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Path of Exile – 3.19.0 League All Hotfixes


Introducing the latest patch notes for Path of Exile! In this update, the developers have added support for the highly anticipated The Forbidden Sanctum Expansion announcement, along with some exciting new Supporter Packs. Additionally, Japanese language support has been implemented, making the game more accessible to a wider audience.

But that’s not all! The patch also brings improvements and bug fixes to enhance your gaming experience. One notable fix prevents the use of a Blood-filled Vessel alongside Maps that lack monsters, ensuring a more balanced gameplay. The Yugul Pantheon Power bug, which failed to reduce reflected chaos damage taken by players, has also been resolved. And for those who love collecting Atlas Memories, you’ll be pleased to know that they will no longer drop as normal rarity.

In the previous patch, the developers focused on addressing various issues and making some quality of life improvements. For example, a bug that prevented Harbinger Portals from closing after defeating all Harbingers has been fixed. The crafting slot in the Blight Stash Tab now functions properly when using Ctrl+Click, and the Invisible Flask Effect microtransaction no longer affects Quartz Flasks outside of towns or hideouts.

These patch notes demonstrate the developers’ commitment to delivering a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. So, whether you’re eagerly awaiting the upcoming expansion or simply looking to enhance your gameplay, this update has something for everyone. Don’t forget to restart your client to apply the fixes and get ready to dive back into the world of Path of Exile!

3.19.2b Patch Notes

  • Added support for our upcoming The Forbidden Sanctum Expansion announcement and its new Supporter Packs.
  • Added Japanese language support to Path of Exile.

3.19.2 Patch Notes

This patch adds support for our upcoming November events and an update to our sound effects engine, alongside some improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to use a Blood-filled Vessel alongside Maps that don’t contain monsters, as Ritual Altars would not be spawned.
  • Fixed a bug where the Yugul Pantheon Power was not reducing reflected chaos damage taken by players.
  • Fixed a bug where Atlas Memories could drop as normal rarity.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbinger Portals in Atlas Memories could rarely fail to close when all Harbingers were defeated as they were being healed by monster modifiers. As a result, Harbinger Portals can no longer recover Life.
  • Fixed a bug where using Ctrl+Click on items in the crafting slot of the Blight Stash Tab would not move them to your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where the Invisible Flask Effect microtransaction was not removing the visual effect from Quartz Flask in areas other than towns or hideouts.
  • Fixed an instance crash.

3.19.1d Patch Notes

This patch contains a handful of improvements and bug fixes, alongside a client crash fix.

  • Improved the description of the Influenced Atlas Challenge to more accurately reflect its requirement.
  • Fixed a bug where the Auxium Unique Belt modifier that causes Chill Effect on you to be based on 100% of Energy Shield was not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the description for the effect of shock on you would only display on items for values above -100%.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Abberath-touched and Tukohama-touched Archnemesis monsters could sometimes not drop Maps.
  • Fixed a rare bug where Maps currently not on the Atlas could drop.
  • Fixed an issue where columns in the Divination Tab sometimes did not fill the entire space in high resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ghostwrithe Unique 3D art could become quite revealing in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where some visual effects from the Myrmidon Enchanter’s Ring microtransaction would linger around after the Fortification buff ended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Stygian Puncture microtransaction was using the wrong Bleed effect variation.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur in the Karui Shores.

This patch has been deployed without restarting the servers, however you will need to restart your client to patch the client fixes.

3.19.1c Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug where lowering the duration of Vaal Lightning Strike to or below zero would cause the orb created to remain indefinitely.

3.19.1c Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug where hideout decorations exclusive to the Timekeeper’s and Ghost-lit Hideouts were missing for some players. Players affected by this bug can click the “Use Default” button while in the relevant hideout to retrieve the missing hideout decorations.
  • Fixed a bug where the Map Device sometimes did not automatically select the map crafting option you last used when you had the relevant currency and it was available.
  • Fixed a bug where the Overcharged Achievement did not work correctly with minimum charges.

