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Tap Titans – 6.0.1 Patch Notes | Exciting New Features Unveiled!


JULY 14, 2023

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. Version 6.0.1 will be releasing this upcoming Tuesday the 18th. Read all about it below!

In addition to the listed changes being made this Tuesday, we are also going to be releasing multiple behind-the-scenes tournament algorithm matchmaking updates over the coming days based on the player feedback and data we’ve collected from the first tournament of the 6.0.0 update. Please continue to give us feedback on how your matchmaking feels and if your future tournaments feel fair!


Beast Hunter’s Grave monument bonus changed from Sprout Damage to Titan Slayer Damage

Rosabella’s Village monument bonus changed from Inspired Hero Weakpoint Damage to Inspired Hero Damage

Chesterson Island monument bonus changed from Gold per Chesterson Defeated this Prestige to All Gold


Fixed issues where the Beast Hunter’s Grave monument wouldn’t correctly apply when being salvaged

Fixed issues where Relic Boosters were showing the incorrect maximum

Fixed issues where Relic Boosters were not visually applying correctly

Fixed issue where talents were not displaying the correct bonuses

Fixed issue where Palace of One Thousand Waterfalls was not applying the correct bonus after changing devices

Fixed issues in the player export where monuments and artifacts would incorrectly display

Fixed visual issues where monuments animations could display through panels

Fixed issues in Transcendence panels where panels wouldn’t correctly close

Fixed issues were Not Enough Memento errors could occur when levelling monuments

Fixed additional issues where sounds could play when starting up the game when in-game music and sounds are disabled

Fixed issues where equipment could have the incorrect bonuses

Fixed issues where solo raid decks could have incorrect cards appear

Fixed minor localization issues

Fixed minor visual issues

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