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Tropico 6 – 10 Patch Notes | ‘Guerra de Guerrillas’ has been released!

A free new update for Tropico 6 is now available. Packed with quality of life improvement and bug fixes, the ‘Guerra de Guerillas‘ update brings with it the ability to relocate all buildings, improved...

Tropico 6 – 9.1 Patch Notes | ‘Noches de Arabia’ has been released!

A new update for Tropico 6 is now available for free! This adds many quality-of-life improvements plus, a completely new language (Arabic) to the game. It also fixes many bugs in both the main game an...

Tropico 6 – 7.1 Patch Notes

A new free update for Tropico 6 is now available, bringing Xmas to the isles! El Prez wanted to celebrate traditionally, so unwrap this update and you’ll be privy to a bevy of seasonal goodies. This i...

Tropico 6 – 7.0 Patch Notes

New Feature Content New Building: ‘Warehouse’ (useful for storing goods) New sandbox map: ‘Rio’ Additional faction demands Trade routes now have derivation in volume. Additional building information, ...

Tropico 6 – Better Red than Dead Update

Features and Improvements Added a new campaign mission to the beta: “Better Red than Dead” Various map adjustments/polishing and mission balancing. For example: “Speakeasy”: Lowered the number of arre...

Tropico 6 – Cinco “El Gigante” Update

Balancing: Tourist accommodations will now generate profits in a similar way like residential buildings. This will overall increase profits generated from having tourists on Tropico. Meteor Shower dis...

Tropico 6 – April 2019 Update | Número Tres

Tropico 6 developers just released Revision 98136 Update. Here are the details; Fellow Tropicans! We are releasing a small update this week that is mostly intended to solve some crashing issues. Howev...

Tropico 6 – The First Update

After the nationwide launch celebrations, El Presidente has ordered his most loyal coders to work their binary magic to provide you with small update. The focus of this update is to fix a few crashes ...

Latest News

Tropico 6 – New ‘Lobbyistico’ DLC available Now

Tropico 6 is allowed to attempt this end of the week for all Steam clients. Collectively adulated by pundits as the best, most alluring despot test system ever, we figured it would profit everybody to...[Read More]

Tropico is on iPhone & iPad NOW !

Tropico for iPhone out now alongside updates for iPad version Strategy gaming specialists Kalypso Media and developers Feral Interactive have today announced that Tropico, a full-featured premium port...[Read More]

Tropico 6 – Release Date, Trailer & More

The wait is finally over, the borders are open and El Presidente welcomes you to visit the island paradise of Tropico. Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment are thrilled to announce that Tropico 6, t...[Read More]

Tropico 6
Release Date:29.03.2019
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Developed By:Limbic Entertainment
Publisher:Kalypso Media

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