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Tap Titans 2 – 3.2 Patch Notes

3.2 will be here on Tuesday, and it’s time to show off your tap-leticism™ with a brand new sports theme! A legendary equipment set will also be available. In honour of this, here’s a timelapse video of noble Sword Master artwork being made! Watch here.

Do you want to see more timelapse videos? Let us know!

We’ll post the full patch notes on release day, and we want to know what you think! Let us know on Reddit or on any of our social media accounts. Links will be at the bottom of the post!

Main Features:

  • Make your artifacts even stronger with artifact enchantments!
  • Raid attack summaries can now be directly shared in the clan chat!
  • Active skill level cap increased!
  • Raid reward and ticket cost balance improvements!
  • Tournament matching improvements!
  • New help panels for achievements and raids.
  • See more stats on the updated raid card extended description panel.
  • New raid cards: limb damage burst and limb damage support.
  • New equipment sets, featuring the Noble Fencer set!
  • Brand new Game Hive support system, which allows for support directly in-game along with a new FAQ.

Artifact Enchantment:

  • The artifact tab and info panel has been updated with a new look.
  • Enchantment becomes available after all artifacts have been unlocked.
  • Artifacts have now been assigned pools that determine when they first become available to drop.
  • 3 Artifacts will be initially available to enchant (including Book of Shadows), and more will become available over time!

Active Skills:

  • Level cap increase. We’re doing this to make mana more useful for advanced players.
  • Heavenly Strike upgrades now increase splash skip instead of splash count.
  • Angelic Radiance now increases splash count instead of splash skip.
  • Heavenly Strike base splash count increase.

Raid Rewards:

Currently, clans don’t have enough of an incentive to attempt harder raids. Ticket costs and raid rewards will be adjusted so that harder raids are more optimal to farm compared to easier ones!

Again, the full patch notes will be posted on Tuesday. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, and we’ll address some of the some of the best ones!

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