3.19.1c Patch Notes

This patch contains some further small changes to the Lake of Kalandra expansion, as detailed in our news post last week, alongside bug fixes of both small- and medium-importance.

Archnemesis Changes

  • Increased the cooldown of the Ice Prison Archnemesis modifier from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, and the duration of the Ice Prison has been increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. This results in 50% prison uptime rather than 60%, and fewer overall prisons.
  • Lowered the duration of the shocked ground on death from the Electrocuting Archnemesis modifier from 25 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Removed the damage from the Permafrost Archnemesis modifiers cold-damaging ground area. The area now only applies chill.
  • Lowered the duration of the Incendiary Archnemesis modifiers fire-damaging ground area from 4 seconds to around 3 seconds.
  • Disabled the on-death ground effects for the Incendiary Archnemesis modifier for Magic monsters.
  • Disabled Volatiles from spawning on death when a Magic monster with the Toxic Archnemesis modifier is slain.

Lake of Kalandra Changes

  • Gems are no longer a possible chest reward from Tier 3 and 4 generic encounters in the Lake of Kalandra and, for the most part, have been replaced by Currency chests.
  • Reflection of the Dream now has 50% increased Monster density (previously 100%), and the Breach now opens and closes 30% slower. This is both for reasons related to performance and the difficulty level of the encounter.
  • Added a warning message that will display in the Mirrored Tablet interface when performing an action that disconnects one or more tiles, preventing them from being accessed.

Other Changes

  • Increased the chance for the Will of Chaos and Deadly End Ultimatum Aspects to drop from their respective bosses.
  • Void Jaguar Influence monsters now have 50% of physical damage converted to cold damage (previously 75%), and now have a variable time before they can use their Leap Slam skill after spawning (previously a fixed time).
  • Consuming Thrall Influence monsters now deal 30% less damage with their projectiles against enemies at close range (previously 15% less).
  • Increased the following Skills target limit to 100: Ancestral Warchief, Bladestorm, Cleave, Contagion, Doryani’s Touch, Earthquake, Vaal Earthquake, Fire Burst, Flame Golem’s Flame Wave Skill, Ground Slam, Ice Nova, Shattering Steel, Shock Nova, Whirling Blades, Wild Strike’s Fire Area of Effect, and Vortex.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Metamorphs with the Magma Barrier modifier would always create Fire Volatiles and be surrounded by a Magma Barrier the moment they transformed.
  • Fixed a bug where Operative’s Strongboxes were not being affected by increases to Quantity of Items contained in Strongboxes.
  • Fixed a bug where Sapped and Brittle ailments did not have a cap when applied through their respective ground effects.
  • Fixed a bug where the “A Trip Down Memory Lane” Challenge still required you to complete 6 Atlas Memories.
  • Fixed a bug where the Pantheon of the Gods Challenge could not be completed across two separate characters.
  • Fixed a visual bug where increased Quantity and Rarity of Items from allocated Atlas Passive Skills was not always displayed in the Map Overlay Mods.
  • Fixed a bug where item labels could be offset incorrectly in the Lake of Kalandra.
  • Fixed a bug where the highest modifier tier for local increased Attack Speed on Bows was displayed as tier 2.
  • Fixed a bug where some explicit modifiers did not have a vendor sell price.
  • Fixed a bug where the Oshabi’s Headdress microtransactions did not summon Harvest Apparitions when using instant skills.
  • Fixed three client crashes.
  • Fixed an instance crash.

3.19.1 Patch Notes

This patch contains some of the improvements detailed in our recent news post, such as improvements to the amount of Reflecting Mist you encounter, limits to the number of Archnemesis modifiers on Rare monsters in certain situations, and improvements to Beyond, alongside many other improvements and bug fixes.

Lake of Kalandra Changes

  • Increased the amount of Reflecting Mist you encounter by roughly 50%.
  • The remaining uses of the Reroll, Skip, and Exile Reflection Abilities for the Mirrored Tablet are no longer shared between all characters in a League.
  • Breachlords spawned in Reflection of the Breachlord now spawn closer to the start of the Breach.
  • Rock formations in the Lake of Kalandra now block projectiles, allowing you to hide from enemy attacks.
  • Widened some bridges connecting Reflection Tiles in the Lake of Kalandra.
  • League Reflections where Kalandra is present now have intro and outro dialogue.

