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PUBG Mobile – 2.7 Bonus Patch Notes | Unleash Your Inner Saiyan!


Get ready to power up in PUBG MOBILE as it teams up with Dragon Ball Super! The latest update brings an immersive Dragon Ball experience with new modes that will have you collecting all 7 Dragon Balls, summoning Shenron, and making your wish for power! But that’s not all, as the new standalone mode “Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super” takes you to a unique 1.6 × 1.6 km map where you can play as your favorite Dragon Ball characters. It’s time to unleash your inner Saiyan and dominate the battlefield!

In addition to the Dragon Ball Super excitement, the World of Wonder is heating up with the Summer Brawl. Get ready for a variety of summer-themed gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. And if you’re looking for some new firepower, the ACE32 assault rifle is here, packing a punch with its 7.62mm ammo. You’ll find it available on all maps, so get ready to upgrade your arsenal.

But that’s not all, folks! This update also brings improvements to the Creation Mode, as well as convenient features like Carry Onto Vehicle and Switch Outfits With Backpack. So get ready to dive into the action and experience all the exciting new features and improvements in PUBG MOBILE.

Key Updates

  1. PUBG MOBILE × Dragon Ball Super! New immersive Dragon Ball modes!
  2. New “Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode” is here! Collect all 7 Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and wish for power!
  3. New standalone mode “Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super” features a unique 1.6 × 1.6 km map! Play as Dragon Ball characters in this special gameplay!
  4. World of Wonder Updates: Summer Brawl is here! Experience a variety of summer-themed gameplay!
  5. New Firearm: ACE32 is a new assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammo. It will be available on all maps.
  6. Other Feature Improvements: Creation Mode will also be undergoing another update, as well as Carry Onto Vehicle, Switch Outfits With Backpack and other features!

Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode

Available: 2023/7/11 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/9/4 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Supported maps: Sanhok, Erangel, Livik


  1. Shenron Gameplay

  • Summon Shenron: Dragon Balls can be collected in the match. Collect all 7 Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and wish for strong buffs at the Shenron Summoning Altar.
  • Dragon Ball Trial: Win themed matches consecutively to get special items and trigger the Dragon Ball Trial.

  1. New Character Attributes

Ki is a new character attribute that is available to players at the start of the match. Players can release Ki for enhanced mobility. Ki is also used to perform Kamehameha and Buku-jutsu (Levitation Technique).


  1. New Skills, Firearms, and Items

  • Buku-jutsu (Levitation Technique)
    • Pick up and use it from the throwables menu to fly freely at close to running speed. During this time, players cannot switch firearms or grenades but can use Kamehameha.
    • Tap the release Ki button for a burst of speed that can be used to travel fairly long distances.
  • Kamehameha
    • Pick up the item to get it. Uses a certain amount of Ki.
    • Charge up to fire a continuous high-damage beam that deals small area damage in the target direction. You can’t move while charging up and firing.
  • Senzu Bean
    • Pick up the item to get it. Use it to fully replenish Health and Energy, and recover a large amount of Ki.
  • Dragon Radar
    • Use it to scan for nearby crates and Dragon Balls.
    • Unusable during the Dragon Ball Trial.
  • Hoipoi Capsule/Air Car
    • Picked up as a capsule that can turn into a vehicle.
    • Transforms into a vehicle that can seat 3 people when thrown. It’s a hovercraft that can be used like a normal vehicle. It shrinks back into a capsule when done using it.


  1. Brand New Environments

  • Dragon Ball Village: Villages based on the world of Dragon Ball are full of supplies.
  • Iconic Dragon Ball landmarks like Kame House, Karin Tower, and Tenkaichi Budokai.

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super

New standalone Dragon Ball Super collaboration mode brings an anime-style map! Role-play as Dragon Ball characters and battle it out on an all-new map with powerful moves and skills. Become number 1!

Available: 2023/7/15 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/9/4 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Map: New 1.6 × 1.6 km anime-style map with all-new scenery.

  1. Select Popular Characters

Every character has a standard attack and charged attack. They each also have a special skill.

Standard attacks are general-purpose attacks that can be spammed.

