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RuneScape – 30.07.2018 Patch Notes | FULL LIST

Clans – Clan Broadcasts

Achievement broadcasts are now available for Clans!

  • You can customise your Clan achievement broadcast settings in the Clan Settings tab, changes are automatically broadcasted to admin+ to ensure your clan can track changes.
  • By default anytime a player in your clan triggers an achievement broadcast (For example,has received a spider leg top drop!) it will now output this to your Clan
  • If you are guesting in a clan chat you will also be able to see Clan Achievement broadcasts from that clan in your Guest Clan Chat
  • The clan’s name will be shown when a Clan Broadcast fires, this can be prefixed via the Prefix Settings located in ‘Chat Settings’
  • If a clan member logins in for the first time after 30 days, a message will go out to the Clan to let them know and welcome them back.

Clans – Clan Avatar


  • The Avatar Warden Job title is no longer required to summon an avatar
  • You can now activate your weekly buff at your Avatar Control Stone located near your Avatar Habitat, once activated you can choose between a base XP boost of 3% which can increase up to an additional 3% XP if your Fealty is rank 1, 2 or 3 OR a Skill Plot Bonus which increases the clan resources gained from that Skill Plot by 50%, whichever buff you choose lasts a week and can be switched out and/or renewed at any time (Note: you do not need an Avatar out to benefit from either of these bonuses), however if you wish you’ll be able summon the Avatar as a pet via the Follower Pets tab if your buff is active.
  • The buff icon for a Clan XP boost now only shows one icon and the total % of additional XP you’re getting.
  • Clans with a Avatar Habitat are no longer capped to three Avatars, each player can now have one each if they wish, the Clan Avatar is now accessible via the Pets > Follower Pets window (Note: You need a Avatar Habitat active, as well as activating your weekly boost to see this)
  • You no longer need to pay for Clan Buffs, as a result you will no longer be able to collect Anagogic Orts, you can still check them out in your Currency Pouch.
  • The Avatar Gather resources action can now be accessed via the Avatar Control Stone at your Avatar Habitat.
  • You can now customise your avatar options via the Avatar Control Stone located near your Avatar Habitat, once you’ve confirmed your Avatar changes you’ll be informed that your Clan will receive your changes shortly.
  • Clan admins can customise the clan’s avatars’ appearance at the control stone
  • Avatars will gather while summoned as pets in the Citadel, gathering the currently set resource, up to a weekly maximum shared by the clan which scales based on the Habitat tier
  • If you store the Clan Avatar in your Menagerie it’ll have a special appearance for the time it’s there
  • A buff icon has been added which shows when your Skill plot bonus is active
  • The following clan avatar buffs have been removed
  • Heal Over Time
  • Familiar Faces
  • Auto Ort
  • Random Resurrection
  • Protector

Clans – Clan Citadel


  • The following Clan Citadel skillplots have had their XP increased by 20% from level 80 up to level 99:
  • Crafting
  • Mining
  • Smithing
  • Firemaking
  • Woodcutting
  • The active obelisk at the summoning skillplot will now switch every 30 seconds (previously 17 seconds)
  • You can now train at Citadel skillplots with skilling urns in the corresponding skill.
  • The chance to break a root while training at the Citadel woodcutting skillplot has been reduced
  • Based on the amount of Orts you’ve earned prior to the Avatar Rework update we’ve given you Citadel boosters! Details below:
  • 1k > 9.9k 1 booster
  • 10k > 49.9k 2 boosters
  • 50k > 99.9k 3 boosters
  • 100k > 200k 4 boosters
  • The Woodcutting, Mining and Firemaking Skill Plots will now grant more clan resources when skilling on them.
  • A clan broadcast message has been added (which can be toggled) which’ll tell you when your clan has hit your target goals for your resources, as well as telling you when all clan resource goals have been met
  • Your Adventurer’s Log will now have an entry added for when you reach Clan Fealty rank 1, 2, 3 or maintain Fealty 3.
  • Furnace full & skill plot locked messages will now appear in a red infobox for easier visibility
  • When you first skill on a plot a message will come up reminding you when skilling with fellow clan members at the same time in the Citadel, the resource gain will be slightly increased, the more members you gather resources with at once, the better the gain! (Note: this message appears once per login to avoid spam)
  • When skilling with fellow clan members at the same time in the Citadel, the resource gain has been slightly increased, the more members you gather resources with at once, the better the gain!
  • Clan Resource gain is now shown in the XP popup alongside the XP drop you’ve gotten
  • The Summoning Obelisk will now recharge your Summoning Points when using it
  • Updated the plot names in the clan citadel.
  • Updated the text on the tooltips when teleporting to a location in the clan citadel
  • The reliability of the broadcast text for “has visited the citadel this week” has been improved.
  • The weekly member requirement to upgrade a Citadel has been decreased, new numbers below (old numbers are in brackets)
  • Tier 1 > 2 : 5 (7)
  • Tier 2 > 3 : 7 (10)
  • Tier 3 > 4 : 12 (15)
  • Tier 4 > 5 : 15 (20)
  • Tier 5 > 6 : 20 (25)
  • Tier 6 > 7 : 25 (30)