Archnemesis Changes

  • The Heralding Minions Archnemesis modifier can no longer be found on Delve monsters in the Azurite Mine. Monsters spawned at Legion, Breach or Beyond encounters in the Azurite Mine can still be found with this modifier.
  • Rare monsters spawned during Boss fights are now limited to 2 Archnemesis modifiers.
  • Rare monsters that do not drop loot are now limited to 2 Archnemesis modifiers.
  • The Aura from the Executioner Archnemesis modifier and Verdant Spores inflicted by the Healing Nova from the Rejuvenating Archnemesis modifier no longer affect Player minions.

Beyond Changes

  • The Life of Beyond Bosses has been lowered by roughly 5%, and the Life of all other Beyond monsters has been lowered by approximately 60%.
  • Improved the outcome odds for the Tainted Orb of Fusing, Tainted Jeweller’s Orb and Tainted Mythic Orb.
  • Beyond Bosses can no longer spawn in Temporal Incursions.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • Lowered the damage dealt to minions by League monster skills and endgame Map Boss skills that felt punishing, for example, Shaper’s Beam and Slam skills, Tul, Creeping Avalanche’s Barrage skill, and many of Sirus, Awakener of Worlds’ skills, amongst many others.
  • Eldritch Exalted Orbs, Eldritch Chaos Orbs and Eldritch Orbs of Annulment now drop in lower area levels, and their drop rate has also been buffed.
  • Marks applied to you by a monster are now removed if you move a great distance away from the monster.
  • Lowered the number of Rare and Magic monsters spawned during Harvest Boss encounters.
  • The Horticrafting Station now displays how much Lifeforce of each type you have available.
  • Reduced the likelihood a full sequence of Strongboxes could fail to spawn in areas affected by Alva’s Memory of Cascading Fortunes.
  • The “Confine Mouse to Window” Option now confines your mouse to be within the maximum supported aspect ratio for those using larger aspect ratios (to prevent accidentally clicking on black bars).
  • Updated the description on Aegis Aurora’s Energy Shield recovery to “Recover Energy Shield”, previously “Replenishes Energy Shield”. This is not a functional change.
  • Added the Physical tag to the Poacher’s Mark Skill Gem.
  • Updated the Arctic Armour ground effect audio to be quieter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where packs of Beyond monsters could sometimes fail to spawn Rare Monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where Elite Beyond monsters could sometimes fail to spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where various immobile monsters, such as Devourers, could be found with Archnemesis modifiers that are not meant to appear on immobile monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where players could become unable to move for a time after using Frostblink while Shield Charging.
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Conduit could rarely cause lightning bolt visual effects to appear on enemies not hit by the skill.
  • Fixed a bug where after regenerating to maximum Life the value displayed could be incorrect until changing area.
  • Fixed a bug where Vaal Skills granted by Skill Gems with Alternate Quality types were gaining no benefit from Quality rather than the default Quality stat.
  • Fixed a bug where Sunder with over 100% wave delay reduction would behave as if it had no wave delay reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where Flasks with the “Used when Charges reach full” Enchantment were not able to be used multiple times in a single frame.
  • Fixed a bug where Innocence was not immune to knockback when encountered outside of his arena, such as in the Lake of Kalandra, or in Maven’s Invitations.
  • Fixed an issue with Einhar’s Memory of the Sacred Grove where monsters spawned in the Sacred Grove could become stuck in a wall.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Turrets in the Vaal Omnitect Boss fight could fail to activate.
  • Fixed a bug where Brutus, Lord Incarcerator could sometimes get stuck on terrain in Upper Prison.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Ctrl + Alt + C on a Mirrored Tablet would not copy the Reflections present on the Tablet.
  • Fixed a bug where the story glyphs in the Lake of Kalandra area were required for the No Stone Unturned Achievement.
  • Fixed the Alternate Art Cloak of Flames Robe 3D art missing the lower half of the robe.
  • Fixed a bug when using Controller input mode where the Map Device could reselect crafting options you could no longer afford.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sentinel Locker and Seed Stockpile hideout decorations couldn’t be highlighted while editing your hideout.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sunprism and Void Emperor Enchanter’s Ring microtransactions did not apply to Phasing or Onslaught buffs from the Raider Ascendancy.
  • Fixed a bug where a Summoned Holy Relic with the Exalted Holy Relic microtransaction applied could become invisible after entering a new area or when levelling up the skill gem.
  • Fixed a few wonky microtransaction interactions between some back attachments and the Astral and Golden character effects.

