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Tap Titans 2 – 24 June 2022 Patch Notes | Unleash Your Clan’s Raiding Power!


JUNE 24, 2022

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. The 5.18.0 update brought some large changes in how clans will tackle raiding, as well as offering new VIP benefits. The 5.19.0 update will be continuing these themes, introducing reworks to clans, raiding, and new VIP benefits for players. Let’s get into it!

Advance start and calculating your starting stage has been a source of confusion for some new players, and we will be changing how Starting Stage is calculated to help make each bonus feel impactful and easy to understand.

Stage Rush will be changed to give a +X Starting Stage bonus, which will be an additive bonus to your Starting Stage. The additive Starting Stage bonuses will also be changing to apply after other Starting Stage bonuses, ensuring that +1 Starting Stage means +1 to your starting stage, rather than depending on your other bonuses. We’ll also be raising the maximum Stage Rush cap to ensure that players can grind Stage Rush to boost their starting stage.

Advance Start earned from your clan will also be changing to +X% Starting Stage, and all sources of +X% Starting Stage will now add together for a final multiplier (clan, clan loyalty, and the Noble Fencer legendary set). In addition to these changes, rather than Starting Stage being based on Clan XP, it will now be based on the highest Clan Raid that a clan has completed, hitting the maximum Starting Stage value at a successful completion of Tier 2 Level 20. We’ll be adding Starting Stage % to the clan’s stats to help players understand the boosts they’ll gain by joining clans. Clans will now also give a Starting Stage value of 25% just for being in a clan, even if your clan has not completed a raid yet.

With all these changes, it should be easier for players to reach high Starting Stage values, and Starting Stage bonuses will be earned by players faster than before. The exact values that each source of Starting Stage gives will be changing to rebalance for the new formulas, but overall players should expect similar or faster prestige times than before the update.

In addition to these Starting Stage changes, we’ll also be looking at another way to help improve prestige times. We will be changing the first prestiges of tournaments to allow players to have Portar spawn, up to your regular max stage rather than your tournament max stage. This will help speed up those first tournament prestiges!

Many of our spending players have raised concerns around how Skill Tree Reset Tokens have decreased the value of our VIP system, as players are now able to reset their skill trees for free and thus may not be fully utilizing the skill tree reset discount that VIP players receive. As a result of this, we are expanding the VIP benefits (which are also given to all owners of the Season Pass for the duration of events) to add a new quality of life feature: the Upgrade All Favorite Artifacts button. Pressing this button will automatically apply either a split % of your relics or a set number of levels to all favorited artifacts, based on your level-up option selected. Be sure to favorite your desired artifacts so they can be leveled up!

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