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Tap Titans 2 – 3.4 & 3.4.2 Patch Notes | Halloween EVENT

3.4.2 Patch Notes

– New Loading Screen.

– Raid log damage correctly calculated for each titan and sorted by titan order.

– Tournament ID’s no longer cut off on iPad resolutions.

– Tier 3 Area and Enemy Effects have been rebalanced to reduce variance.

Halloween Event
In case you missed it, Geoff answered some questions about the Halloween event. You can read it here!

3.4 Patch Notes


Hallow’s Eve has arrived! Collect Evil Souls from chests, tournaments, raids, diamond fairies, daily rewards, and daily achievements to move up the spooky path and earn epic rewards. We received some feedback about the event that we’d like to clear up. Our intention for the event was to make sure all players can easily collect the Equipment Set. We wanted to make sure people don’t get stuck with 4/5 of a set anymore!

If you log-in and get your souls each day during the event you will easily receive the entire holiday set before the event ends.We never intended players to complete the entire list, just to compare their progress with one and other. We will be taking this feedback into future events and we want to make sure every player will be able to visually complete their holiday path!

Spooky Pets

Enjoy the randomized loading screens! Your beloved pets have gotten sinister makeovers. Can you find them all? You can also help the APD decipher information about these mini monsters. Learn more about these creatures and test your puzzle solving ability!

Equipment Sets

Added 2 new equipment sets: “Bone Mender” legendary set and “Grim Reaper” event set. Currently the only way to collect equipment from the “Grim Reaper” set this set is to participate in the event. These items will not be randomly dropped, so make sure you’re collecting souls if you want equipment from this set! While this year’s set won’t be dropping, all of our previous Halloween sets are!

Relic Percentage

Artifact info panel updated to show invested relics/salvage value, lifetime relics invested, and disenchantment cost. Thank you to u/Kuriturisu for making this suggestion! If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

More Fixes and Features:

– Raid logs exported via the “Copy to Clipboard” button now list how much damage was done to each part.

– Added a Monthly Clan Leaderboard.

– New Reddit and Instagram icons added to Bear Shop for diamonds rewards.

– Added a panel that summarizes new content on every major release.

– Stage cap increased to 84k.

– Unlocked “Titania’s Sceptre” artifact enchantment.

– Pet Skill Cooldown % and Companion Skill Cooldown % added to stats panel.

– Fixed diamond animation appearing behind panels.

– Fixed sharing across different versions of the game (applies to skill tree builds and attack summaries).

– Fixed visual issue where small bits of titan lord armor would remain after destroying a part.

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