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Path of Exile – 3.11.0f & 3.11.1 Patch Notes & Hotfix

3.11.1 Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug where the Vivid Devourer Bulb effect could sometimes fail to apply when harvested.

3.11.1 Patch Notes:

Harvest Improvements

  • Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and the Heart of the Grove monsters and bosses now have a chance based on their rarity, with higher-tier seeds having a higher chance, to drop a new plantable “seed”. This can be placed in the Sacred Grove and will affect planted seeds around it, granting nearby seeds additional properties on being Harvested.
  • When a Tier 2, Tier 3 or Tier 4 seed drops, there is a chance for an additional seed of the same type to drop and be allocated to a party member for each party member present.
  • The area around the entrance portal in the Sacred Grove now has stairs, creating 180 degrees of pathway.
  • ‘Ready’ notifications now display whether a given collector is ‘Partially Ready’ or ‘Fully Ready’.
  • Storage Tanks are now unlocked when your Raw Lifeforce plus any additional Condensed Lifeforce exceeds 250.
  • Added a confirmation warning when attempting to uproot fully-grown Tier 1 seeds as well as Tier 2 or higher seeds with any growth.
  • Adjusted the colours of planted seeds and Harvest art assets to help better distinguish them from one another.
  • Added text hovers over various Harvest Infrastructure to more clearly display what it is connected to.
  • Your progress towards respawning the Heart of the Grove in the Sacred Grove is now displayed in the Sacred Grove.
  • Namharim, Born of Night now becomes invisible during its Prowl skill.
  • Added additional preloading for the Tier 4 Harvest bosses and Heart of the Grove encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tier 4 Harvest Bosses could endlessly spawn monsters during their immobile phase.
  • Fixed a bug where the displayed number of seeds in your Seed Stockpile didn’t update correctly after auto-planting seeds.
  • Fixed a bug where Oshabi could say multiple voice lines at once when auto-planting large amounts of seeds.
  • Fixed a bug where the Horticrafting Station’s minimap icon was visible from outside the Sacred Grove.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sacred Grove had the wrong icon in the World Map information panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the portal to the Sacred Grove could be placed in an inaccessible area while in the Port Map.
  • Fixed a bug causing some Harvest seeds to appear very bright when you entered the Sacred Grove.

Harvest Crafting Improvements

  • Doubled the likelihood of Tier 2 seeds dropping from Tier 1 Harvest monsters.
  • Adjusted the weightings of the Tier 1 seed outcomes such that the more desirable outcomes (remove a modifier, add a modifier, remove and then add a modifier) are significantly more common.
  • The growth times of Tier 1 seeds is now uniformly 3 growth cycles, with the exception of the rarest seeds: Wild Hatchling Seed, Vivid Thornweaver Seed and Primal Cleaveling Seed.
  • Wild Infestation Queen Bulbs, Vivid Devourer Bulbs, and Primal Reborn Bulbs can now only drop from level 68 or higher monsters.
  • The “Exchange a Resonator for a Fossil or vice versa. Rare outcomes are more likely with rare inputs” Harvest craft is now much more likely to give rarer outcomes based on rarer inputs.
  • Harvest Crafts are now sorted by their function, then by their cost.
  • Harvest Crafts can no longer be used on Itemised Beasts.
  • The use of the “Reforge a Rare item with Lucky modifier values, keeping all Prefixes (or Suffixes)” Harvest Craft is now prevented if it will be unable to change any modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where the Scarab Harvest Crafts would consume a stack of Scarabs if that was the input, rather than just a single Scarab.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Sacrifice a Weapon or Armour to create a Ring with similar modifiers” Harvest Craft instead created an Amulet.
  • Fixed a bug where destroying a stored craft from the Horticrafting Station prevented further use of a connected Collector for Harvest Crafts.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Change a Divination Card into another random Divination Card’ didn’t work if a stack of Divination Cards was used. It will now just remove a single card from the stack and give you a random Divination Card.
  • Fixed a bug where the Harvest Crafts which changed a modifier from one element to another didn’t work on modifiers that were the first explicit modifier on an item.
  • Fixed a bug where Infused Zana Modifiers could be applied to Unique Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where certain steps of the Complete Harvest Encounters VI challenge were unable to be completed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the “Upgrade a Magic item to a Rare item, adding X random modifiers” Harvest crafts to result in Rare items without a name.