Charged attack are more powerful, but require charging before use, and can only unleash their full potential in specific situations.

Special skills affect the character’s fighting style. Using their abilities at the right time can help you turn the tide of battle.


  • Son Goku

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive Kidan that deal explosive damage in a small area on impact. Reliable and stable.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire a Ki Blast that continuously damages enemies. A versatile attack suitable in many situations.

Special Skill: Dash in the direction of the joystick. Can be stockpiled 3 times and used consecutively.

  • Vegeta

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive Kidan. Suitable at mid to close range. Takes good shooting prediction.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire multiple Kidan that deal small area damage to the target.

Special Skill: Gain Energy when hitting enemies. Once fully charged, can release all the gathered energy to deal significant damage in the target direction.

  • Ultimate Gohan

Standard Attack: Rapidly fire consecutive Kidan. Can switch between aim modes. Similar to shooting a firearm.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire a Kidan that instantly deals damage to nearby targets. Takes good close-range shooting.

Special Skill: Generate a spherical barrier that can block incoming projectiles. It has 500 Health and disappears when the duration ends or runs out of Health.

  • Piccolo

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive Energy Waves that deal more damage the more they hit. Have limited range and takes good aim.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire a single powerful Energy Wave. Zoom in to instantly hit far away enemies. Takes good sniping skills.

Special Skill: Disappear and charge in the direction of the crosshair, including towards the sky.

  • Frieza

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive large Kidan that are easy to hit with, but need to close the distance as much as possible.

Charged Attack: Charge up to throw a large Kidan that causes explosive area damage. Takes good positioning and timing.

Special Skill: Select a location and leap into the air before smashing down on it after a short delay. Enemies that are struck are sent flying and take damage.


  1. New Map

New 1.6 × 1.6 km anime-style map with all-new scenery.


  1. Special Gameplay Items

  • Ki
    • A new type of supply that can be picked up while searching the map.
    • Used to perform Kidan attacks. When there’s not enough Ki, Kidan attacks can’t be used. It can be replenished by tapping a button to charge up Ki.
    • There is standard Ki and charged Ki. Standard Ki is used to perform standard attacks, while charged Ki is used to perform charged attacks.
  • Upgrade Materials
    • A new type of supply that can be picked up while searching the map.
    • Collect a certain amount of upgrade materials and use them to upgrade attacks. Ki attacks have 5 levels (Lv. 0–Lv. 4), and the higher the level, the more damage they do.
    • There are two types of upgrade materials: Spirit Crystlets and Spirit Crystals, with Spirit Crystals being the advanced material.
    • The higher a Ki attack’s level, the more materials are needed to upgrade it. Upgrading Lv. 3 and above attacks requires Spirit Crystals.
  • Tactical Capsule
    • A new type of supply that can be picked up while searching the map.
    • Two types of Tactical Capsule: Buku Capsule and Smoke Capsule. Use a Buku Capsule to fly a short distance. Use a Smoke Capsule to release spherical smoke that obscures vision.
  • Armor
    • A new type of supply that can be picked up while searching the map.
    • Armor provides additional Health. Damage is the same regardless of which part is hit in this mode, so there are no Helmets.
    • Armor has 4 different levels of quality. The higher quality the Armor, the more Health it provides.
    • Armor fully tanks the damage of the last hit that causes it to break.


  1. Special Gameplay Features

  • Updraft: A mid-distance travel method. Get in contact with an updraft on the ground to get lifted into the air. After reaching a certain height, descend back to the ground, at which the direction can be adjusted.
  • Volcanic Lava: Lava can erupt from an opening which causes damage within a certain range. Health drops continuously when stepping on the lava.
  • Teleport Point: Use portals to quickly move about. Enter one to come out the other side. There’s a cooldown after use, so it can’t be used too frequently.
  • Energy Zone: A special urban area that gives buffs is randomly assigned at the start of the match. Enter it to get buffs such as faster movement speed and Health recovery, as well as obtain lots of supplies.
  • Timed Crates: During the match, a countdown timer for a crate will take place at a random location. When the countdown ends, a crate will appear nearby.
  • Map Crates: There are other exclusive gameplay crates that are placed all over the map. Go near them to get the supplies.
  • Recovery Point: Instantly recover Health and Armor upon contact. It enters a cooldown period after use, so it can’t be used too frequently.
  • Revival Altar: When a teammate is eliminated, they can be revived at a Revival Altar located at fixed locations within a limited time. The Revival Altars go on cooldown after they’re used. Each player can only be revived by a teammate once. Revived players respawn near the Revival Altar.


