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Tap Titans – 6.0.1 Patch Notes | Abyssal Tournament Overhaul: Prepare for Epic Battles!


AUGUST 4, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.1.0 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 9th. This update is focused on Abyssal Tournament improvements, stage skip tweaks, and a lot of bug fixes. Read all about it below!


Perk Privateer legendary equipment set

  • +1 Max Perk Stacks
  • +10% Damage per Lifetime Perk Used

Scuba Diver event equipment set

  • 10x Jackpot Gold

Bulk Artifact Discovery button in Abyssal Tournaments

  • Discovers all but one possible artifact you can afford with your current relics

Titans Attack the Beach Global Raid Event begins on August 8th, 2023

  • Attack the Global Raid for event currency
  • Clan Quest rewards with Dust, Raid Cards, and Wildcards for collecting event currency as a clan
  • Scuba Diver, Weekend Warrior, Dedicated Fan, Grill Master, and Surf Strike event equipment drops

2x Crafting Shard Titan Chest Promotion


Added a fourth stack bonus to all stackable perks

  • Power of Swiping receives increased bonus taps
  • Adrenaline Rush increases damage and decreases titan spawn cooldowns
  • Make it Rain lowers the time between auto-hero upgrades
  • Mana Potion increases the amount of mana you gain
  • Doom increases damage and decreases the time it takes to max the Doom damage value

Evergold City monument bonus changed to Jackpot Gold per Fairy this Season from Jackpot Gold

Nightcrag Market monument bonus changed to Twilight Boost per Fairy this Prestige from Twilight Boost

Red Water Wreckage monument bonus changed to Clan Ship Damage per Titan this Season from Clan Ship Damage

Reworked Heavenly Strike Stage Skip for the Rejuvenation skill

  • Increased Stage Skip for levels 1-6
  • Same ending value for level 7

Reworked Pet Skill Stage Skip for the Lightning Burst skill

  • Increased Stage Skip for levels 2-25
  • Same max value for levels 26-30

Reworked Pet Stage Skip for the Flash Zip skill

  • Raised Stage Skip for levels 1-15
  • Same ending value for level 16

Reworked Clan Ship Stage Skip for the Anchoring Shot skill

  • Raised Stage Skip for levels 1-14
  • Same ending value for level 15

Reworked Shadow Clone Stage Skip for the Eternal Darkness skill

  • Raised Stage Skip for levels 1-14
  • Same ending value for level 15

Reworked Dagger Stage Skip for the Poison Edge skill

  • Raised Stage Skip for levels 1-24
  • Same ending value for level 25

Reworked Gold Gun Stage Skip for the Magnum Opus skill

  • Raised Stage Skip for levels 1-12
  • Same ending value for level 13

Raised Golden Missile Stage Skip for the Explosives Expert skill

  • Raised Stage Skip for levels 1-9
  • Same ending value for level 10

Removal of Max Stage Requirements for Skill Tree, Mythic Equipment Sets, and Spells in Abyssal Tournaments

Favorite Artifact button directly in the main Artifact tab

Increased significant digits for Clan Raid leaderboards from 2 to 3

VIP 5 benefit for multiple purchases of card fragments in dust shop

  • Does not apply to wildcard offers

Removing some tournament bonuses

  • 10x Boss Gold
  • 1.1x Mana Boost
  • 20% Mana Refund

Android builds now use split binaries to allow for larger file sizes

Increased Diamond Fairy stages from 99% of max stage up to 100% of max stage.


Fixed an issue that caused Ultra Relic Booster events to crash the game

Fixed a visual issue where relics would display the incorrect value on the prestige panel

Fixed issues where players could sometimes receive incorrect amounts of relics and trigger NOT_ENOUGH_RELICS4 errors

Fixed issues where monuments with “per X this season” bonuses would sometimes have that bonus amount reset on prestige until performing the action at least once

Fixed issues where All Damage per Active Spell and All Gold per Active Spell bonuses wouldn’t apply to spells that were already active

Fixed an issue where Titan Skip would not trigger for Heavenly Strike when pushing in a tournament

Fixed an issue where the Silent March and Event Start notification settings could sometimes toggle each other off incorrectly

Fixed issues where Ultra Abyssal Tournaments would incorrectly display normal Abyssal Tournament visuals and rewards

Fixed issues where player profiles could be incorrectly opened outside the tournament panel

Fixed issues where players could sometimes be unable to sell specific equipment

Fixed an issue where the Master Tier leaderboard would not correctly update the last completed raid when completing a higher raid than your highest completed, but lower than your highest available raid

Fixed issues where the Daily Delivery bundle would sometimes appear incorrectly

Fixed issue where legendary equipment in the bear shop were not being offered at the correct price

Fixed issues in solo raid decks where Fusion Bomb was sometimes paired with Maelstrom

Fixed various game crashes

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

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