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Tap Titans – 8 September 2023 Patch Notes | Gear Up for a Bug-Free Adventure!


Fixed issues where Unique equipment wouldn’t display the unique keyword when dropped

Fixed issues where equipment would visually display in the wrong order after collecting

Fixed issues where the Crafting menu would display the Undiscovered equipment tag when all equipment of a type was discovered

Fixed issues where the Memento counter could display below stage 180,000

Fixed issues where titan states would be reset and persist mid-raid attack during the weekly reset

Fixed issues where the Tournament and Raid Card Info panels could be tapped through

Added a missing Close button to Raid Card info panels

Fixed localization issues when certain raid cards would fail to upgrade

Improved visual clarity for tournaments with more than ten competitors

Fixed issues where Abyssal Tournaments would display the incorrect number of skill points on the ground for the first stack collected

Fixed audio issue where certain elements would persist across prestiges and stack their audio

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

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