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Realm Royale – 17 May 2023 Patch Notes | New Skin: Assassin Six-Shot Jackal


Get ready to dive into a world of exciting updates and thrilling gameplay enhancements. First up, we have some exciting new cosmetics, including the sleek and deadly Assassin Six-Shot Jackal skin. Prepare to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with this stylish addition to your arsenal.

But that’s not all – the gameplay has also received some major improvements. Say goodbye to those frustrating respawn moments, as you now respawn with full health and armor. Plus, the respawn time has been increased slightly to give you a bit more time to strategize. And to make things even more interesting, a new spawn protection feature has been added. You’ll now spawn with a powerful 2000hp shield and crowd control immunity for a solid 6 seconds. Check out the link for a sneak peek at this game-changing addition.

And let’s not forget about the map! Three new jump pads have been strategically placed around the island, offering you even more opportunities for epic aerial maneuvers. Keep an eye out for these jump pads at both towers and the multi-story horde house. Get ready to take your gameplay to new heights with these exciting additions.

So gear up, gamers, because Realm Wars is about to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. With these incredible updates and enhancements, you’ll be unstoppable on the battlefield. Stay tuned for more thrilling patch notes and get ready to dominate the realm like never before.


New Skin: Assassin Six-Shot Jackal


Realm Wars Updates


  • You now respawn with full health and armor

Full healthbar respawn.png

  • Respawn time increased from 5 to 6 seconds
  • Spawn Protection added – you spawn with a 2000hp shield and crowd control immunity for 6 seconds:
  • Note: This includes your own CC effects like self-concussion grenade and blizzard movespeed


  • Jump Pads – there are now 3 jump pads around the island – at both towers and the multi-story horde house


Both Spawns reworked on Horde side of the map

  • Spawn A moved inside dragon skull

Dragon skull.png

  • Spawn B moved to new temple

Spawn primal B.png

Both spawns reworked on Citadel side of the map

  • Spawn A line of sights blocked

Spawn A civilian overview.png

  • Spawn B moved from barn to new docks

Spawn A Civilian.png


  • New Event: Cluck Cluck Boom

Cluck Cluck boom.png

  • Duration: 40 seconds
  • During this event any chicken that dies will explode, dealing 600 damage causing a knockback effect sending any enemy near them flying backward, so be careful getting too close!
  • New Event: Big Bad Bounty
  • Duration: 40 seconds
  • This event has a 50% chance to “proc” if a team is down by 15 or more points.
  • For 40 seconds the winning team top 3 players with the most kills are revealed to the whole losing team and are worth 3 EXTRA bonus points when dying.
  • New Event: Solar Flare


  • Duration: 40 seconds
  • During this event everyone on the map will be revealed to each other for 40 seconds.

Class Changes


  • New Mage Ability: Blizzard
  • Summon a slow moving Blizzard in a direction that slows and damages enemies along the way. Increases your movement speed by 40% while inside it, and deals small amounts of damage that slows enemies by 35%

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