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TES Online – 4.3.10 & 4.3.11 Patch Notes | Dungeon Fixes & Trial Content

4.3.11 Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.3.11 is a small incremental patch that implements a fix for some characters that couldn’t be accessed, in addition to a couple smaller bug fixes for Cloudrest and Elder Scrolls Artifacts. The size of this patch is 88.6MB.


Cloudrest Trial

  • Revisted the previous fix for The Shadow of the Fallen to ensure the effect is removed if the corresponding Shadow of the Fallen monster is not present.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing some characters to be temporarily inaccessible.


  • Updated the tooltips from Elder Scrolls Artifact Outfit Styles to indicate the style cannot be dyed.

4.3.10 Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.3.10 includes a few smaller fixes for dungeon and Trial content, gameplay, and a quest blocker for the main quest. We also have published a potential fix for an issue surrounding the ESO patcher; if you’ve been unable to patch recently, please try running the patcher again. The size of this patch is approximately 166.5MB.



  • Cradle of Shadows
    • Added a new telegraph to Velidreth’s Shadow Spine ability to help visualize the timing of the damage.


  • Cloudrest
    • When the Shade of Galenwe hits a roaming Hoarfrost with his Spiked Ice ability, the Hoarfrost is now correctly destroyed and progress is awarded for The Mystic’s Ice achievement.


  • Fixed an issue where Break Free and Bash could sometimes not cast properly while using Gamepad Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where ability tooltips would display bonuses from the Slayer buff when not active (outside of dungeons and Trials).


  • Fixed an issue that could occur when jumping to a friend while that friend was in another player’s home.

2t6eg1wkomxw.pngMain Quest

  • The Tharn Speaks: Fixed an issue where the Tharn would not speak with you if you had completed the Elsweyr Prologue Quest.

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