3.19.0g Patch Notes

This patch contains changes to the Storm Strider Archnemesis modifier, the ability to see completed tiles in the Lake of Kalandra, improvements to Spark and Lightning Strike projectiles, as well as bug fixes of both small- and medium-importance.


  • Lightning Mirages spawned by monsters with the Storm Strider modifier now spawn a short distance away from the player, instead of right on top of them. Monsters with this modifier now have a 2 second global cooldown for Triggering a Lightning Mirage when Hit (previously 0.75 second), and Lightning Mirages now have a 1 second cooldown until they can use their explosive skill (previously 2 seconds).
  • Reduced the terrain collision size of Spark and Lightning Strike projectiles by 50%. This also fixes a longstanding bug where Spark projectiles sometimes weren’t created if cast up against a wall.
  • Completed tiles in the Lake of Kalandra are now faded out when displayed on the Lake Map.
  • Lore objects in the Lake of Kalandra will now appear in order, with a random lore object appearing if you have already seen them all.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused the damage dealt by Galvanic Field to not scale with shock effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Ghost Reaver could apply 50% less Recharge Rate to Life when allocated in combination with Eternal Youth.
  • Fixed a bug where Tentacles in The Uber Eater of Worlds Boss Fight could sometimes be invisible or deal delayed damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Rare Monsters with the Mirror Image modifier could sometimes become untargetable.
  • Fixed a bug where packs of Harbinger Monsters would not spawn when your Traps, Mines, Totems, or Minions killed an enemy in Maps with Kirac’s Memory of Survivor’s Guilt.
  • Fixed a bug where Kirac could offer Maps not currently found on the Atlas as a Mission.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to corrupt Maps into others not found on the Atlas, such as Shaper Guardian Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to display segments of the Kalandra Challenge Trophy they had not yet unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug where Remove-only Stash Tabs could still display with the “Hide Remove-only Tabs” option selected after changing areas.
  • Fixed a bug where summoned microtransaction pets would not update their movement speed to match increases or reductions to your movement speed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Recombinator User Interface was not functional in Controller input mode.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when moving a Stash Tab into a Stash Folder in Controller input mode.
  • Fixed a rare client crash.

3.19.0f Hotfix

  • Fixed a client crash related to Map item hovers.

3.19.0f Patch Notes

This patch reduces the impact of a lot of defensive Archnemesis modifiers, as discussed in our news post last week, and also includes a few improvements to Metamorph and Legion Reflections.

