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RuneScape – 10.12.2018 Patch Notes

Graphical Fixed a minor graphical issue with the investigator’s jacket collar appearing on the chat head when it was not equipped. Fixed a minor graphical issue with a manhole in West Ardougne. Fixed ...

RuneScape – The Needle Skips Patch Notes | 400th Quest Point !

The Needle Skips This quest, which is live today (Monday November 19th) was designed by Mods Osborne and Krista. It’s a novice quest, meaning there are no requirements and that it’s open to everyone, ...

Runescape – Mining and Smithing BETA

Ready your pickaxes and brush off your anvils! At long last it’s time to forge onwards with another Mining & Smithing Beta hands-on, ahead of the full rollout in the near future. This has been one...

RuneScape – Patch Notes 22.10.2018

It’s a real shame that Pestilence isn’t next up on the ‘Til Death Do Us Part roster, as that would tie in nicely with the fact that half of Jagex seems to be off ill. The Big Post-RuneFest Lurgy, they...

RuneScape – Patch Notes 15.10.2018

Obviously it would be highly unprofessional to admit that we’re all completely shattered after RuneFest… but we’re all completely shattered after RuneFest. If you were there with us last weekend then ...

RuneScape – Patch Notes 13.08.2018

Skillcape Perks Fixed an issue with the Dungeoneering boss selection ignoring level requirements. Teleporting to the Glacor Cavern via the Master Quest Cape will now apply the Stone of Jas boost. The ...

RuneScape – 30.07.2018 Patch Notes | FULL LIST

  Clans – Clan Broadcasts Achievement broadcasts are now available for Clans! You can customise your Clan achievement broadcast settings in the Clan Settings tab, changes are automatically broadcasted...

RuneScape – Clan System Changes

Clan Broadcasts – Achievement broadcasts are now available for Clans! You’ll be able to customise what type of broadcasts are sent to your clan and if you wish, decide if Clan Guests can also celebrat...

RuneScape – Patch Notes 09.07.2018

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change ...

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RuneScape – Deep Sea Fishing and Fishing Information

Our Fishing Winter Weekends has arrived! For the first time, enjoy exclusive Deep Sea Fishing bonuses alongside the traditional Fishing bonus we’ve offered in past Winter Weekends. Note: There are no ...[Read More]

RuneScape – 2x XP Weekend

Balthazar’s Big Raffle is returning to RuneScape on September 1st and running until October 5th. Golden Godswords, Warpriest Armour and Deathtouch Darts are of course still up for grabs, along with a ...[Read More]

RuneScape – Summer Ninja Week

Ninja Week How many ninjas does it take to change a light orb in Dorgesh-Kaan? … Wait a minute, where did that light orb come from? Anyway, here’s some highlights of what you can expect this week:   T...[Read More]

RuneScape – Dragonkin Laboratory Released

Having conquered the Temple of Aminishi, at long last it’s finally time to enter the second Elite Dungeon: Dragonkin Laboratory. How to Start Head to the island east of the Demonic Ruins in the Wilder...[Read More]

RuneScape – Master Skillcape Perks Changes

This week we focus on Master Skillcape Perks! A while back we asked you all for ideas/suggestions of what perks to add for each 120 skill as well as improving some of the 99 skillcape perks and here’s...[Read More]

RuneScape – Twith Prime Free Loots

Remember last year’s free-for-all-players Twitch Prime loot? Oh we can already hear your Scaping senses tingling to what’s coming. Whether you’re a Master Scaper, a newcomer craving more adventures or...[Read More]

RuneScape – Elite Dungeons – 23.07.2018 | Dev Blog

On Thursday, the Jesters, the team behind Dragonkin Laboratory, organised an internal play test of the content. This was the last one before launch: a front-to-back playthrough of all the content, to ...[Read More]

RuneScape – Summer Weekends 2018

Just in time for your Summer Holidays, it’s time to introduce you to Summer Weekends! I must say, summer is looking HOT HOT HOT! We’re giving you all the details in advance so you and your friends can...[Read More]

Release Date:04.01.2001
Genre:MMO, RPG
Developed By:Jagex

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