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Tropico 6 – 14 April 2023 Patch Notes | Citizens’ Gender Crisis Resolved!

Changelog Hotfix 20.1

  • Fixed an issue, where all citizens became male after loading the game.
    (Please note: Savegames which are affected by this issue cannot be restored to their original state and will start with an all-male population. However, women will be able to immigrate to Tropico again. Newly created savegames as well as older ones from before Update 20 are not affected, so please use an old savegame or start a new one.)
  • Fixed an issue, where special citizens disappeared in the Almanac and criminal roles became hidden after loading the game.
  • Added sound when selecting the Eternal Flame.
  • [Festival] Fixed the “Customer Service” edict sometimes not being applied correctly.
  • [Lobbyistico] Fixed a quest that did not accept the Eternal Flame as objective.

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