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Path of Exile – 3.4.4 & 3.4.5 Patch Notes

3.4.4 Patch Notes

  • The camera now follows more smoothly when using Bodyswap, Charged Dash and Smoke Mine. This does not apply to Bodyswap if triggered.
  • Adjusted the visual effects on Infernal Wings to remove unintended black line effects.
  • Adjusted the visual effects of the Subjugator Weapon Effect to more closely match its intended look.
  • The Apocalypse Cloak can now have all ailment effects correctly applied to it.
  • Barrels thrown by Spectral Corsairs in the Frigid Recess Delve encounter no longer drop items.
  • You can no longer throw flares or dynamite by clicking on their icons. This prevents throwing flares and dynamite unintentionally.
  • Fixed a bug where Consecrated Path would not deal damage to a monster if you were standing directly on top of that monster. This fixes the bug that caused Consecrated Path to appear to “miss”.
  • Fixed a bug where Consecrated Path’s “Deals up to 20% more Damage to closer targets” stat had its damage fall off faster than intended. This should result in slightly higher damage dealt to nearby targets, particularly with targets near the edge of the area of effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Clasped Hands in a Breach dropped items with a lower item level than intended.
  • Fixed a bug re-introduced in 3.4.3f where monsters killed by the secondary explosion damage of Infernal Blow would not drop items.
  • Fixed a bug where the Elementalist’s “Liege of the Primordial” Ascendancy stat “x% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems for each Summoned Golem” did not correctly update buff values in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where “nearby Enemies are Poisoned” modifiers did not spread the strongest Poison.
  • Fixed a bug where a self-inflicted Despair Curse would not be scaled down correctly by Level Downscaling.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.4.0 where using an Orb of Scouring on an Unset Ring would reroll the socket colour.
  • Fixed an abuse case that allowed you to automatically use an instant skill as soon as the cooldown was refreshed by manipulating Num Lock.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was placed in the wrong location when returning from the Azurite Mine to The Sewers, The Lunaris Temple Level 2 and The Upper Sceptre of God.

3.4.5 Patch Notes

  • We’ve added four new Supporter Packs to celebrate the announcement of the new league. Check them out at after the patch goes live!
  • Fixed a bug where swapping a non-Instant skill gem with an Instant skill gem and casting the non-instant skill quickly causes it to be cast instantly.
  • Fixed a bug with Private Leagues where adding players or duration while a league was being crowdfunded would permanently remove the league modifiers. You will need to select the league modifiers again if adding players or duration during crowdfunding.

3.4.5b Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug in Private Leagues parented to non-Delve leagues where Portal Scrolls could not drop.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a Private League while it was being crowdfunded would only refund the most recent contribution that someone made, rather than all of their contributions.

3.4.5b Hotfix 1-2 Patch Notes

*We have deployed a client patch to fix the bug where if you are invited to an SSF Private League, you are not able to join the non-private parent league.

  • Fixed a bug where the Scion’s leg was missing when wearing the Master Soulstealer Body Armour.

This patch has been deployed without a restart.

3.4.5c Patch Notes

  • Improved realm infrastructure in preparation for 3.5.0 launch.

3.4.5c Redeployment Notes

  • Improved realm infrastructure in preparation for 3.5.0 launch.

At 6:53pm on November 26 (New Zealand time), we deployed this 3.4.5c patch and it contained a significant bug. Due to a typo in a database key comparison function, if two users returned to the character selection screen at exactly the same time, there was a chance that one person was logged into the other’s account.

This was not apparent to us during testing because it requires a lot of players to be online before it occurs. Upon it being reported, we took the realm down at 8:26pm and restored the old version that did not have this problem.

417 players had their accounts accessed by another user. Of those, only 150 actually tried to log into a character. Most of these either logged out within a few seconds or were kicked off as the owner logged in again immediately.

No personally identifiable information or payment information could have been leaked during this process.

So far, we have banned four users (and some associated friends) who stole items from or vandalised accounts they accessed. Because this problem was entirely our fault and not due to poor security by the affected users, we have decided that we will attempt to restore lost items. This process may take us a while because we don’t have item restoration tools yet and release is in a week.

We are very sorry about both the problem occurring and our slowness with this reply. We wanted to make sure we had full and correct information before posting.

The version of this patch we are redeploying today does not contain the same problem and has additional precautions to prevent anything like this occurring in the future.

3.4.5d Patch Notes

  • You can now create Private Leagues for Betrayal, in advance of the league’s launch this weekend. These leagues will not begin until Betrayal launches.
  • Added a confirmation box when contributing points towards a Private League’s crowdfund.
  • First to Enter and First to Level-up notifications now display in Private Leagues.
  • Fixed a bug where Officers of a Private League were unable to approve applications.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the maximum amount of duration from being added to a Private League in a single action.
  • Fixed a bug where start times for Private Leagues were being set when the league was created, rather than when it actually began. This could cause issues for Private Leagues which were crowdfunded as the duration would begin on creation, rather than when crowdfunding was completed.

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