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Gears 5 – Movement Mechanics Change

As part of the Operation 2 release, there were a few changes made to the core movement tuning. The three main goals were intended to address some of the feedback we received during Operation 1. Increa...

Gears 5 – Operation 2: Free For All Update

The next multiplayer Operation for Gears 5 is currently planned for December 11, 2019 (pending certification). This update features fourteen-player Free For All, Arcade Blitz, 2v2 Gnashers, two Heroes...

Gears 5 – Free For All Mode Update

Operation 2: Free For All The news is finally out there. Free For All will be making its return as part of the aptly named Operation 2: Free For All on December 11th 2019! Free For All will be joined ...

Gears 5 – Title Update 2 | Ranked Improvements , Anniversary Event & MORE !

Title Update 2 Update: Confirmed date is now November 7th at ~8am PT. Our next Title Update is on the way releasing later next week! As this Update follows just two weeks after our rather large TU1.5 ...

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Gears 5 – Escalation Mode Update Notes

As part of our ongoing work to improve Gears 5 all up, we have been testing some new key changes to Escalation based on player feedback. At its best, Escalation is a strategic, high-tempo game mode th...[Read More]

Gears 5
Release Date:2019
Genre:3rd Person, Shooter
Developed By:The Coalition
Publisher:Xbox Game Studios

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