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Tap Titans – Perks Of The Sea Patch Notes | Tap into the Depths!


JULY 28, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here! Today we’ll be looking into the new equipment sets being introduced, as well as some nice changes with artifact favoriting, clan raid leaderboards, and a new VIP benefit. Let’s get into it!

To start, let’s look at the Perk Privateer, the new legendary equipment set being released in the 6.1 update. Perk Privateer will increase the maximum number of perks that you can use at a given time, and perks will now give even greater bonuses when you have four active at once. For example, using additional Adrenaline Rush perks will increase your All Damage and decrease the delay between titans, and using additional Make it Rain perks will have your heroes automatically upgrade much faster than before. Additionally, the Perk Privateer bonus will increase your All Damage based on the number of perks you’ve ever used. The more you use perks, the stronger you’ll be permanently!

Additionally, we are releasing a new event equipment set, the Scuba Diver set. The Scuba Diver set will help you explore the depths of the oceans, and try to find hidden treasure with a Jackpot Gold bonus.

Last week we talked about Abyssal Tournament improvements, including bulk artifact discovery. To complement this, we’re also introducing easier artifact favoriting for players. By tapping on the Favorite icon on the main artifact tab for an artifact, it’ll be favorited without needing to open the artifact’s panel. This will be available in the main game as well, but should smooth out favoriting your desired artifacts when you bulk discover them.

VIP benefits have slowly been introduced to add additional quality of life benefits to players who accrue sufficient VIP points. We’re adding a new VIP benefit for players at VIP level 5, that being a multiple purchase option for normal card fragments in the dust shop. Players at VIP 5 will be able to purchase these offers twice if desired rather than once. Wildcard offers will be unaffected by this.

Finally, we are making some small tweaks to the Clan Raid leaderboard to add an additional significant digit to the decimal. This will help players compare to each other more accurately when competing within your clan for those top spots!

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