World of Wonder Gameplay Updates

  1. Map Updates

New Summer Brawl map that provides players with different classes, skills, firearms, and equipment to choose from for more fun ways to play!


  1. System Updates

  • World of Wonder Spectating Mode: Added an internal and external spectating feature.
  • Follow Creators Feature: Players can follow their favorite Creators and quickly view their new creations.
  • Gameplay Gallery: Added a collapse feature to the gameplay type tab and a filter to sort creations.
  • Added a Creator Level feature and improved how creations are displayed.


  1. Editor Updates

  • Resource Management Improvements: Resources are now packaged separately as World of Wonder Vehicle Pack and World of Wonder Item Pack. They can now be downloaded as needed, which reduces the amount of resources downloaded by default.
  • New Gameplay Devices
    • Time Bomb Device: A gameplay device for setting up time bombs that can explode.
    • Environment Control Device: Dynamically change the weather.
    • Watercraft Spawn Device: Spawn watercrafts.
    • Round Management Device: Transmit a signal at the beginning of the round.
    • Map Border Device: Determine the playable area border on large maps.
    • PvE Enemy Spawn Device: Spawn PvE enemies.
    • Outfit Management Device: Customize and change player outfits.
    • Buff Management Device: Add or remove player buffs.
    • Player Action Response Device: Perform all kinds of player actions.
  • Gameplay Device Improvements: Improved Red Zone, Progress Tracker, Class Design Device and other areas.
  • Editor Improvements
    • Grouped Object Editing: Member management, batch operations, tap to select and drag to select, remove and restore to original.
    • Custom Prefabs: Automatic icon generation, backpack storage, quick bar storage.
    • Exit Editor: New save map button countdown.
    • Main Interface Improvements: Commonly used buttons moved to the middle of the top header, editing button layout changed to a wheel, copy button moved up a level.
    • Notification Feature: New feature and new object notifications (red dots).
    • Area Grid: Set an anchor point, change dimensions, show grid lines for assistance, automatically align decorative objects.
    • Object Editing: Interactized objects (turn stationary objects into interactive objects).
    • Free Fly Mode: Removed acceleration from Free Fly Mode.
    • Quick Screenshot: Quick screenshots now hide the character.
  • New Interactive Objects
    • Interactive Object: Fountain
    • Interactive Object: Water Current
    • Improved Feature: Boost Belt now supports vehicles.
    • Improved Feature: Moving Platforms now support the character climbing and laying prone.
    • Improved Feature: Added destroying objects as a detectable action.
    • Improved Feature: Conveyor Belts can now be resized and placed at inclines.
  • New Ocean’s Edge Template. Added Water Race Tracks, Galata Tower, Maiden’s Tower and more objects.
  • New Building Tutorial Level
  • Ranking Display Improvements


Metro Royale

Available: 2023/7/14 at 00:00–2023/9/4 at 00:00 (UTC+0)

  • New Collectibles Cabinet: Corresponding collectibles can be unlocked after completing the current season’s missions. Other players can view the details of the Collectibles Cabinet, which can be disabled in the Privacy Settings.
  • Firearm Updates: New ACE32 Firearm, ACE32 (Cobra), ACE32 (Steel Front)
  • Feature Improvements:
    • Career Results can be viewed in the Metro Royale Lobby.
    • Game settings can be adjusted in the Metro Royale Lobby.
    • Minor changes to Pterosaur spawn locations.
    • There is a chance to get items for redeeming Collectibles (Dinosaur Skull) when dismantling Locked Crates at the Workstation.

