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Imperator Rome – 1.3 Patch Notes | LIVY UPDATE

New Features – New Mission System. The player can at any time pick one out of up to 3 missions. Each mission is a tree that is composed by a number of tasks. Tasks can be timed or instant and so...

Imperator Rome – 1.2 Patch Notes | CICERO UPDATE !

The “Cicero” update to Imperator: Rome makes a number of dramatic changes to the core game, letting the player focus on political consequences and imperial governance instead of waiting for numbers to...

Imperator Rome – Pompey Update

Imperator: Rome has expanded its grip on the ancient world through a major new update! The “Pompey” update adds important changes to gameplay, adding greater depth and historical fidelity to Imperator...

Imperator: Rome – 1.0.3 Patch Notes | HOTFIX

Bugfixes – After losing, observing is no longer seen as playing an ironman game – Disabled console in lobby – Can now always override UI scale between 0.5 and 2.0

Imperator: Rome – 1.0.2 Patch Notes | Cunctator is LIVE !

Imperator Rome developers just released 1.0.2 patch notes. Here are the details; Bugfixes – Fixed not being able to take adjacent provinces in peace deals – Fixed crash relating to reloadi...

Imperator Rome – 1.0.1 Patch Notes | Demetrius is live!

Gamebalance – Tweaked Mercenaries to be less numerous and a bit more spread out. – Country Capital now has one extra building slot. – Fortifications in capitals are now normal buildi...

Imperator Rome – 1.1 “POMPEY” Patch Notes LEAKED!

Developers said that with Imperator: Rome, a project very close to our hearts, now released and finally in the hands of our awesome community (that’s you!), we have been taking the time to look at the...

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Imperator Rome – Political Changes in Patch 1.1

Hi everyone and welcome back to another development diary! This time we look into some of the political changes for the Pompey update that will be out in June. Eligibility in Republics Different repub...[Read More]

Imperator Rome – Navies 1.1 Update

Navies in the Imperator era Naval combat in Imperator: Rome at release was in many ways inherited from its predecessor, EU: Rome. That system builds on ships having a chance of ships targeting other s...[Read More]

Imperator Rome – Balkans and Dacia Pre-Release Information

Today, Developers talked about how we can assign our units Objectives that they will perform for us, and how to mod these. They also gave a summary of the starting situation in the Balkans and Dacia. ...[Read More]

Imperator: Rome
Release Date:25.04.2019
Developed By:Paradox Development Studio
Publisher:Paradox Interactive

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