Heart of the Grove Improvements

  • The Avatar of the Grove will no longer summon Primal Vipers.
  • Increased the area of effect of Sacred Ashes such that it can cover the entire area surrounded by Vine Walls.
  • The Sacred Ashes phase now lasts a maximum of 25 seconds.
  • Sacred Ashes ground effects are now removed when the Avatar of the Grove dies.
  • Fixed a bug where the Avatar of the Grove stopped performing actions if it became stunned.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to begin the Avatar of the Grove encounter in non-Map areas.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the monsters summoned by the Avatar of the Grove were lower level than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the emerge sequence didn’t visibly resume correctly if you had entered the area after it had begun.

General Improvements

  • Medium and Large Cluster Jewels will now drop with an additional enchantment effect that grants them 1 and 2 Jewel sockets respectively. These replace the modifiers that previously granted additional Jewel sockets, which can no longer appear on Cluster Jewels.
  • Selling any existing Medium and Large Cluster Jewels without this new enchantment to a vendor will remove any existing Jewel socket modifiers and add the new socket enchantment. This does not include Unique Cluster Jewels.
  • When creating multiple Brands at once, excess Brands beyond the limit are now all removed at once.
  • Clarified that “You lose Rage 20% slower” only applies to natural Rage loss over time.
  • Clarified that the “x% increased Fire Damage” from Herald of Ash’s quality stat is dependent on having the Herald of Ash buff.
  • Clarified the description of Enduring Cry to make it clear that the buff grants Elemental Resistances, rather than all Resistances. This is solely a description update.
  • Elemental Focus Support can now support skills which inflict elemental ailments.
  • The “Grants Level 22 Abyssal Cry Skill” Shaper modifier on Belts now grants Level 22 Intimidating Cry Skill. Existing items are automatically affected by this change.
  • Added the Law of the Wilds unique Hellion’s Paw to the Unique Collection Tab.
  • Added art icons for many hideout decorations added in 3.11.0.
  • Disabled the Thaumaturgy Pillar hideout decoration from being sold by Masters. It will be re-enabled at a later date.
  • Fixed a bug where the Megalomaniac unique jewel could still generate various Cluster Jewel Notables which were disabled in 3.11.0 and was unable to generate newly added Cluster Jewel Notables.
  • Fixed a bug where new Cluster Jewel Notables were inheriting the bonuses that are only meant to apply to Small Passive Skills.
  • Fixed a bug where the walls of water in the Brine King encounters were dealing significantly more damage than intended if the Brine King was taking cold damage over time when the wall’s cold damage debuff was applied to the player.
  • Fixed a bug where the Witchfire Brew unique Stibnite Flask didn’t grant the Despair Curse Aura if you were immune to Curses.
  • Fixed a bug where Map Curses could be applied to you while you had either Hexproof or Curse Immunity if one of those conditions was removed from your character but the other was still present.
  • Fixed a bug where the “1% increased Chaos Damage per Level” modifier was accidentally removed from the Edge of Madness unique Etched Greatsword in 3.11.0. (Divines won’t fix existing items)
  • Fixed a bug when using the Supreme Ego keystone passive where an aura would retain the ‘50% more Effect on you’ after unallocating Supreme Ego.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skin of the Lords unique Simple Robe granted a Keystone named “Sacred Bastion”. This keystone is meant to be named Imbalanced Guard (as seen on the passive skill tree).
  • Fixed a bug where the “+25 to Maximum Rage while wielding a Sword” modifier from Rigwald’s Savagery unique Royal Axe didn’t work when using a One-hand Thrusting Sword.
  • Fixed an unintended change introduced in 3.11.0 causing the Xoph’s Nurture unique Citadel Bow to have its “x% increased Physical Damage” range lowered. (Divines won’t fix existing items)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Exerted Attacks deal 30% more Damage per previous Attack Exerted by this Warcry” stat from Seismic Cry didn’t show up in the skill’s tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where General’s Cry removed all existing Mirage Warriors, even if they had not yet completed their attacks. This included persistent duration-based ground effects, such as Spikes from Earthshatter.
  • Fixed a bug where Mirage Warriors (created by General’s Cry) that used Dominating Blow could not summon Sentinels of Dominance.
  • Fixed a bug where Mirage Warriors, Mirage Chieftains and Mirage Saviours were unable to deal damage when you had allocated the Ancestral Bond keystone passive.
  • Fixed a bug where Warcries displayed a Cast Time in their tooltips, rather than Use Time.
  • Fixed a bug where, when using the Eternal Youth keystone passive, Life Recharge wouldn’t appear to begin when specific things that should cause it to begin occurred (although it actually did begin).
  • Fixed a bug where Purifying Flame would attempt to hit a target a second time if it had missed the first time due to the target dodging the spell.
  • Fixed a bug where Fortify Support could apply to some triggered skills, such as Combust from Infernal Cry.
  • Fixed a bug where the bonuses from Deadly Ailments Support didn’t show up in skill tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where using the crafting bench could overwrite Fractured modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Rank 4 and Rank 5 Life as well as the Rank 1 and Rank 2 Block Crafting Recipe unlock locations to be inversed.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the minimap wouldn’t be rendered.
  • Fixed a bug where The Basilisk’s Stone Gaze skill could be interrupted by using Seismic Cry.
  • Fixed a rare bug where, when entering Dunes Map, you would spawn in the boss arena.
  • Fixed a bug causing Infused Beachhead to appear to have a slot in the Tier 16 section of the Map Stash Tab.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.11.0 where The Karui Fortress couldn’t spawn Vaal Side Areas.
  • Fixed a bug where hovering over the Dexterity or Intelligence hovers on the passive skill tree always displayed the benefits of Strength.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadow characters weren’t holding the Dark Magic Weapon microtransaction in the correct place when applied to an axe.

