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Warframe 24.3 – NIGHTWAVE | Patch Notes & All Hotfixes

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.3 – Nightwave


  • Removed the Ducat selling price from a certain Grineer meatheads Part.


  • Fixed Warframe defaulting to DirectX10 when launching in DirectX11, resulting in slower running gameplay.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to log in, resulting in an inability to enter your credentials.
  • Fixed the UI displaying when Capturing 2 “escapees” at once.
  • Fixed missing Heat icon in the Arcane Manager screen.

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.2 – Nightwave

Hotdropped live:

  • Fixed naughty Syndicate’s not giving you a new Rank when attempting to Rank up if you’re an ‘enemy’ with that respective Syndicate as reported here:
    • We’re working on a script to give back Sacrificed items that were lost. This thread will be updated when the script is complete.
    • As it turns out, a script is not required! If you Sacrificed items to the Syndicate void, attempting to Rank up again with the same Syndicate will instantly grant success without taking any requirements (aka free Rank up since you already paid). 


  • Changed some Grineer meatheads dropped part to be Tradable.
  • Radio chatter is now disabled when in the Wolf of Saturn Six screen.
  • Numerous localized Wolf of Saturn Six text updated.


  • Fixed refined Plains Gems having a Trade Tax of 1 million Credits.
  • Fixed wonky projectile launch position of the Penta.
  • Fixed the Riv Elite-Guard Armor in Teshin’s Conclave Offerings displaying a Platinum price. Purchasing this would take the correct Standing as intended and not Platinum.
  • Fixed text filepath appearing when Unveiling a Riven.

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.3.1 – Nightwave


  • Reduced frequency of Nora Night Radio transmissions.


  • Fixed the Word State Window Alert tab disappearing after completing the Weekly Alerts, making Arbitrations unplayable.
  • Fixed inability to Capture a 3rd “escapee”.
  • Fixed socketing an Ayatan Sculpture in your Dojo not contributing to its respective Wolf of Saturn Six Challenge.
  • Fixed some of Nora Night’s Radio transmission subtitles being visible even though her audio is inaudible.
  • Fixed Nora Night Radio transmissions overlapping her UI.
  • Fixed a wonky FX in The Wolf of Saturn Six opening diorama.
  • Fixed missing facial textures in The Wolf of Saturn Six opening diorama.
  • Fixed Somachord music playing over top The Wolf of Saturn Six opening diorama.
  • Fixed incorrect sound playing when completing a Wolf of Saturn Six Challenge.
  • Fixed Zenistar not launching projectile on Charge Attack.
  • Fixed a text filepath showing on the Nightwave Syndicate End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed a script error when completing Simaris’ Daily Task.

Fortuna: Update 24.3.0 – Nightwave

Warframe’s Minimum Supported Spec has changed to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, DirectX 10 capable graphics cards, and 4GB of RAM.

This change was initially announced back in June 2018, with a more urgent PSA posted in December of 2018. Updating our Minimum Supported Specs will keep player experiences safe and stable on operating systems that are up-to-date, secure, and supported by the companies that make them.

Nightwave has arrived – are you listening, Dreamer?

Introducing Nora Night – a rogue interplanetary Radio host who has tales from the Origin System for your ears only.

Participate in each Nightwave Series for unique stories, exclusive rewards, and access to Nora’s wares.

Introducing Nightwave Series 1, Episode 1: The Wolf of Saturn Six.
Login now to begin discovering what Nora Night has to say – and oh yeah, she has incentives.

Nora is in the business of storytelling – and The Wolf of Saturn Six is just her first story to tell. After many weeks, she’ll liven the airwaves with a new story… check back soon, Tenno.

Full Nightwave Details are HERE


  • Changed the Mutalist Quanta Alt Fire damage type from Electricity to Toxin and slightly increased the Explosion Range from 6m to 8m.
  • Removed the Radio Chatter toggle trigger in the Orbiter and moved into the Settings > Audio.

UI Additions, Changes & Fixes:

  • Added a checkmark for prerequisite Dojo Research preview and completed material requirements.
  • Swapped the order of Operator Hair ‘Tips’ and ‘Highlight’ in the customization menu so it made more sense with the tint masks used.
  • Scrollbars now default to a condensed mode where necessary. Hovering over their hitbox will expand them to a normal size.
  • The Trading UI screen now has chosen UI Themed particle FXs.
  • Fixed the ‘Lost Connection’ UI popup not fully reflecting chosen UI Theme.
  • Fixed an unnecessary plural pronoun in the Inbox notification UI popup.
  • Potential fix for the Daily Tribute Vignette sometimes not being attached to the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed issue where colors didn’t match chosen UI themes in Warframe and weapon stat popups.
  • Fixed the UI not reflecting a new Trade Offering correctly after a player offered Platinum and switched it to something else.


  • Fixed another case of using Transference while simultaneously being knocked down as a Client resulting in an inability to cast Warframe Abilities, use Gear, or use Transference.
  • Fixed inability to proceed in the Vox Solaris quest if the timer runs out during the ‘Investigate the Area’ phase.
  • Fixed the Magus Repair replenishing your Warframe’s Health twice as quickly as intended.
  • Fixed Clients able to permanently continually heal your Warframe’s Health by Transferring in succession with Magus Repair equipped.
  • Fixed the Magus Lockdown using the wrong physical grenade mine mesh.
  • Fixed Vallis Reinforcement Beacons triggering Spy Bounty alarms if they were placed before the Bounty phase started.
  • Fixed a case of the Courier Ambush Bounty insta-failing in Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning correctly in the Grineer Sealab Exterminate tileset.
  • Fixed missing in-world objective marker in the Lua Zeipel tileset until reaching the Rescue hack panel room.
  • Fixed Clients appearing to fire from only the right Akjagara Prime pistol.
  • Fixed Decorations not aligning to surfaces when using surface snapping.
  • Fixed the Note Beacon text appearing in Navigation dioramas if placed behind the Navigation console.
  • Fixed missing Zaw preview when the Sepfahn Strike is selected.
  • Fixed missing sound when re-Casting Volt’s Speed Ability.
  • Fixed some Companions not appearing in the Codex until they have been Incubated.
  • Fixed a script error related to Mastery Sigils.
  • Fixed flickering lake in Grineer Shipyards Mobile Defense tileset.
  • Fixed Lotus and Ordis transmissions overlapping radio transmissions.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to offer Weapon/Warframe Blueprints in a Trade.

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