when entering Cetus or Fortuna.
  • Fixed the Ogris’ Nightwatch Napalm Mod only doing damage in the 4.5% explosion area (top of the projectile) instead of the intended 90% explosion area (at max rank).
  • Fixed Bounty “more info” screen having text boxes that are too short and wrapping text, causing text overlap.
  • Fixed FX Energy colors on the Spritsail Prime Armor.

24.0.5 Patch Notes


  • Reduced the Fieldron crafting requirements for the Kreska, Ocucor, and Battacor from 20 to 10.
  • A script is in the works and will be run tomorrow to refund Fieldron to those who have already crafted – we will update you in this thread when the script has completed.
  • Added strokes to Mining laser HUD components based on Forum request for improved visibility.
  • Tweaked some plants in the Orb Vallis to improve quality.
  • The Eye-Eye now shows up during warm temperature only instead of cool temperature in Orb Vallis.
  • Recaster Bait is now correctly labeled as Longwinder Bait.
  • Narrow-Spectrum Bait was incorrectly described as attracting Tinks and Brickies (they are common fish and only require Broad-Spectrum Bait; Narrow-Spectrum Bait attracts Recasters and Eye-Eyes).


  • Fixed a crash related to Chat linking.
  • Fixed the Fetch mod causing other Companion Mods to not function (specific to Kavats and Kubrows).
  • Fixed inability to spawn any vehicle while somebody is standing in the Fortuna elevator.
  • Fixed being able to accept Bounties while replaying the Vox Solaris quest.
  • Fixed loadout summary showing gear unranked if examined while in Operator mode.
  • Fixed the War Within Operator ability prompts when switching between keyboard/mouse and controller inputs
  • Fixed public matchmaking bounty UI remaining on screen when entering the Orb Vallis
  • Fixed incorrect pond coolant material in Orb Vallis which resulted in inability to fish in that coolant.
  • Fixed Profile stats summary page being cut off on the bottom.
  • Fixed Daily Tribute tooltips for certain items (e.g. Oxium, Cryotic) displaying incorrect counts.
  • Fixed overlapping UI when attempting to Dissolve a Riven Mod.
  • Integrated localized translations and layout fixes.

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