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Tap Titans 2 – Last Patch Before 3.0 | UPDATE NOTES

There is less than one week remaining until 3.0 launches and everyone can start taking down Titan Lords in the Clan Raids.

What better time than now to start looking at all the Raid Cards coming to the game and start theory-crafting combos and synergies?

  • New Legendary Set: Thundering Deity! This set will improve the effectiveness of the special Titan: Snap — it lets you stack up two application of the Snap boost, making for even more reduction to Titans per stage!
  • New Passive Skill: Arcane Bargain. This skill improves the effectiveness of ALL other Passive Skills! You earn levels of Arcane Bargain by spending Dust upgrading Raid Cards or in the Card Shop.
  • 5 New Artifacts: Two that get stronger based on your Raid Card levels, and three that improve your Hero Masteries!
  • Starter Cards: All Players will receive a starter set of three Raid Cards. BUT, there will be a limited time offer with FREE bonus cards available during the first week of 3.0. Make sure you claim it through the announcement button in-game to get a good start on Raid Cards!
  • Skill Tree Reset Promo: starting with the launch of 3.0, there will be a discount on the diamond cost for Skill Tree Resets.

And now, let’s take a look at ALL the Raid Cards that will be available to earn once 3.0 launches on April 30th!


These cards have a chance of activating with each tap, and deal immediate damage. 

Moon Beam – Call down a beam of light to hit the part you attack. It deals bonus damage when it hits the Titan Lord’s torso!

Fragmentize – Burst damage that deals extra to Titan Lord armor layer.

Skull Bash – Burst damage that deals extra to the Titan Lord’s head.

Razor Wind – Shredding winds that deal extra damage against the Titan Lord’s body layer.

Whip of Lightning – This blast of lightning deals damage that increases for each Titan Lord part that has an Affliction active on it. Use this in combination with Affliction cards to optimize the damage!

Clanship Barrage – The damage this skill deals increases for each time a Burst has activated during the attack.

Purifying Blast – This skill consumes all Afflictions active on the part you are attacking, and does damage based on the number of Afflictions consumed!


These cards have a chance of applying a damage over time effect on the part you are attacking. Afflictions have different durations and maximum stacks per part, so make sure you mind these properties while attacking to make best use of the Cards! 

Blazing Inferno – Set Titan Lord parts on fire! The chance of applying Burning increases for each other part currently Burning. Fire spreads easily!

Acid Drench – Shoot Acid at Titan Parts to deal damage over time. Each time you apply Acid to a part with other stacks of Acid on it, the duration of each of them are reset.

Decaying Strike – Deal damage over time that is stronger while the part you are attacking has a higher percentage of HP remaining.

Fusion Bomb – Apply a Fusion Bomb to the part you are attacking. When the bomb’s duration expires it detonates, dealing huge damage! Make sure you don’t attack a part with Fuse already on it or you will reset the duration, which means more waiting until detonation!

Grim Shadow – Apply Shadow to the part you are attacking for damage over time. While Shadow is at max stacks on a part, the damage it deals is greatly increased!

Thriving Plague – The damage over time of Plague is increased for each part that has Plague currently active on it. Spread Plague all over the Titan Lord to get the best use out of this card!

Radioactivity – Applies Radioactivity, which does more damage for each consecutive second the part has been afflicted by Radioactivity.


These cards give your taps a chance to grant a temporary boost. 

Crushing Instinct – Increase damage against the Titan Lord’s head.

Rancid Gas – Increase the proc chance and damage of all Afflictions!

Inspired Force – Increase damage against the Titan Lord’s body layer.

Victory March – A damage bonus that is stronger for each part of Titan Lord Skeleton currently exposed.

Prismatic Rift – Increase damage against the Titan Lord’s armor layer.

Ancestral Favor – Increase proc chance and damage of all Bursts!


Next week: 3.0 Launches! Good luck in the Clan Raids, time to build some decks!

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