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Path of Exile – Map Stash Tab UPGRADE !

In December 2017, we introduced the Map Stash Tab, which allows players to conveniently store up to 72 of every type of Map from a specific series. At the time it was introduced, there were four series of maps. Late last year, we started introducing a new series of maps from the Betrayal release onwards. While this doesn’t affect League players, it had bad consequences for Standard players. This news post explains what we’re doing about it.

The problem for Standard players is that when the latest league migrates to Standard, their Map Stash Tab is set to hold maps from the last series, so new maps can’t be inserted. It’s also probably full of Maps from that last series and the series can’t be changed unless the tab is empty. In order to use that Map Stash Tab to hold new maps, the player has to first empty out the entire tab manually. They then need to find a place to store all of the maps that were just removed.

Our solution to this problem is to add a button that both updates the series of the Map Stash Tab to the most recent one, but also bulk-converts all of the maps in it into equivalent ones at the right tiers from the new series.

For the few players trying to collect sets of maps from old series, they would be free to remove the old maps they want to collect for posterity before they perform the bulk conversion.

We expect this change to be implemented before the Synthesis League ends, so that players can use it immediately when the next migration occurs. We are very sorry for the time it has taken to make this solution happen.

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