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RUST – Airborne Patch Notes | Parachutes, Attack Helicopters, and More!

The Loot Inside


  • Added Parachutes
  • Added Attack Helicopter
  • Added Hot Air Balloon armor upgrade
  • Added Homing Missile Launcher
  • Added Global Networked Bases


  • Improved jumping behaviour when attempting to climb onto solid objects in the ocean
  • HAB’s will now eventually decay over time if they get stuck on a solid object and are no longer moving
  • HAB’s will now get a slight physics push occasionally when they are stuck on an object to try and dislodge them
  • A blueprint will now display if it’s learned or if it is a default blueprint when selected in the inventory
  • Sleeping bags will now render underneath team markers on the map while alive
  • Airdrops will now become lootable if they land on a tugboat
  • Improved first person spectating behaviour when a player is piloting a vehicle
  • Boats abandoned for more than two hours (secondsUntilShoreDrift convar) now slowly drift towards the shore
  • Improved the F-15E end of wipe flyby by adding a new 3D skybox model
  • Hot Air Balloon cheaper to repair
  • Hot Air Balloon uses slightly less fuel
  • Smokestack VFX improvements
  • Updated quarry model
  • Updated pumpjack
  • Improved snow when using low shader levels
  • Fluid switch now stacks in the player’s inventory
  • Fluid pump now stacks in the player’s inventory


  • Fixed being able to break Patrol Helicopter’s attack behaviour by diving into deep water
  • Patrol Helicopter will now fly higher above the water
  • Fixed chinook ground particle effects not rendering on the terrain surface
  • Fixed being able to deploy elevators on a floor foundation from underneath the floor
  • Fixed Twitch Rivals trophy name list not rendering properly
  • Elevator item now lists correct power consumption when inspecting the item
  • Fixed spinner wheel not rotating properly when mounted on a tugboat
  • Fixed campfire visual not rendering properly when placed on a tugboat
  • Fixed jackhammer not playing attack animation in 3rd person
  • Fixed Rust PVE mode (convar) not allowing players to shoot NPCs
  • Fixed a null volume which may have caused audio to crash when mounting a boat
  • Fixed Industrial light missing texture on cargo ship
  • Fixed Code lock world model missing back face
  • Fixed Brick 2×2 Roof tips clipping through eachother
  • Fixed RHIB using incorrect LODs
  • Fixed Missile Silo computer station killing the player when mounted
  • Fixed water disappearing when exiting the sewer branch monument
  • Fixed building tier disappearing from radial menu when valid building skin is set
  • Fixed naked player censorship when inside smoke grenade smoke
  • Fixed Server side demos being unable to be played back
  • Fixed furnace skins not getting their correct emission colours

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