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Tap Titans – Serverside Patch Notes | Evergold City Monument Gets a Major Upgrade!


Evergold City monument bonus changed from Jackpot Gold per Fairy this Season to Jackpot Gold

Nightcrag Market monument bonus changed from Twilight Boost per Fairy this Prestige to Twilight Boost

Red Water Wreckage monument bonus changed from Clan Ship Damage per Titan this Season to Clan Ship Damage

Silent March stage limit raised from 99% to 99.4%

Improved tournament matchmaking algorithm

In addition to the 6.0.2 update, we’re going to start looking ahead to the 6.1 update coming in the future. Today we’ll focus on some Abyssal Tournament improvements.

First off, we are adding a Bulk Artifact Discovery option to Abyssal Tournaments. If players have enough relics to discover multiple artifacts, they’ll have a new button to discover all the artifacts they can afford at once. You’ll still have the choice to purchase artifacts individually if you desire. This feature is only coming to Abyssal Tournaments, and will not be available in the main game.

Next up, we are removing the max stage requirements for the skills in the skill tree, spells, and crafting of mythic equipment sets. This will help a lot with allowing certain build types to prosper in Abyssal Tournaments, such as allowing Gold Gun to be immediately playable in the Metabolic Growth Abyssal Tournament ruleset.

In addition to the above, we are working hard on some behind the scenes changes. These may not be directly noticeable in-game, but they should help streamline the game to run smoother generally and allow for Transcendence seasons to more seamlessly flow from one to another.

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