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RuneScape – 10.12.2018 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a minor graphical issue with the investigator’s jacket collar appearing on the chat head when it was not equipped.
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue with a manhole in West Ardougne.
  • Fixed some underlay issues in Yu’Biusk.
  • The low wall just south of the east Varrock bank has had it’s collision altered to now block movement as intended.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Princess Astrid.
  • Fixed an issue where several NPCs had patchy skin.
  • A tile on Taverly bridge is no longer missing.
  • Objects will no longer float when you drop them at the top of the Heroes guild stairs (top floor)
  • We’ve now added a part of the missing roof of the Power Station on Ice Mountain.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with lion belly top.
  • Fixed labeling issue with El Padre de la Luz mask.
  • Fixed Cap’n Izzy no-beard’s chathead.


  • Keybinds 1 to 8 have now been added to the Tirannwn quiver’s teleport interface.
  • The Make-X window will no longer list skilling outfit pieces after its full set has been completed.
  • A bank area has been added to death’s office to allow passive healing over time.
  • The toolbelt button on the equipped items window now has shortcuts to stored tools’ individual settings via right-click options.
  • Ethereal heads (Blood, Death, Law, Infinity) can now access the Wicked Hood’s “Teleport Latest” worn op.
  • Combined monkey greegrees now also have the swap option while equipped.
  • Bob Barter specific potion dose decanting is now a menu choice as opposed to manually entering a number of doses.
  • Digsite pendants now have right click options to teleport to it’s various destinations when worn.
  • The wilderness Chaos Altar now has an Offer option on right-click.
  • The Follower details window will now list stored summoning scrolls as well as those stored in the inventory.
  • Most Tirannwn quiver teleports can now be used an unlimited amount of times. The Death Altar teleport is still limited to 5 times per day.
  • The factory outfit is now reclaimable from Diango/Bank reclaim.
  • Enhanced replenishment potions are now a slightly different colour to help differentiate.
  • We’ve now made it made it more difficult to get pulled out of chat by combat NPCs when speaking to the Messenger at Graveyard of Shadows and Swordsman in Edgeville Dungeon during the Curse of Zaros miniquest.
  • Rune guardians pets will no longer need to be re-energised at rune altars periodically.

Alchemical Onyx

  • Seren spirits will no longer spawn and immediately disappear when performing actions like picking Arc mushrooms or Deep Sea Fishing.
  • Players can no longer attempt to add 0 charge teleport compactor items to charge Passage of the Abyss (even if you have other items of the same type in your inventory).
  • The Ring of Duelling teleport via the Passage of the Abyss now states South Feldip Hills where Mobilising Armies used to be.
  • Players can no longer use the Grace of the Elves teleport to the Runespan… while inside the Runespan.
  • Using the max guild teleport options from the Grace of The Elves uncovered an issue that never previously presented itself. As a safety check we’ve added a quick teleport animation to the Grace of the Elves when using max guild portal teleports.
  • Seren Spirits now only appear for the player who spawned them!
  • Enchantment tablets can now be used to enchant the new onyx jewelry


  • If all pens of a certain size are built, Farmer’s Market will now display “owned” for animal pen kits.
  • Home teleporting no longer stops poison effects being removed from the player.
  • You should no longer be able to fill gizmo bags past their limit.
  • Free players can now call (and more importantly dismiss) their pets on free words.
  • Evil Bob will now steal the correct amount of summoning points from the player in Shattered Worlds with the “Catastrophe” mutator.
  • It is now possible to stay inside the godwars dungeon with levels lower than the required level to enter the dungeon.
  • Player moderators should no longer have the possibility to accidentally toggle the temporary mute option when reporting a player within the Report a Player system.
  • The ingredients list for the Supreme Overload Salve on the skillguide now correctly states you need a Prayer Potion (rather than a prayer restore).
  • An option to turn on legacy map icons has been added to the Miscellaneous->Legacy Modes section of Gameplay Settings.
  • The Elf mushroom patch will now correctly work with Morytania Elite Diaries when the Farming Skillcape perk activates or when using Patch Bombs.
  • The Fruit Bat’s fly option will now work again correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where corpses in The Death of Chivalry quest could be destroyed by a ring of recoil, stopping players that do not directly engage in combat from continuing the quest.
  • The Chivalry prayer will now correctly state the Defence requirement as 65.
  • The ‘Bottoms up’ achievement can now only be completed using attack potions.
  • Batwing gloves no longer appear twice in the Crafting skill guide.
  • Warning message that appears when augmenting polypore staff no longer mentions that players will not be able to cast polypore strike.
  • Fixed a typo for the Runecrafting option on the Retro Skillcapes toggle interface.
  • The Fight Cauldron Coffer will now accept donations up to and including the full 60 minute of buff duration.
  • It is now possible to toggle between barbarian and normal fishing after having completed the barbarian training miniquest by talking to Otto.
  • Ice strykewyrms will no longer instantly disappear if they do not have line of sight to their target after burrowing.
  • We’ve now removed “Mobilising Armies” from the world list interface that had them listed as an “Activity”, with this, we’ve now decided to change the following worlds:
  • w25: Mobilising Armies -> Community Farming Training
  • w58: Blast Furnace -> Community Smithing Training
  • w71: Lava Flow Mine & Penguin Hide & Seek -> Lava Flow Mine
  • w76: Mob -> Community Summoning Training
  • w79: Soul Wars -> Community Divination Training
  • w83: Community Smithing Training -> Living Rock Caverns
  • w84: Living Rock Caverns -> Portable skilling
  • w88: Shades of Mort’ton -> Elite Dungeons
  • w91: Mage Training Arena -> Heist
  • w100: Group questing -> Treasure Trails
  • w138: Minigame spotlight -> Great Orb Project
  • Tweaked Zone of restoration spawns in Shattered Worlds.
  • Killing certain creatures with Lootshare active will now correctly award experience in various combat styles.
  • One of the cutscenes for the You Are It quest will now correctly work in JAVA.
  • NXT: Fixed a resizing window bug on Mac causing RuneScape to become unresponsive
  • NXT: Fixed another bug with trees not having leaves


  • Old style dialog boxes on mobile are no longer displayed during the incantation section of The Light Within quest.
  • Stat globes are no longer overlapping on Mobile and Tablet devices.
  • We have removed “left-click” terminology from the Summoning globe menus and interfaces.
  • The health globe now displays the correct amount of hitpoints when in legacy mode.
  • Brink of Extinction egg puzzle interface has been improved for use on mobile. The buttons have been made larger and have had their spacing improved.
  • The interface when purifying the wisdom shard during the quest The Light Within now scales nicely on mobile.
  • The interface for the riding skill used during the Gower Quest now scales nicely on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where the Achievements Path interface could end up with two vertical scroll bars.


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