Clan Changes


  • Using a Clan Vex or Clan Cloak on a Clan member will now give you the option to give it to them
  • When leaving a Clan you are now prompted to provide a reason why you left the Clan, ranks with the right permission to see the “has left the clan broadcast” will be able to see the reason provided by the leaving Clan member.
  • You can now decide if admins or higher can now kick members from the Clan (previously it was locked to admin+ by default).
  • You can now set a specific value for Colour on your Clan’s Motif by right clicking the colour field in the Motif interface and selecting set colour.
  • You can also get the current value of that colour in case you want to share it by right clicking the colour field in the Motif interface and selecting get colour.
  • A +12:30, +13:00, +13:30 and +14:00 option has been added to the Time zone menu in Clan Settings
  • If you decide to rename your clan you can now check if a clan name is available before taking it
  • When you recruit a clan member the name of the recruiter is added to the join message allowing clans to track who’s recruited who
  • A pop up box appears when you’re invited to the clan initially (you still need to click the message in the Chat box to accept the invite)
  • If you decide to remain in your clan after pressing the leave button it’ll give you a clan specific message.
  • If you decide to continue as an owner after pressing the leave button it’ll give you a clan specific message.
  • The Clan Admin Broadcast settings interface will no longer appear behind the Clan Settings Interface.

Clans – Clan Log


A clan log has been added accessible to Admin+! When inside your Citadel right click the ‘I’ icon in Clan Chat and click ‘Clan Log’ and it’ll provide you the following details (these numbers reset when the Citadel rebuilds itself at it’s specified build tick).

  • Size of your clan (how many members are in your Clan currently)
  • How many members have visited the Citadel this week
  • How many members have capped at the Citadel this week
  • As a result of this, the broadcast message that goes out when you cap will now tell your clan how many members have capped at the Citadel this week.
  • How many members have hit Fealty at the Citadel this week.

Clans – Clan Login Message


A clan login message has also been added!

  • Accessible to Deputy Owner+ via right clicking the ‘I’ icon in Clan Chat, this allows you to write up a custom message to display to clan members if they’ve been logged out for more than 6 hours when they next login (Clan members who don’t want to see this message can toggle off the message if they don’t want to see these anymore via chat settings).
  • When setting a login message you will get a chat message which shows you what it’ll look like to a clan member when they login.
  • Upon recruiting someone to your clan they will see the login message set by your Clan.
  • When editing the login message a broadcast will be sent out to the ranks that are specified in Clan Admin Messages that the login message has been edited.

Clans – Clan Chat


Clan Chat has been significantly rewritten across the board, it should now be smoother to use and for us much more optimized, with this comes the ability to finally mute your own Clan Members from Clan Chat via Clan Settings, details below!

  • An option to mute individual clan members has now been added to Clan Settings
  • Known issue: The Clan Chat muting will only work in-game, if they’re still being a pain, kick them!
  • If said clan member has been muted they will now have an icon displayed to the right of their name in Clan Settings (as a result of this change the old Rated Clan Wars icon has been removed).
  • When muting a clan member a broadcast will be sent to Clan members who are admin+ informing them of the player who’s been muted/unmuted
  • Clan Chat now shows total number of players in the chat
  • Clan Chat now shows the total number of members in your clan on hover over of your clan name
  • Clan Guest chat now shows total number of players in the chat
  • The chat list when guesting in another clan should now update dynamically without you having to leave and re-enter to see who’s joined/left since then.
  • The Clan Ban List now shows number of players banned
  • The Clan Ban List will now give you a message telling you if your clan ban list is full when trying to add a ban when at your cap.