Classic Mode Improvements

  • New ACE32 Firearm: ACE32 is a new assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammo. It will be available on all Classic maps and shops. Compatible with 6 types of attachments, including Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine, Stock, Sight, and Canted Sight. Its stability and rate of fire are quite good, making it suitable for a wide variety of battles.
  • Carry Onto Vehicle: Teammates or enemies that are knocked down can now also be carried onto vehicles. Knocked down players can only be placed on passenger seats, and they can get off if they wish.
  • 2-Seat Bike Updates: 2-Seat Bikes can now fold up and be stored in the Backpack. They can also jump, but only when ridden by 1 player. Now, only 2-Seat Bikes spawn in Bicycle Sheds and on the ground. They replace the original Mountain Bikes.
  • Change Outfits: During a match, the cooldown for switching outfits in the Backpack has been adjusted from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Sorting Throwables Improvements: When there are multiple items in the Throwables slot, such as melee weapons, Classic throwables, and exclusive themed items, they will be sorted in a logical order to select more easily.
  • Companion Spectating Mode Improvements: When a teammate is spectating, their nickname, teammate number and other information will be displayed. If their avatar image has not been downloaded, the “Not Downloaded” icon will display next to their username.
  • Creation Mode:
    • Improved image resolution. Images taken in Creation Mode are now much clearer.
    • Photo templates in Creation Mode automatically scale to size of the target object. Players can now achieve the same effect when capturing images of different vehicles and companions.
    • Added the summer theme special effect. It can be selected on the special effects page.
  • Respawn Wingman Display: When using your own item to respawn, your Wingman shows up next to the plane. If a teammate recalls you, your teammate’s Wingman also shows up next to the plane for protection.
  • New Victory Dance: After winning a match, the team can celebrate their victory with the new Victory Dance around the Victory statue.
  • Firearm Attribute Tags: Rookies can see attribute tags of firearms they pick up in matches in their Backpack. It helps them to quickly grasp the characteristics of firearms.
  • Training Grounds: Players can bring their companions into the Training Grounds and interact with them.
  • Improved the settings page, including the swiping experience of the animated pop-up instructions.
  • New Premade Voice Channel: Players can easily communicate with their premade Lobby teammates during matches.


Air Drop Carnival

  • Rank Up With Friends

Event Period: 2023/8/4 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/8/20 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Team up with friends and rank up together!

About This Event:

1. Team-Up Rating Protection: Your rating won’t drop in the first 2 Ranked matches played with friends each day.

2. Team-Up Bonus Rating Points: Get an extra 10 rating points in the first two matches that you make the Top 30 when playing with friends each day.

3. Team-Up Double Challenge Points: Get double Challenge Points in the first two Ranked matches played with friends each day.

4. Team-Up Double Popularity from LIKEs: Get double Popularity from LIKEs in the first two Ranked matches played with friends each day.

5. Team-Up Double Synergy: Get double Synergy in the first two Ranked matches played with friends each day.

  • Super Air Drop Upgrades

Air Drop Upgrade Period: 2023/8/4 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/8/18 at 01:59 (UTC+0)

Reward Collection Period: 2023/8/18 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/8/20 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

About This Event:

1. Individual events cannot be entered from the big event page when they haven’t started yet or have ended.

2. Super Air Drop Upgrade Period: 2023/8/4–2023/8/17. Reward Collection Period: 2023/8/18–2023/8/20.

3. Air Drop Tokens can be accumulated by participating in different events. The crates are upgraded automatically when the Air Drop Tokens reach a certain number of points.

4. Players can choose what goes in the crate after upgrading it.

5. Rewards cannot be claimed during the crate upgrade period, and players need to log in and unlock them during the collection period. If a player fails to log in during the collection period, then they will be issued via in-game mail.

  1. A higher level crate’s rewards will overwrite the rewards of a lower level crate. Players can only claim the best crate that matches their points.


  • Summer Synergy Party

Complete connection, team up, and other missions during the event to get Air Drop Tokens and other rewards.

Event Period: 2023/8/4 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/8/20 at 23:59 (UTC+0)


  • In-Match Refreshing Spots

Event Period: 2023/8/4 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/9/4 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

  1. A Refreshing Island themed area will appear on many maps. Find Air Drop Carnival crates on the island. Duck Boats can be found near the island.
  2. Players can attach behind another Duck Boat and form a line. Go around the island and form a line with other Duck Boats to sightsee and take photos on the water.


