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Tap Titans 2 – 3.3 & 3.3.1 Patch Notes

3.3.1 Patch Notes

Tier 3 Raid Effects
Tier 3 raids were added earlier this week, and with them, area and enemy effects were introduced. We’ve now added randomization to the process! Previously, each zone had specific effects that were the same for every clan. Now, whenever your clan starts a tier 3 raid, you will receive random area and enemy effects. Your experience likely won’t be exactly the same as that of the clans who cleared a zone before you, so you’ll need to adjust your strategy accordingly!
Other changes and fixes:
  • We received reports that Lemmy’s HP was lower than normal after the last update, so we gave his HP a boost. He’s looking healthy again!
  • Clicking on the “Clan Info” button opens the member tab first.
  • Improved fairy ad load reliability.

3.3 Patch Notes

With milestones, you’ll always have clear objectives, and great rewards once you complete them! It’s an opportunity to receive all kinds of currency and items, including rare ones like shards! Completing these objectives also allows you to unlock unique profile backgrounds and milestone avatars! Show off your accomplishments and personal style with beautiful unique backgrounds like this one! Profile backgrounds and the exclusive milestone avatars can only be unlocked by completing milestone objectives, and the further you progress, the more backgrounds you can unlock! Your next milestone unlocks right after you finish your current one, so there will always be another set of objectives and rewards waiting for you!
Equipment Sets
We have two new equipment sets for you to collect! Unlock the power of the gods with the Celestial Enchanter set! These legendary pieces of equipment increase the effectiveness of all enchanted artifacts! This set will also increase damage per each unlocked artifact! In addition to Celestial Enchanter, the Combo Breaker event set is available! If you’ve ever wanted to attack a titan with a controller, keyboard, or gaming chair, now’s your chance! This gamer themed set gives you x10 Boss Titan damage!
Tier 3 Raids
The top clans seem to have earned the Dark Lord’s respect, because he sent reinforcements! Tier 3 for clan raids is now live! The titans are not only stronger, but it’s also going to require some more strategy to slay these beasts. Each enemy will have its own enemy effect which makes them more difficult to defeat! Area effects will also add another layer of strategy to your attacks!
Effects include:
“Surge of Power” increases damage of all bursts
“Mystic Shout” increases the affliction chance
“Cosmic Wind” increases the max stacks of supports by 1
These are just a few of the effects that you can expect in tier 3! Good luck!
– Automatic inactive clan leader demotion
– Stage cap increased to 80k
– Unlocked “Sigils of Judgement” artifact enchantment
– In-game password reset
– Sped up reward animations
– Clan panel UI update
– New gamer theme
– Jukk’s HP Distribution has been changed to be more evenly spread across all Titan parts.
– Tier 1’s Titan HP has been decreased to help clans move towards Tier 2
– Card Balance Changes:
  • All cards max level has been increased from 10 → 13
  • Whip Of Lightning Base Damage Per Second increased From 9.03 → 9.52
  • Decaying Strike Base Damage Per Second increased From 1.73 → 1.82
  • Radioactivity Bonus Rate increased from 10% → 12 %
  • Fusion Bomb duration decreased from 3s → 2.75s
– Fixed Titan Lord kill pattern
– Fixed Non-English characters not showing up in clan crate confirmation panel
– Fixed raid help panel opening twice on tall devices

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