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Gears 5 – 1.1.509.0 Patch Notes | New Ranking System Revealed!


Introducing the latest update for Gears 5, version 1.1.509.0! Get ready to climb the ranks with the new ranking system, inspired by Apex Legends. Starting in the bronze tier, players will work their way up through the ranks, but beware, as the higher you go, the more Gears Points (GP) it will cost to enter a match. The Coalition has listened to player feedback and made some exciting changes to the ranked mode, including the return of the beloved Team Deathmatch. Now in a 4v4 format, TDM will feature only solo and duo squads, addressing the issue of stacked teams at higher ranks. Additionally, the GP values have been adjusted to better recognize individual skill, with a win bonus of 1,500 GP in every ranked mode.

But that’s not all! The update also brings improvements to weapon tuning, with a focus on the fan-favorite Gnasher. Bullet magnetism on both hipfire and ADS has been adjusted to strike the perfect balance between consistency and skill. The hipfire magnetism now starts at 100% strength at 0m, dropping to 75% at 4m, and finally reaching 0% at 6m. As for ADS magnetism, it starts at 50% strength up to 3.25m, gradually dropping to 0% at 5m. This change ensures that the ADS feels similar to the competitive tuning while still remaining effective at close range. So get ready to dive back into the action with these exciting updates to Gears 5!

Gears 5 update 1.1.509.0 patch notes:

The new ranking system will see all players start in bronze tier and work their way up through the ranks, think Apex Legends ranking system. The higher you climb, the more GP (Gears Points) it costs to enter a match. Introduced in beta form for the preseason that just ended, The Coalition made the following changes to ranked from the feedback:

  • Team Deathmatch is back! This popular mode makes its return to Ranked with the following changes.
    • It’s now 4v4 (previously 5v5).
    • We’ve heard your feedback about the prevalence of stacks at the higher ranks. As such, TDM will feature only solo and duo squads.
    • We’ve adjusted the scale of our GP values so we can better tune to ensure individual, skilled performance is recognized. In most cases, something that was 1 GP is now 10 GP. The win bonus is now 1,500 GP in every ranked mode.

The tuning for weapons including the beloved Ghasher are also being improved. On a pure gameplay level, almost everything from movement to starting weapons are changing:


Adjustments to Bullet Magnetism on both the Hipfire and ADS

A certain level of bullet magnetism has been one the foundations to making the Gnasher “feel” consistent in every Gears game.

While this mechanic gives you a sense of consistency, it can impact your ability to dodge shots, e.g. it reduces the effectiveness of the strafing at close ranges.

  • Hipfire Magnetism: 100% strength at 0m, dropping to 75% at 4m and then dropping to 0% at 6m.
  • ADS Magnetism: 50% strength up to 3.25m and linearly dropping to 0% at 5m.

Note: ADS values are different to Hipfire because ADS distance values are measured from the camera as opposed to barrel which is the case when hipfiring. The ADS will feel a lot like the competitive tuning but will still be a viable option at very close range.

We’ve kept some assistance within chunk range to maintain a level of consistency across ADS and Hipfire.

Before Tuning Update

Removed the randomness on certain shots

There are some legacy mechanics that have existed in every Gears game since Gears of War 2 which continue to cause a level of inconsistencies with the Gnasher. The goal is to make the same action achieve the same result so you are always in full control and understand where your shots will land so we have adjusted these mechanics.

At some ranges, bullet magnetism would kick in and cover up the level of randomness. Since we have reduced those values, we need to make the gun itself as consistent as possible so the responsibility can fall more onto you the player.

  • Blindfires from cover will now hit the same location every time.
  • Hipfire shots immediately fired after canceling a slide will now hit the same location every time if the player repeats the exact same action/timing.
  • Performing a Back A from cover will now hit the same location with the same action/timing.

Adjusted the Gnasher spread to provide more intuitive ideal shots

Based on all the changes above, we know that landing ADS shots will naturally be harder; so we slightly tightened the spread to help players land more pellets on average with well-placed shots.

  • ADS spread modifier: 0.5 to 0.45

Movement does not increase the size of the hipfire spread

This means any movement action a player does; strafe (walk), bounce or roadie run will keep the spread at a consistent size.

The Gnasher no longer causes camera shake (Flinch)

Previously, players that landed a Gnasher shot first were rewarded by disrupting the other player’s aim.

As we’ve made landing shots more skillful, players will now have control throughout the fight. Basically, if you are shot by a Gnasher it will no longer throw your aim off resulting in a genuine Aim vs Aim battle. Note: Other weapons will still cause camera shake, this change will only affect Gnasher vs Gnasher combat.


Slide speed set to 600 

We believe the slower slide speed correlates with the goals above and other changes listed.

The slower slide speed leads to smoother and more readable movement. With the changes to acceleration (Increased by 50%) and the slide speed being increased from launch heading into Op2 (630 > 650), some players have found it hard to react efficiently to the faster movement.

Speed boost lowered from 650 lasting 1.5s down to 600 lasting 1s

The intention is to keep the transition from Roadie Running to Slide to Cover Slip to Roadie Run as smooth as possible without the feeling of seeing players quickly accelerating out of a cover slip or players feeling like they hit a wall (if it was completely removed).

