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Imperator Rome – 1.4.1 Patch Notes | Game Balance Overhaul: Corruption Scales Up to 250%!


Game Balance

  • Corruption now scales character wages up to 250% instead of just 100%, because what’s the point of theft and graft if you go small time?
  • Sanctioned Privileges National Idea now decreases corruption by 5% instead of 10%.


  • Updated capital tooltip to be more descriptive.
  • Many fixes to the non-english localization files.



  • Added a 2 year cooldown per territory for the city sacking event for ruler led armies
  • Moving country now clears interaction loyalty modifiers.
  • Antigonus now remembers what country Seleukos is in charge of, when ceding land to him.
  • Fixed bad reference to location in desecration popup.
  • Added goto button for Sack event


  • Fixed Destroy Apulians bypass to require both Apulian nations as subjects.


  • Added trait to forgotten daughter Ptolemais in Miletos
  • Athens now starts with regular old Athena in its pantheon. Fitting, since she gave the city its name and all.
  • The people of Acragas have overcame their initial crisis of faith, and decided on what deities they want to worship at the start of the game.


  • Kanya Devi now uses Monthly Stability Change rather than Monthly Stability Decay. Fixes an issue which made the deity harmful to worship.
  • Tag exclusive deities will no longer disappear or become unavailable after you complete a formable or otherwise change names in some way.
  • Fixed problem with Krishna’s deity modifier.


  • Added Golden Horn to Byzantion, so Constantine XI will have something to stretch his chain across.


  • Restored missing option to change player name in the main menu, fixing an issue locking people out of logging in for multiplayer.
  • Fixed the ‘Laconic If’ achievement, so Sparta will once again be able to sack Pella properly.
  • Fixed checking for Agathokles dead father rather than Agathokles in the Potter to King achievement and the Pyrrhus events. His ID was changed in the 1.4 setup update.
  • Game won’t crash if there is an invalid entry for province treasure
  • Fixed a number of rare crashes and out of synchs.
  • Fixed Diplomatic Range modifier having a full stop
  • Initializing crowdmap on recalculatecache
  • Added ‘Blood of the Lagidai’ trait to Ptolemy’s children by Thais.
  • Armies without a leader now also loot provinces instantly. Province loot modifier is now visible right away in the tooltip.
  • Fixed rival’s name not appearing in Twisting the Knife event
  • Fixed literally unplayable typo in the Pan-Hellenic government mission description
  • Satrap armies no longer get a +70% morale boost from the Satrap Project event.
  • Fixed Incompetent Storage and Stockpile Disappears food events sometimes not subtracting food
  • Fixed minor characters having unrelated negotiators in marriage proposal events
  • The Spartan mission task ‘Civilizing the Valley’ now states that the territory in question must be a city.
  • Fixed Seleukid event for all languages, rather than just English.
  • Fixed broken custom loc due to typo
  • Fixed typos in some heritages
  • Fixed typo in Archimedes event
  • Purged Remulus typo for the third time. Let us hope it stays purged this time…
  • Fixed some issues with the religious subjects released by Sparta and Athens in their missions.
  • Fixed a ‘null_family’ issue in the ‘Athens in Chains’ mission.
  • Units in a lot of formables and Oreos will now use proper colors on their armor, rather than rave green.
  • Troops in hired pirate fleets drown when said fleet is stackwiped as opposed to walking on water.


1.4.2 is a bugfix released on 2020-04-16[2] with the checksum 1974.

Game Balance


  • Reduced population output from occupied territories by 20%.
  • Manpower from tribesmen and freemen reduced by approximately 45%, non-primary dominant culture territories now provide 20% less output.


  • Moving Province capital now reduces Province Loyalty instead of Political Influence. It is no longer possible to move the Province Capital if you are below 50 Province Loyalty (up from 33%). Moving province capital to a City or even more so a Metropolis will result in a lesser hit.
  • Slightly reduced pop type happiness reductions from passive deity modifiers.

