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RuneScape – 24 August 2020 Patch Notes

Archaeology The dust might might be starting to settle on RuneScape’s newest skill, but there’s still some divine work to be done! When completely filling an empty divine charge using the ...

RuneScape – 06 July 2020 Patch Notes

Archaeology When completely filling an empty divine charge using the Divine-O-Matic Vacuum, excess energy will now flow into the next empty divine charge, instead of being wasted. Players using an unc...

RuneScape – 29 June 2020 Patch Notes

Ninja Strike #7 – Tier 92 Armour Tier 92 Elite Sirenic & Tectonic Armour Tier 92 Elite Armours can now be repaired at much cheaper rates. Players can now create a ‘Repair Patch’ ...

RuneScape – 27 January 2020 Patch Notes

War’s Retreat Show those bosses who’s boss! Face Gielinor’s deadliest bosses in War’s Retreat and earn Marks of War to spend on auras, upgrades, and more. Or, relax with your chums (...

RuneScape – 20 January 2020 Patch Notes

Combat Intercept can now be refreshed on a target already affected by the spell. Clue Scrolls Clues will now automatically go into the Charos Clue Carrier if the players inventory is full. Clue Scroll...

RuneScape – 02.12.2019 Patch Notes | Farming And Herblore 120

Farming And Herblore 120 It is now possible to add noted insects to the Anachronia dinosaur farm troughs. Using the Powerburst of Vitality no longer keeps your updated max hp value. The scroll of clea...

RuneScape – 25.11.2019 Patch Notes | Release of Farming & Herblore 120!

Players who logged out on the Ashdale boat pier in Taverley prior to its removal will now be teleported to dry land. The constitution skillcape effect will no longer work when in a fight in the duel a...

RuneScape – 18.11.2019 Patch Notes

Combat Resolved the issues affecting the buff bar. (Last Tuesday) Fixed an issue stopping action bars from being accessible. Fixed an issue stopping crushed gemstones from being dropped by the action ...

RuneScape – 11.11.2019 Patch Notes

General The pink and rainbow unicorn plushies will now be reclaimable from Diango if destroyed. Disabling guidance system hints (Gameplay -> General -> Optional Interfaces in Settings) now preve...

RuneScape – 04.11.2019 Patch Notes

With the festivities over, Gielinor’s farmers have collected up all of the pumpkins decorating the world’s trees. Menaphos typo has been spelled correctly now when retuning portal to Menap...

Latest News

RuneScape – Out Now On Steam!

Our launch on Steam is just one part of a bigger picture as we look to grow RuneScape for many years to come. For those who missed it, here’s a letter from our very own Mod Warden to explain mor...[Read More]

RuneScape – Bank Improvements !

Bank Placeholders The Bank Rework was first announced way back at RuneFest 2016. Sadly, we probably got a bit ahead of ourselves and in the months that followed hit an assortment of technical hurdles ...[Read More]

RuneScape – Deep Sea Fishing and Fishing Information

Our Fishing Winter Weekends has arrived! For the first time, enjoy exclusive Deep Sea Fishing bonuses alongside the traditional Fishing bonus we’ve offered in past Winter Weekends. Note: There a...[Read More]

RuneScape – 2x XP Weekend

Balthazar’s Big Raffle is returning to RuneScape on September 1st and running until October 5th. Golden Godswords, Warpriest Armour and Deathtouch Darts are of course still up for grabs, along w...[Read More]

RuneScape – Summer Ninja Week

Ninja Week How many ninjas does it take to change a light orb in Dorgesh-Kaan? … Wait a minute, where did that light orb come from? Anyway, here’s some highlights of what you can expect th...[Read More]

RuneScape – Dragonkin Laboratory Released

Having conquered the Temple of Aminishi, at long last it’s finally time to enter the second Elite Dungeon: Dragonkin Laboratory. How to Start Head to the island east of the Demonic Ruins in the ...[Read More]

RuneScape – Master Skillcape Perks Changes

This week we focus on Master Skillcape Perks! A while back we asked you all for ideas/suggestions of what perks to add for each 120 skill as well as improving some of the 99 skillcape perks and here&#...[Read More]

RuneScape – Twith Prime Free Loots

Remember last year’s free-for-all-players Twitch Prime loot? Oh we can already hear your Scaping senses tingling to what’s coming. Whether you’re a Master Scaper, a newcomer craving ...[Read More]

RuneScape – Elite Dungeons – 23.07.2018 | Dev Blog

On Thursday, the Jesters, the team behind Dragonkin Laboratory, organised an internal play test of the content. This was the last one before launch: a front-to-back playthrough of all the content, to ...[Read More]

RuneScape – Summer Weekends 2018

Just in time for your Summer Holidays, it’s time to introduce you to Summer Weekends! I must say, summer is looking HOT HOT HOT! We’re giving you all the details in advance so you and your...[Read More]

Release Date:04.01.2001
Genre:MMO, RPG
Developed By:Jagex

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