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Tropico 6 – 7.0 Patch Notes

New Feature Content

  • New Building: ‘Warehouse’ (useful for storing goods)
  • New sandbox map: ‘Rio’
  • Additional faction demands
  • Trade routes now have derivation in volume.
  • Additional building information, such as service quality, is now visible on the Construction screen.
  • Additional details in multiplayer as to why a game has been won or lost added to victory/defeat screen
  • Social media ‘Worship El Prez’ contest winners will spawn in-game.

Community Feedback

  • Option to duplicate buildings with the same settings has been added to the building menu.
  • Added Social Security edict. This means that students and retirees will receive money and not go ‘broke’.


  • Fire Fighters now require more time to extinguish a fire.
  • Added new Fire Station work mode ‘put it out’. This is now the default work mode and should avoid the issue of work mode radiuses getting mixed up with Fire Station operation radiuses.
  • Decreased boat profitability
    • Boat prices and shipyard balancing has been adjusted to ensure boat production is no longer vastly superior to other productions.

Bug Fixes

  • ‘Ireland’ sandbox map has had river replaced by a muddy river so to allow Tropicans to cross.
  • Tropicoland: fixed an issue where teamsters would not deliver bananas to ancient ruins.
  • Fixed an issue where construction workers stopped working after a battle.
  • Fixed issue where teamsters travelled without transporting anything.
  • Fixed issue where nuclear bomb would not prevent superpowers from invading.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Been there, Done that’ achievement did not unlock.
  • Fixed an issue where after loading a game, the raid loop appeared broken.
  • Improved pathfinding for metros.
  • Fixed an issue where waste treatment plants would show a ‘full’ exclamation mark.
  • Fixed an issue where garbage dump ‘fill up’ would reset instantly.
  • Fixed an issue where bus stop rotation could be reset while changing streets.
  • Fixed an issue where a blocked road connection did not reset after removing the offending bus station.
  • Fixed an issue where Teleferic Stations could not be built from higher to lower levels.
  • Fixed an issue where Teleferic Stations could not connect island without storage or quay.
  • It is now possible to hire a minister while in debt.
  • Fixed several occurrences where scaffolding did not disappear.
  • Fixed Army Base collision box, which prevented neighbouring streets to be placed.
  • Fixed an issue where construction cranes remained inside the building after a rebel attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the Research Lab electricity consumption upgrade was inactive after loading the game.
  • Fixed an issue in mulitplayer where players were not able to place specific mines if they had already surpassed a host’s era.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the Non-Aggression pact would revoke the Transparency pact.
  • Fixed an issue where player squads, on their way to a building, would not attack passive enemy units.
  • Military attacks will no longer target buildings of low tactical value (e.g. parks).
  • Fixed an issue where Broker financial aid was being triggered in the Colonial era.
  • Fixed an issue where after self-repair, the Palace would stay in a state of disrepair, even at 100% health.
  • The deaths by ‘Bad Healthcare’ number is now shown correctly in the Happiness tab in the Almanac.
  • It is no longer possible to place the Space Memorial on uneven terrain.
  • Fixed an exploit regarding the duration of active space missions.
  • “Market Manipulation” in Cyber Operations Centre now functions correctly.
  • International Trade Partnership edict no longer has a stronger effect than described.
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed several graphical glitches.
  • Fixed localisation issues.

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