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RuneScape – Out Now On Steam!

Our launch on Steam is just one part of a bigger picture as we look to grow RuneScape for many years to come. For those who missed it, here’s a letter from our very own Mod Warden to explain more about these big, exciting plans!

Steam Launch and RuneScape Growth – A Message from Mod Warden

RuneScape is a game like no other – a profound and drawing in living world that is inviting and open, loaded up with the many pulsating hearts of our unbelievable players. You are the residents who rejuvenate Gielinor.

To many, RuneScape is something beyond a game or a break. It is a spot to shape companionships and connections (relationships, even!) or be essential for something greater, similar to the buzz of a Lumby Crater occasion. RuneScape, from multiple points of view, is characterized by the encounters we have with one different as we share our undertakings, missions, long stretches of endless dominance and accomplishments together. We accept this is a world with a great deal more to give, and with numerous years in front of it yet to unfurl.

As we plan ahead, we are not simply dedicated to improving the universe of RuneScape yet additionally to ensuring that thumping heart of the game – the presence of players – is as predominant as could be expected. To do that, we’re setting out on another mission; carry RuneScape to new places, find new globe-trotters from new areas, and make RuneScape a more available, more cross-stage MMORPG that you can appreciate anyplace.

That excursion starts with our appearance on Steam. It brings RuneScape, one of the world’s biggest MMORPGs, to one of the world’s definitive gaming objections. It interfaces us to a colossal new network of PC gamers that we can speak to for the absolute first time. Together, we can invite them and show them exactly what RuneScape and its locale have to bring to the table.

We won’t stop here either – we will keep on working with our accomplices to bring RuneScape wherever we can, and to make it more available than any other time in recent memory. You will see us coordinate with elective record administrations, on new stages and become accessible in various stores. This is tied in with offering better approaches to get to RuneScape and interest new networks of players.

We additionally realize that contacting new crowds makes modernizing RuneScape, scaling our activities and improving availability are significantly more significant than any other time in recent memory. I am requesting that the group twofold down and spotlight on these territories to all the more likely help the flood of new players we’ll be inviting together throughout the years ahead.

Our portable dispatch is likely our next huge advance on this excursion. While we have numerous analyzers today, before we release RuneScape completely into the more noteworthy world, we need to ensure we take the quintessence of RuneScape and permit it to sing as well as can be expected on more modest gadgets.

This implies improving the early game insight, onboarding and lucidness, and advancing our UI – from refining text, substance, collaboration and hitbox sizes, to motor enhancements and security that help adaptability over the greatest cluster of conceivable presentation sizes. While a portion of this work will be centered around making the versatile experience as well as can be expected be in these territories, much will improve the experience on whatever stage you decide to play on.

This work will set us up for a more grounded dispatch on versatile that keeps more players around and gives a superior encounter to everybody. While we were on target to convey this in 2020, this extra work pushes our portable dispatch to 2021. We know so huge numbers of you are very energized for the full Android and iOS delivery, and we trust you will comprehend this extra stand by to ensure we kick this off from an a lot sturdier beginning stage.

From that point onward, our central goal to continue getting new explorers and convey on the cross-stage MMO vision that will keep on unfurling. We can hardly wait to reveal to you more about everything… as expected.

In the interest of the whole RuneScape Team, thank you for going along with us on this excursion up until now. We trust you’re as amped up for the eventual fate of RuneScape as we seem to be, and we can hardly wait to dispatch on Steam. Meanwhile, you can check out our beea-uu-tiful Steam page right here if you need to get wishlisting.

Tell your companions, and how about we give those new explorers a warm greeting on October fourteenth! See you in Gielinor.

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