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Tropico is on iPhone & iPad NOW !

Tropico for iPhone out now alongside updates for iPad version

Strategy gaming specialists Kalypso Media and developers Feral Interactive have today announced that Tropico, a full-featured premium port for iOS devices based on the classic PC release of Tropico 3, is available now on iPhone from the App Store.

Fully optimised for iPhone, Tropico features intuitive touch controls and an easy-to-navigate user interface that make it smooth and simple for players to lead their proud island nation into a glorious future, one tap at a time. It is also a universal app, meaning that players who have previously purchased the game on iPad will be able to install it on their iPhone at no additional cost, and transfer their save file.

A launch trailer for Tropico on iPhone is available to view below:

The iPad version, released in December 2018, has also been updated today with numerous improvements and new features:

  • El Presidente’s Watchlist: All citizens can now be tracked.
  • UI Minimizing: Allows a clearer view of the island.
  • Screenshot mode: UI can be hidden completely.
  • New illustrations: Critical intel messages, including assassination attempts, feature new illustrations.

Title: Tropico
Platform(s): iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Developer: Feral Interactive
Genre: City builder / dictator simulator
Release: Out now
Hashtag(s): #Tropico

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