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Tap Titans – 6.2.0 Patch Notes | Unleash Your Power with Unique Equipment!


Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.2.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 5th. This update is focused on equipment reworks, including the new Unique equipment. Read all about it below!


New Unique Equipment tier

  • Cannot be crafted
  • Same drop chance as Mythic equipment
  • Unique primary bonuses
  • One unique secondary bonus and two random secondary bonuses

Alpha Heart Blade unique equipment

  • All Damage per Total Card Level primary bonus
  • Contract Primary Effect secondary bonus
  • 100x All Damage equipment set bonus

Elder Snow Cap helmet equipment

  • All Hero Damage primary bonus
  • Warcry Damage secondary bonus
  • 100x All Damage equipment set bonus

Shadow Magic Cloak armor equipment

  • Multiple Titan Gold primary bonus
  • All Gold secondary bonus
  • 100x All Damage equipment set bonus

Lightning Metal Wings aura equipment

  • Fire Sword Damage primary bonus
  • Companion Attack Rate secondary bonus
  • 100x All Damage equipment set bonus

Power of D.O.S. slash equipment

  • Cannon Damage primary bonus
  • Astral Awakening Count secondary bonus
  • 100x All Damage equipment set bonus

Spell Summoner legendary equipment set

  • +1% All Spell Effect per Relic Booster
  • +6% Sprout Chance

Abyssal Tournament Progression Rewards

  • Get resource rewards for reaching certain stages in Abyssal Tournaments
  • Specific stages vary based on the Abyssal Tournament ruleset
  • Removed the resource rewards from leaderboard rewards
  • Abyssal Coin and Event Currency rewards are still tied to final leaderboard placement

Alchemy Event begins on September 6th, 2023

  • Gather ingredients and combine them for rewards
  • Clan Quest rewards with Dust, Raid Cards, and Crafting Shards for collecting event currency as a clan
  • Aquatic Defender and Summer Sweetheart event equipment drops

4x Skill Point Titan Chest Promotion


Reworked Tier 4 Mythic Equipment Sets

  • Remove the +1 to Tier 4 equipment set bonuses of the following equipment sets
  1.  Ignus, the Volcanic Phoenix
  2.  Ironheart, the Crackling Tiger
  3.  Kor, the Whispering Wave
  4.  Rygal, the Brilliant Engineer
  5.  Shae, the Radiant Beacon
  6.  Styxsis, the Single Touch
  • Replaced with 1.01x All Damage per Skill Point assigned to a given skill tree

Improved Equipment Secondary Logic

  • Removed ability for incompatible equipment secondaries from generating
  • Added secondary weights to increase the odds of higher priority secondaries generating

Equalize Equipment Power of the Same Rarity and Level

  • All equipment of the same rarity and level use the same scaling for power

New Sword Equipment Secondaries:

  • All Spell Damage
  • Blade Stream Damage
  • Dual Summon Damage
  • Thunder Ship Damage
  • Twilight Fairy Damage

New Helmet Equipment Secondaries:

  • Clan Ship Damage
  • Critical Damage
  • Dagger Damage
  • Gold Gun Damage
  • Pet Damage

New Armor Equipment Secondaries:

  • Specialty Gold

New Aura Equipment Secondaries:

  • Jackpot Chance
  • Mana Regeneration
  • Stage Skip
  • Titan Skip

New Slash Equipment Secondaries:

  • All Spell Cooldown Reduction
  • Companion Cooldown Reduction
  • Hayst Chance
  • Snap Chance
  • Sprout Chance

Removed Aura Equipment Secondaries:

  • 10x Boss Gold Chance
  • 10x Chesterson Gold Chance


Removed level 16 levels from all Tier 4 skills

Astral Awakening

  • Increased All Hero Damage

Auric Shot

  • Increased Gold Gun Damage
  • Increased Magnum Opus Duration

Barbaric Fury

  • Increased Active Tap Damage

Command Supremacy

  • Increased War Cry Damage

Deadly Focus

  • Increased Deadly Strike Damage

Dimensional Shift

  • Increased Spell Boost

Divine Wrath

  • Increased Heavenly Strike Damage

Flash Zip

  • Increased Pet Damage
  • Increased Pet Stage Skip for Level 15

Forbidden Contract

  • Increased Contract Damage

Loaded Dice

  • Increased All Gold
  • Increased All Probability Boost for Level 15

Nightmare Puppeteer

  • Increased Shadow Clone Nightmare Damage

Phantom Control

  • Increased Shadow Clone Damage

Royal Contract

  • Increased Contract Gold

Sprouting Salts

  • Increased Sprout Damage Boost
  • Increased Sprout Spawn Chance

Summoning Circle

  • Increased Dual Summon Damage

Twilight Gathering

  • Increased Twilight Fairy Damage

Volcanic Eruption

  • Increased Fire Sword Damage

Voltaic Sails

  • Increased Thunder Ship Damage

Weakpoint Throw

  • Increased Blade Stream Damage

Replace Prestige Relics on main UI with Mementos for players in Transcendence

Contract runes can be tapped through when activated

Lowered hero ascension time on prestige auto-buy heroes

Infodoc and server optimization to improve game performance

  • Most notable within raid attacks

Updated Ultra Prestige scheduled events to also boost mementos

Updated Crafting Panel UI


Fixed issues where Astral Echo wouldn’t send proper data via the Raid API

Fixed memento rounding errors

Fixed issues where the Blacksmith Fairy could cause game crashes if players had all high rarity equipment equipped

Fixed issues where Alchemy ingredients could display

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

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