War & Peace

  • Macedon will now be far more likely to oppose Phrygian demands in the initial Diadochi War event series.
  • Slightly reduced base experience decay for units.
  • Slightly increased war exhaustion from battles.
  • Tweaked Military Traditions to reduce very expensive units in mercenary stacks (elephants and heavy cavalry).


  • Halved how much money is gained from selling Characters into slavery, because the sight of your former adversaries toiling in the salt mine is the real reward.
  • Halved loyalty impact, decay rate and maximum from giving away holdings.
  • Characters will now gain loyalty from being made Generals or Admirals, just as they do when they are given an office or Governorship.


  • Argive heritage increased from 2% ruler popularity to 4, to match other ruler popularity gain heritages.
  • Spartocid Heritage now gives higher defensiveness instead of discipline.
  • Pontic and Massalian Heritages changed from wrong culture happiness to wrong culture group happiness.
  • Epirote Heritage now gives lower commerce instead of fewer diplomatic relations.
  • Epirote Heritage now gives global freemen output instead of a war exhaustion reduction.


  • AI will be more reluctant to change its worshipped deities simply because it can. Will be more mindful of conserving its stability.
  • AI will better consider naval access when declaring wars.



  • Changed every country specific achievement to have a variable backup, so even if you change the country name (through a formable decision or a mission), you should still be able to get the achievement in question. Among other things this means Sparta can get ‘Molon Labe’ and ‘Laconic If’ even if they first form another country. This will not affect games started before the 1.4.2 patch.
  • Meroitic culture countries are now valid for the “New Kingdom” achievement.


  • Fixed formables for the two new culture groups, Meroitic and Illyrian.


  • Added a 2 year cooldown per territory for the city sacking event for ruler led armies


  • ‘Planning for War’ generic mission task reward increased from 2.5 to 5 military experience
  • The Spartan mission tasks ‘Reincorporating Messenia’ and ‘Lands of Messenia’ will no longer ask you for a building you cannot build in the territory.
  • The mission task ‘ Greek Allies’ in the ‘Subduing Greece’ mission will now highlight the potential nations when you hover the task, making it easier to find nations that might be relevant for it.


  • Fixed Madurai not being a city at start.


  • Objective to build a larger navy now requires a navy of 10 ships rather than 20.
  • Objective to build a larger army now requires an army of 12 000 men rather than 30 000.


  • Tag exclusive deities will no longer disappear or become unavailable after you complete a formable or otherwise change names in some way.


  • Fixed bug that resulted in characters acquiring multiple spouses.
  • Fixed bug that caused all Roman characters at start to belong to the same party.
  • Fixed more missing localization in Spanish.
  • Fixed combat deployment issue for multiple large armies
  • Armies without a leader now also loot provinces instantly. Province loot modifier is now visible right away in the tooltip
  • Armies with no food detaching support units will no longer result in the creation of food out of thin air.
  • Armies no longer cause food to be added to the province they are in, because wow, the Thirty Years’ War would have looked a lot different if that were true.
  • Fixed bug that caused subjects to cheekily draw manpower from their overlord instead of transferring manpower to the overlord.
  • Fixed starting scripts sometimes being run twice in Ironman.
  • Fixed a number of rare crashes and out of syncs.
  • Fixed trade view resetting sorting whenever a Trade Route was cancelled or accepted.
  • Fixed Integration family event not awarding popularity if no families are accepted
  • Fixed Weary of War event firing for mercenary armies
  • Fixed broken loc strings in Befriend Tribe Roman mission tasks
  • Fixed issue where allied countries couldn’t be made into feudatories in the Siceliote Overtures task for Syracuse
  • Fixed issues with the religious subjects released by Sparta and Athens in their missions.
  • Fixed the switched loyalties of clan leaders in the ‘From One Clan to Another’ event.
  • Fixed so that the economics tabs is no longer translucent when you have no subjects
  • Fixed opengl shader issues related to map modes with colored water when zoomed in
  • Fixed broken loc string in wealth modifier from Expand Estate character scheme, and probably other literally unplayable typos somewhere

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