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Path of Exile – 3.11.1c Patch Notes

3.11.1c Hotfix Patch Notes

  • Fixed a rare issue where Small Cluster Jewels could be rolled so that it appeared that they granted two Notable passive skills. This is a visual issue only.

This patch has been deployed restartlessly. New instances you enter will have the instance fixes.

Harvest Improvements

  • Storage Tanks can now hold up to 1,000 Condensed Lifeforce.
  • Added a larger Storage Tank which can be created through Harvest Crafting.
  • Added slots to the Seed Stockpile which can hold Buds, Flowers and Blossoms.
  • Improved the visual clarity of Harvest Crafting descriptions.
  • You can now auto-plant while Harvest Crafting is still available.
  • Clarified the descriptions of how to grow (and regrow) the Heart of the Grove.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Sacrifice a Corrupted Gem to gain x% of the gem’s quality as Gemcutter’s Prisms” could return a stack of Gemcutter’s Prisms with a stack size of 0.
  • Fixed a bug preventing enchanting of a Map (using Harvest crafting) if it already had Delirium applied to it.

General Improvements

  • Added a “Camera Rotation Effects” Option. This can be disabled to prevent effects similar to that found in the Veritania, The Redeemer encounter room.
  • All Vault doors are now automatically opened in a Blighted Vault Map.
  • The exit from Vaal Oversoul’s arena now unlocks significantly sooner.
  • Updated the audio of the Miracle Map Device.
  • Improved the default volume of audio effects in the Elder encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where blocking a Hit did not always count as having been Hit for the sake of some “have been hit Recently” modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where Sirus, Awakener of Worlds could dismount his throne if there was a dead player underneath it.
  • Fixed a bug where Metamorphs could fail to take any actions if they were stunned before having taken an action.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mineshaft that Niko drills could intersect with other Azurite Mine encounter nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where Betrayal Fortification encounters were unable to spawn in the Desert Map.
  • Fixed a bug where Entity of the Void’s Flameblast was much smaller than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where skeletons summoned by the Bringer of Bones nemesis modifier were always level 4.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could spawn in an inaccessible location in the Chateau Map.
  • Fixed a bug where the exit from the Lava Chamber boss arena didn’t lock during combat with Fire and Fury.
  • Fixed a bug where the Insatiable Malice Weapon Effect was not attached to the correct part of the Demonic Weapon cosmetic.
  • Fixed a bug where Labyrinth rotating traps didn’t have shadows.

Skills & Passives Fixes

  • The first wave from Sunder is now slightly closer to the player to fix a case where very close targets weren’t being hit.
  • Mirage Saviours, Mirage Warriors and Mirage Chieftains spawned by The Saviour unique legion sword, General’s Cry and Tawhoa’s Chosen respectively can no longer be stunned.
  • Added a larger visual to the aura granted by The Torrent’s Reclamation unique belt.
  • Updated the audio of Crystal Earthquake Effect and Demonic Earthquake Effect.
  • Added audio to Brands when they attach to monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where the Master of Metal ascendancy passive would not always grant added Physical Damage.
  • Fixed a bug where, while you had the Supreme Ego keystone allocated, activating a temporary aura (through the use of March of the Legion) would turn off Malevolence or Zealotry.
  • Fixed a bug where Glimmerwood Sunder didn’t play audio for waves beyond the first when supported by Fist of War Support.

Bloom Improvements

  • Reduced the brightness of the Demonic Weapon cosmetic while it had Blood Guard Weapon Effect applied to it.
  • Reduced the brightness of the following effects: Celestial Herald Effect, Crystal Earthquake Effect, Dragon Fireball Effect, Huntsman Aura Effect, Pandemonium Portal Effect, Ringmaster Weapon Effect, Sentinel Portal Effect and Thaumaturgy Wings.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed two instance crashes.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur in the Labyrinth.

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