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Tap Titans 2 – 3.0 Patch Notes | BIG CHANGES


  • The long-awaited Clan Raid update is finally here, along with Stage 70k!
  • Titan Lords have evolved… battle as a clan against 6 new powerful Titan Lords in brand new raid environments.
  • Collect 21 new Raid Cards to learn as you construct the perfect Deck to use in Raids!
  • Plan out precise attacks as Power of Swiping is now always active during Raid attacks!
  • Earn new Hero Scrolls to increase the strength of your Hero Skills!
  • Acquire Dust from Raid Rewards to upgrade your Raid Cards or unlock new Cards in the Dust Shop!
  • Arcane Bargain is a new passive skill that increases the strength of all other passive skills!
  • Earn Raid Tickets and Diamonds through new and improved Daily Achievements!
  • 5 new artifacts have been added, bringing the total to up to 95! (Only 1 of these will be immediately available).
  • 2 new equipment sets: Including the Thundering Deity legendary set!
  • Major main progression balance improvements!

Hero Scrolls:

  • Scrolls boost Hero Skills similar to how Weapons boost Hero Damage.
  • +100% Hero Skill strength from Scrolls is equivalent to the bonus skills receive from a Hero Ascension.
  • The additive skill bonus given by Tactical Insight has been reduced in order to maintain balance.

Shop Chest Contents:

  • Silver and Titan Chests now feature Dust!
  • Dust has replaced equipment in each of these chests.
  • Additionally, more Crafting Shards have been added to some Titan Chests.

Artifact Balancing:

  • The gap between the best and worst artifacts was reduced, as some of the strength from the strongest artifacts was redistributed to the weaker artifacts.
  • The overall strength of artifact bonuses was increased.

Heavenly Strike Slash:

  • Heavenly Strike builds gain a ton of power with the new Heavenly Strike Slash!
  • Some existing Slash equipment has been converted to this new bonus type as well.
  • In order to keep this power growth in check, we made the following two adjustments:
  • Heavenly Strike no longer receives a damage bonus from Deadly Strike.
  • Angelic Radiance skill tree upgrade strength was slightly reduced.

Titan and Hero Scaling:

  • Titan’s now have much smoother HP growth, as the large difficulty ramp at stage 42k has been removed.
  • This also means that Titan’s have much more HP in some of the earlier stages of the game now, but Hero damage has been increased to compensate for this change.
  • New Hero Ascension tiers now give a much bigger jump in power.
  • The first several heroes in a new Ascension tier unlock quicker now, while the last several heroes are more spaced out.
  • Hero evolves are now much stronger and more meaningful.
  • The “final three” heroes no longer unlock at the same gold cost.
  • Balance:
  • The Clan Quest damage bonus was removed.
  • Equipment now scales stronger with increasing stage, and different equipment bonuses now scale at different rates.
  • Pet Attacks now get a stronger boost from Deadly Strike.
  • Crafting Power benefits were reduced depending on the Rarity of the equipment set (Mythic Set primary bonuses were not reduced).
  • Rare equipment sets now start with a stronger bonus at the first Crafting Level.
  • The Anti-Titan Cannon passive skill now uses Hero Masteries (Weapons and Scrolls) as it’s upgrade cost.
  • In general, all passive skills are now easier to upgrade.
  • The Mechanized Warrior passive skill cost reduction bonus was improved from x0.8 to x0.75.
  • Four of Damon’s skills were changed from Mana Capacity to Shadow Clone Damage (to keep scrolls balanced).
  • Damon’s final Mana Capacity bonus was increased from +30 to +50.
  • Hero weapon set damage has increased from x4 to x5 per set.
  • Pet improvement bonuses now unlock every 20 additional pet levels, starting at pet level 100.


  • Fixed several panels that could be tapped through.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Sword Master could disappear on the pet tutorial boss (stage 8).
  • Tapping while using Power of Swiping no longer exceeds the 20 taps per second limit.
  • Fixed the auto-salvage diamond text sometimes being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed several translation issues as well as text overflow.
  • Fixed a memory leak when loading Titan Lords.
  • Clan Ship Coordinated Offensive now activates Anchoring Shot (when upgraded).
  • New Artifact unlocks now appear at the top of the scroll list.

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