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Sea of Thieves – First Month Findings from The Arena

Sea of Thieves developers said that It’s been just over a month since DeMarco and Lesedi Singh opened the doors of the Sea Dogs Tavern and invited crews of pirates to compete against each other in The Arena. In that time, hundreds of thousands of players have experienced the thrill of competition and engaged in explosive, action-packed encounters to prove their seafaring skill and daring.

Throughout the month, competing crews have earned more than 2.6 billion pieces of Sea Dogs silver by finding chests, sinking ships and fighting off rival crews. And there’s been a lot of fighting, with almost 40m cannonballs being fired (at an impressive hit rate of 42%), helping to send more than 700,000 ships to the bottom of the ocean and dispatching pirates to the Ferry of the Damned 5.5m times.

The most active Arena player so far managed to rack up an astounding 1,413 matches in the first month, averaging just under 50 matches a day. Many other impressive records have also been set, with one player recording 6,735 kills during the month and another digging up over 4,000 chests.

We’ve been blown away by the positive reaction to The Arena, with Eurogamer describing it as “24 minutes of glorious, consequence-free PvP carnage”, Polygon adding that The Arena “is a great idea, with plenty of room to grow” and Sea of Thieves streaming superstar streamer Gothalion coming up with the definitive back-of-box quote of “S**t is so fun”.

And we’re just getting started. At E3 this year, we’re joining our friends at Mixer to run our first ever Invitational tournament, the Mixer Invitational – Battle for LA, letting fans play against each other from the show floor. We’ll also be working hard on taking player feedback and using it to refine and evolve the Arena experience.

If you haven’t yet put yourself to the test in The Arena and want to get another perspective, there are some great guides out there from the likes of Polygon and GamesRadar, and streams from seasoned players like Pace22 and LenaAxios.

Glory awaits! We’ll see you in The Arena.

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