This mechanic is key to making navigating the map feel as smooth as possible, but we also want to maintain balanced gameplay within close-range engagements.


By slowing the game down, we feel it’s critical to slightly lower the damage output of the Lancer. We’re also improving the consistency of damage at close ranges to make the gun more intuitive to the user.

  • Damage decreased from 55 > 50 per bullet (players have 600 max health) resulting in 12 shot downs
  • Headshot multiplier decreased from 1.35x > 1.25x
  • Damage drop off at close range (20%) has been removed.
  • Damage drop off at longer ranges has been adjusted to keep the 14-bullet down: 0.8x > 0.9x.


  1. Health Regenerates while bouncing

The responsibility should fall on the shooter to stop their opponent regenerating health and we believe this change better correlates with all the changes listed above.

2. Players do not lose bullet magnetism when cancelling a slide

This equalizes the assistance given to players coming out of a slide.

With the reductions in those mechanics (Bullet mag and slide speed) we believe this is a suitable change going forward that will increase consistency within chunk range.

This also benefits all weapons when cancelling out of a slide, but the Gnasher will be affected the most by these changes.

Also coming with this update is more general fixes and balances for characters in PvE modes like Horde:


  • Fixed the sticky cover issue.
  • Fixed the issue where the Running Scared medal wasn’t tracking.
  • Added Pahanu, Blood Drive and Forge to all 8 player FFA playlists
  • Added a ‘Gnashers Only’ toggle to all Custom Versus modes.


  • Fixed the issue where, in certain lighting conditions, the bottom back of Anthony Carmine’s helmet appears black.
  • Fixed the issue where Classic Marcus’ hair color doesn’t match legacy design.
  • Fixed the issue so Armored Anthony Carmine’s helmet emissives now stay blue in FFA.


    • Fixed an issue where returning to the lobby from a campaign game takes the user back to the main menu.
    • Fixed an issue where Tour of Duty objective progress does not track if the user leaves an Escape match after dying.
    • Fixed an issue in Escape where the Drone model goes black when killed by precision headshot.
    • Fixed an issue with the Objectives in My Tour weren’t updating after user completes multiple matches in a row.
    • Fixed an issue in Escalation where the game was not saving the last selected weapon for each team.
    • Updated the UI so the Ranked system screen detail and reward navigation buttons are noticeable.
  • Updated UI text in Horde Frenzy Stats so menu displays Classes tab instead of Characters.
  • Fixed an issue where Totem challenges were still appearing in the post-match rewards flow.
  • Fixed a localization LOC – es-MX – UI – Ranked – Free For All name specifies 10 players.
  • Fixed an issue causing long load times for HUD and character when loading back into the lobby from gameplay.
  • Ranked Rebuild – FFA scoreboard is missing a GP column.
  • Fixed an issue where players didn’t receive Gears Points when a DBNO target is killed by the train on Asylum.
  • Fixed an issue so the UIR Swarm Grenadier now uses the correct UI head icon.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranks were not displayed on the FFA scoreboard during/post gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing [B] during Ranked Lobby while Map Voting is occurring kicks the user without an “Are You Sure” window.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Increased fortification cost reduction for engineer classes from 10% to 15%.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a user locked all slots and set starting wave to anything above wave 1, horde match will fail on wave 0 upon loading in.
  • Progress for Horde and Escape achievements will now only count the mode with the highest stat.


  • Increased bleeding damage of Mac’s Bloody Shot card from 65% to 80%. (Level 6)
  • Increased damage multiplier of Mac’s Adrenaline Junkie card from 65% to 80%. (Level 6)


  • Short Range Deflection now also provides resistance to melee attacks.
  • Increased Bleeding Melee Damage perk from 100% to 150%. (Level 10)


  • Added perks for Max Health, Ultimate Cooldown, Fortification Damage and Fortification Health.


  • Added perks for Max Health, Ultimate Cooldown, Fortification Damage and Fortification Health.
  • Increased damage of Del’s Custom Robotics card from 30% to 60%. (Level 6)


  • Added perks for Max Health, Ultimate Cooldown, Fortification Damage and Fortification Health.


  • Reduced melee damage resistance on Cole’s Thrashball Pro card from 70% to 60%. (Level 6)
  • Reduced damage resistance of Cole’s Inner Fire card from 52% to 35%. (Level 6)
  • Increased damage resistance of Cole’s Damage Dash card from 43% to 55%. (Level 6)
  • Increased burning damage of Cole’s Pyromaniac card from 60% to 100%. (Level 6)
  • Changed Assault Rifle Damage perk to Damage perk.


    • Replaced Ultimate Cooldown perk with Precision Rifle Damage perk.


  • Reduced multiplier of Marcus’ Rifle Feedback card from 0.00075% to 0.00050%. (Level 6)


  • Reduced ultimate cooldown multiplier per hit on Clayton’s Heavy Charger card from 0.0017 to 0.0014. (Level 6)


  • Increased damage of Lizzie’s Enforcer Expert card from 60% to 70%. (Level 6)


  • Reduced damage of Fahz’ Ambush card from +140% to +100%. (Level 6)

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