Clans – Clan Noticeboard


The Clan Noticeboard has had a load of quality of life fixes done to it! Full details below

  • The Clan Noticeboard no longer shows the status of Avatars and the Players holding them (as there are no Clan avatars anymore, only player ones).
  • Your Clan Noticeboard will automatically broadcast a reminder to your chatbox when the event has 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or 5 minutes to go.
  • The Clan Noticeboard and Clan Noticeboard Broadcast interfaces have had a text revamp and clearup
  • The Clan Noticeboard now only uses game time to stop confusion of clan vs game time in events.
  • If you haven’t logged in for over an hour and log in when an event has less than 60 minutes to go until it starts you’ll get a reminder message in your chat box (This can be toggled off via Chat Settings).
  • The following has been added to the noticeboard
  • Raids & Elite Dungeons have been added to the PvM category
  • Invention and Portables have been added to the Skilling category
  • Safecracking has been added to the Minigame category
  • Guthix Caches & Demon Flash Mobs have been added to the Event category
  • Borehole now says Vorago in the event place category
  • The following has been added to the event place category
  • God Wars Dungeon 2 bosses Helwyr, Vindicta, Twin Furies & Gregorovic
  • Mazcab
  • Invention Guild
  • Clan Chat
  • Combat Academy
  • Lost Grove
  • Eastern Lands – Waiko
  • Eastern Lands – Goshima
  • Eastern Lands – Islands that were once Turtles
  • Eastern Lands – Tuai Leit
  • Eastern Lands – Whale’s Maw
  • Eastern Lands – Cyclosis
  • Eastern Lands – Aminishi
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Armadyl’s Tower
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Gower Farm
  • Solak
  • All 27 RuneScape skills have been added to the “Place” category which will now allow you to determine which skill you want your clan competitons to be focused on.
  • When selecting the N/A option on the World tab it’ll now display N/A in your broadcasts, noticeboard & clan flag instead of World 201.
  • Years 2012 – 2017 have been removed from the Noticeboard



  • Only 2 roots will spawn on phase 1 of the Solak fight, in group mode.
  • Each Blightbound crossbow has a 25% chance of saving a bakriminal bolt when their effect activates.
  • The blight percentage on phase 2 of Solak will now be drained at a faster rate. Should the hitpoints cap be reached, the rate of which it drains is then even greater.
  • Blightbound crossbow drops have been made more common from group mode Solak.
  • Erethdor’s Grimoire is now a pocket slot item.
  • Erethdor’s Grimoire now increases critical hit chance by 12% and increases the damage cap up to 15,000.
  • This now acts as the same as a godbook, requiring pages (Torn grimoire page) to recharge it. Each page recharges it by 45 minutes.
  • Torn grimoire pages are now dropped from Solak.
  • The Lost grove creatures creatures now drop an Ancient elven ritual shard, which works the same way as the Grimoire previously worked (restores 37% of your total prayer points over 30 seconds, with a 5 minute cooldown). The drop rate is increased whilst on a Lost grove creature slayer assignment.

Elite Dungeons


  • Capped the number of crassians each cloaked zealot may spawn.
  • The Sanctum Guardian, Masuta and Seiryu in the Temple of Aminishi will no longer attack a player outside the arena.
  • The water spouts in the Masuta boss fight will no longer target a player outside the arena.
  • Black hand tendrils in the Seiryu fight will no longer target someone outside the arena.
  • The purple fire in the Sanctum Guardian boss fight will no longer target someone outside the arena.
  • The Crassian minions in the Sanctum Guardian fight will no longer target players outside the arena.
  • The Masuta clone can no longer attack players outside the arena.
  • Blocking has been adjusted and corrected on the barriers leading to Seiryu.
  • Masutas purple wave of magic will no longer AoE players outside the arena.



  • Removed a number of old login messages.
  • Sending private chat messages will no longer switch back to public chat when the friends list updates.
  • The first tab in the Stealing Creation interface now works as expected.
  • Coins collected from the Grand Exchange will no longer have text cut off when being added to the money pouch.
  • Fixed some issues with items and slot sizes in the ‘Worn Equipment’ interface and the ‘Loot-All’ interface.
  • Dragging items from your inventory to the disassemble icon or money pouch will now correctly attempt to disassemble or cast high alchemy on the item.
  • Added unlock hints to Solly and the Blightbound Lasher pets
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to continue Druidic Ritual quest under certain circumstances. Players in certain states will have the quest completed on login.
  • Fixed an issue with an interface during Catapult Construction.
  • Reworded the ‘Reproduction steps’ heading in the bug report interface.
  • Using a multi-code teleport with a portable fairy ring will now consume a charge



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