Crash Fixes

    • Fixed a rare bug where trying to go to your Hideout or the Menagerie could fail to join but continue attempting to join indefinitely.
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur during the Janaar, the Omen encounter or the Avatar of the Grove encounter.
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur when viewing the Betrayal Syndicate board.
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur when mousing over a gem that was socketed into an Abyssal socket. This state was only possible to get into due to a previously-fixed bug.
    • Fixed a rare instance crash when summoning Minions.
    • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when wearing the Abhorrent Interrogation unique Ambush Mitts.
    • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Raised Zombies.
    • Fixed an instance crash that could occur in Free for All PvP when using Minions.
    • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when leaving an area very quickly after joining it.
3.11.0f Hotfix:

  • Seed Caches in maps now drop more seeds than before, scaling up per map tier so that you’ll get double the number of seeds dropped from a Tier 16 map.
  • Weightings of crafting outcomes have been fixed and improved. Due to an error, many seed types couldn’t spawn certain rare crafting outcomes before level 80. The combination of these changes and the increased seed drops will result in seeing the rare outcomes more frequently than before, especially in higher-tier maps.
  • The difference in rarity of Tier 2 and Tier 3 seeds has been flattened, so you’ll see the rarer Tier 2 and Tier 3 seed types more often now. Their drop chance from Tier 1 monsters has not been changed, meaning the increased Tier 1 seed drops from higher-tier maps will result in more Tier 2 seeds, and by extension Tier 3.
  • Recently-hatched monsters are now resistant to damage. This will prevent you instantly destroying them with abilities you have prepared before the start of the encounter. This is now consistent with our other league mechanics that give you time to prepare.

This was a server-side hotfix, no restart of client required for these changes.

3.11.0f Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to fight the Heart of the Grove encounter multiple times from a single harvestable tree.
3.11.0f Patch Notes:

  • Added highlighting to key words in Harvest crafting descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where Wave of Conviction, when supported by Arcanist Brand, was hitting more often than intended against stationary monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where various objects (including enemies) could be invisible.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Ballista Totem Support.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when opening map portals while using the Random Portal Variation setting.

This patch has been deployed restartlessly. New instances you enter will have the instance fixes and you will need to restart your client to receive the client changes.

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