New Season: Cycle 5 Season 13

Season Period: 2023/7/18 at 2:00–2023/9/13 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

  1. Reward updates: New legendary items: C5S13 Glasses, C5S13 Set, C5S13 Parachute, C5S13 – QBU, C5S13 Mask, C5S13 Cover.
  2. New Cycle rewards are now available. Collect the Diamond/Crown/Ace Badges in the same Cycle to get high-quality supplies for free.

All-Talent Championship

  1. All-Talent Championship S14 Available: 2023/7/17–2023/8/31 (UTC+0)
  2. New rewards in the Event Shop: Battleground Assassin Set (Legendary), Battleground Assassin Cover (Legendary), Charming Cook Set (Epic), Charming Cook Cover (Epic), Starry Enigma – UZI (Epic)
  3. New All-Talent Championship S14 Crate rewards: Battleground Assassin Set (Legendary), Battleground Assassin Cover (Legendary), Charming Cook Set (Epic), Charming Cook Cover (Epic), Starry Enigma – UZI (Epic), Austere Gold – Vector (Epic)
  4. New first and second runner-up rewards: High Fidelity Set (Legendary), High Fidelity Cover (Legendary), Indigo Flames – S1897 (Legendary), Inked Battleground Parachute (Epic), Dawn Walker Set (Epic)


Other Feature Improvements

  • Popularity Battle Event:

1. Upgraded Popularity Battle rewards. They are now easier to obtain.

2. New rewards: Chat bubbles, nickname special effects, lobby themes.

3. Register to participate in the Popularity Battle event. During the battle period, get randomly matched with a powerful opponent every 3 days for a popularity contest. Lasts 10 rounds in total.

4. During the battle period, the Popularity of both competitors will be compared. The one with the highest Popularity wins.

5. The winner can claim some points from the loser.

6. Participate in Popularity Battles to win Battle Points and increase Battle Level. The higher the Battle Level, the better the rewards.

7. During the event, Battle Level will be ranked across all participants on the server. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.

  • X-Suit Improvements: The Spawn Island Emotes of all 5-Star X-Suits can be used in Cheer Park. Emotes don’t need to be equipped separately in the Inventory as an exclusive slot has been added to the Emote Wheel in-match and in the Cheer Park.
  • Season Recap Improvement: Added a Generate Long Screenshot feature in Season Recap. It can be shared with friends.
  • Improved the process of sending gifts in Personal Space.



  1. Investigators

  • Locked Investigator titles will also be displayed in the Title Settings page.
  • Added an on-hit information display to video reviews.
  • Added a new camera mode to the Eagle System. Investigators have an unobstructed 360 degree view of the target.
  • Added a throwables trail to the Eagle System.
  • Added a bullet trajectory display to the Eagle System.
  • Improved the interactive aspect of the Eagle System. Under special circumstances, Investigators no longer need to wait 120 seconds to proceed to the next video.
  1. Security Feedback Mail

Added a quick delete and mark as read feature for security feedback mail.

  1. Security Strategy Improvements

  • Improved cheat detection for x-ray vision, auto aim, speed hacks, AoE damage, grass removal, and more.
  • Improved violation detection for unfair cooperation, escorting, and more.
  • Improved the in-game detection of prohibited transactions, escorting, and the malicious exploitation of bugs.
  • Added a Safety Observation period. Improved players’ feeling of security and their general experience.
  • World of Wonder violation detection has improved with regard to prohibited content in maps.
  • Improved the account recovery system. Added mechanics to dispute account interception and malicious recovery interception, in order to ensure account security. Self-unlinking tool has returned, to provide convenient self-service for those whose accounts have been hacked.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved the calculation logic for the UI rendering preparation phase to reduce processing time.
  • Improved the computation of repetitive components during animation updates to enhance performance efficiency.
  • Improved the calculation method for the main game logic to reduce power consumption and overheating.
  • Improved the logic for loading terrain to reduce lag.

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