Archnemesis Modifier Changes

  • Toxic: Now has +25% to Chaos Resistance against Damage over Time (previously 40%).
  • Chaosweaver: No longer has +10% to maximum Chaos Resistance, or Immune to Wither. Instead, it now has 60% reduced Wither Duration on Self.
  • Flameweaver: No longer has +10% to maximum Fire Resistance, and now has 50% reduced effect of Scorch (previously 80%).
  • Frostweaver: No longer has +10% to maximum Cold Resistance, and now has 50% reduced effect of Cold Ailments (previously 80%).
  • Stormweaver: No longer has +10% to maximum Lightning Resistance, and now has 50% reduced effect of Lightning Ailments (previously 80%).
  • Assassin: Now has 50% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes (previously 70%).
  • Deadeye: No longer has 60% less Damage taken if you have not been Hit Recently, or 200% increased Evasion Rating if you have been Hit Recently.
  • Incendiary: No longer has +50% to Fire Resistance, or 60% less Duration of Ignites on Self. Instead, it now has +30% to Fire Resistance against Damage over Time.
  • Sentinel: No longer has +10% to maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage, or +10% to maximum Chance to Block Spell Damage.
  • Juggernaut: No longer has +2 to Maximum Endurance Charges.
  • Steel-infused: Now has 30% additional Physical Damage Reduction (previously 50%).
  • Overcharged: No longer has +1 to Maximum Frenzy, Power and Endurance Charges.
  • Consecrator: No longer has take 30% reduced Elemental Damage while on Consecrated Ground.
  • Flame Strider: Now has 50% reduced effect of Scorch (previously 80%).
  • Frost Strider: Now has 50% reduced effect of Cold Ailments (previously 80%).
  • Storm Strider: Now has 50% reduced effect of Lightning Ailments (previously 80%).
  • Ice Prison: Now has 20% additional Physical Damage Reduction (previously 25%).
  • Storm Herald: Now has +40% to Lightning Resistance (previously 60%).
  • Splinterer: Now has 30% chance to Avoid Projectiles (previously 50%).
  • Crystal-skinned: Now has +40% to all Elemental Resistances (previously 50%). The crystal explosions now deal damage of equal parts Fire, Cold and Lightning damage, instead of just Cold, though the damage of the skill is unchanged.
  • Entangler: Now has +25% to Chaos Resistance (previously 30%).
  • Vampiric: No longer has Enemies Cannot Leech Mana from you.
  • Lunaris-touched, Solaris-touched, Arakaali-touched, Brine King-touched, Tukohama-touched, Abberath-touched and Shakari-touched no longer grant large individual bonuses to a specific damage type. They instead all now grant +30% to all Elemental Resistances, +20% to Chaos Resistance and 10% additional Physical Damage Reduction. Innocence-touched and Kitava-touched grant +40% to all Elemental Resistances, +25% to Chaos Resistance and 15% additional Physical Damage Reduction.

Lake of Kalandra Changes

  • The chance for Rewards from Metamorphs to be doubled in Metamorph Reflections has been increased at all difficulties.
  • Metamorphs in Reflection of Metamorph now have 3 additional rewards.
  • Halved the amount of increased life provided to Metamorphs in Reflection of Catalysis. Metamorphs from this Reflection now have 8 additional rewards, though Catalysts dropped by Metamorphs are no longer Duplicated.
  • Metamorphs in Reflection of Experimentation now have 8 additional rewards, and Catalysts dropped by Metamorphs are now Duplicated.
  • Legion Encounters found in Legion Reflections now have 100% increased Duration.
  • Reduced the damage of Effigy of Virulent Undeath’s Rain of Arrows Skill.
  • Reduced the damage of Effigy of Wintry Undeath’s Spectral Shield Throw Skill.

Fixes and Improvements

  • The A Trip Down Memory Lane Challenge no longer requires you to complete Atlas Memories that do not exist, and the number of completed Atlas Memories required has been reduced to four. Using the /recheck_achievements command will complete this challenge if you have already completed four or five Atlas Memories.
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to move when entering the Karui Shores for the first time with one of the Arachnomorph Pet microtransactions equipped.
  • Fixed a client crash with the Arachnomorph Pet microtransactions.
  • Fixed an instance crash in The Tower of Ordeals.

3.19.0e Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.19.0e that caused Unidentified Corrupted Uniques to drop from monsters with Archnemesis modifiers using the reward conversion system.

3.19.0 Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug where portals for Heists and Grand Heists were incorrectly closing when returning to or leaving The Rogue Harbour.

3.19.0 Hotfix 1

  • Fixed a bug where negative life regeneration could cause you to die in the Rogue Harbour
  • Fixed a bug where the experience penalty applied to the Lake of Kalandra before it was meant to
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Conduit would hit the same shocked target multiple times when combined with Chain Reaction and Trap Support

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